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Africa is a heavily populated continent, second only to Asia, and home to about 16% of the world’s total populace. It also encompasses approximately 5-6% of the earth’s surface and 20% of the land area. Paleontologists and anthropologists believe that human life forms originated from the African continent.
Africa’s diverse wealth statistics are due to a combination of factors: geographical situation and environmental concerns, 19thcentury European colonial expansionism and internecine conflicts. With its natural resources, Africa is still experiencing economic growth.
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Mesmerizes in experiences, and boasts a rich history, stunning medieval ramparts, unique architecture, and delicious local cuisine. From paradise beaches to sweeping expanses of the Sahara desert.

Home to some of the planet’s most amazing wildlife awaits. The iconic landscapes range from rocky canyons and scorched savannah to lagoons and lush forests. To the famous vineyards and shores of Cape Town.

Enticing travellers to splendor for centuries, with miraculous ancient Pyramids, statues, and tombs, built by one of the oldest ancient civilizations in the world. Mesmerize with the epic tales that go with them.

Enchantingly a visit will remain as an extraordinary memory to behold for a lifetime. Kenya offers true intrigue and awe-inspiring adventures through the purity of our world's most wondrous wildlife.

The island paradise branded, “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean‘‘ for its turquoise lagoons blessed with white flour or golden sand seashores. And a diving haven for incredible coral reefs and flourishing marine life.

Thinking of the ultimate exotic destination. Seychelles is the definition of Paradise. Comprising of 115 different islands, blessed with fine white sand and turquoise waters, granite mountains, and tropical jungles.

Renowned as “The Land of a Thousand Hills‘. Revel in safaris through magnificent abundant wildlife, and fascinating savannah to hiking and trekking through dense rainforests to the summits of volcanic peaks.

One of the safest destinations in the world. Botswana’s extraordinary abundant wildlife, with its diverse ecosystems, to the unforgettable scenic beauty. A visit to Botswana will remain forever a phenomenal experience.

Ethiopia brims with some of the rarest wonders of the world, from its endemic rare wildlife to its landscapes alien and dramatic. A joy to explore from the rich history to unique cultural heritage.

From scuba diving in world-class coral reefs, and island-hopping to safari and scrumptious food. Unspoiled Mozambique, is fast-emerging on the international tourism circuit for its wild beauty and scenic landscapes.

Tanzania is Africa's beheld masterpiece. It is a country of diverse wildlife, natural splendour, glorious beaches, charming ancient towns, archaeological sites, and geological wonders.

Known amongst other things for its waterways, and great safari wildlife. The spectacular Victoria Falls forms a watery border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Officially the largest waterfall in the world.

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