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Discover the best luxury hotels in South America

The fourth-largest continent encompasses 12 independent countries and sits between the Caribbean and the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. South America is a continent of remarkable natural features and of great ecological interest. The Amazon rainforest comprises almost a third of the whole region and the Andes mountain range is the longest in the world. Venezuela claims Angel Falls and Chile has the Atacama Desert, the highest and driest of its kind respectively.
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Bountiful in beaches with over 7,000 kilometers of golden coastline to explore. Prominently sound and rhythm, samba-dancing, music festivals, carnivals of Rio de Janeiro, and sheer charisma define Brazil.

Discover a world of epic magnificence. From the mysterious ancient Incan cities in the majestic Machu Picchu to the enigmatic Andes and the depths of the Amazonian jungle to the Peruvians hospitality.

The birthplace of Tango. Argentina has more to offer than thriving nightlife alone and the passion of its people. From stunning architecture and delicious food to an abundance of scenic wonders.

Chile is a paradise for outdoor nature enthusiasts, prized with great contrast. Flanked by volcanoes, deserts, pristine beaches and lakes, glaciers, and forests making it a natural playground for adventures.

A country of stunning diversity. From golden sands of the Caribbean coastline to a mysterious past to be discovered. Explore vibrant cities and astonishing wildlife to the world-famous coffee farms.

South America’s smallest country and a jewel in recognition. If needing peace and harmony head for lounging on remote pristine beaches to a plethora of forests and extensive countrysides.

Nestled between Colombia and Peru on the Atlantic coast, Ecuador has it all. Highlighting a rich cultural heritage, stunning beaches and landscapes, and vibrant indigenous markets with folkloric Handicrafts.

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