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Estancia Vik Jose Ignacio

Estancia Vik Jose Ignacio

Jose Ignacio, Uruguay’s idyllic, vibrant coastal area, is now home to one of the world’s most exclusive retreats, Estancia Vik Jose Ignacio. Located 20 kilometers northeast of Punta del Este, Jose Ignacio is emerging as Uruguay’s premier international destination. The pristine beaches, spectacular rolling landscape, and relaxed, bohemian setting have long drawn the South American locals and glitterati alike. With the arrival of Estancia Vik, it is sure to become a coveted destination for the curious and design-forward international traveler.

Estancia Vik is a singularly remarkable property set in a magical backdrop. Merging exceptional design, flawless personalized service, environmentally-minded practices, and an unparalleled collection of contemporary Uruguayan and international art where Marlboro country meets a virgin San Tropez. The unique juxtaposition of landscapes, vast, rugged countryside, and pristine beaches allow guests to experience Uruguay's incredible diversity. Estancia Vik is a celebration of this majestic setting and provides a unique sense of place and gives guests an unparalleled entrée into Uruguay's culture, art, design, and nature.

Estancia Vik is located approximately two kilometers from the coast, in the uniquely rural yet oceanfront countryside of Jose Ignacio. Estancia Vik is situated on 4,000 acres, a traditional Spanish colonial structure featuring white adobe walls and a red tin roof designed by Uruguayan architect Marcelo Daglio. The structure is 50,000 square feet, with more than half of that space made up of interior patios of outdoor space courtyards, gardens, covered walkways, and an herb garden located within the Estancia walls. Guests enter through an open courtyard with a vast reflecting pool into the central Living Room. They will find its centerpiece, a magnificent monumental and elegant, twelve-foot-tall, white statuary marble sculpture by Pablo Atchugarry, an internationally acclaimed Uruguayan artist. Clever Lara has painted the 300 square meter ceiling of the Living Room, a leading artist of today’s art movement in Uruguay, as a “Google Earth” inspired Jose Ignacio and Uruguay representation.

The painted panels which make up the vast ceiling depict the countryside of Jose Ignacio, the beachfront of Punta del Este, and even the historic center of Uruguay’s capital city, Montevideo. The Uruguayan artists and artwork represented in the Estancia were specially selected by the retreat’s owners and visionaries and architect Marcel Daglio and curator Enrique Badaró Nadal. Large natural Uruguayan semi-precious and crystal stone formations have been hung like paintings on the many doorways' walls. Two massive slate rock fireplaces act as bookends to this magnificent room. The Estancia features 12 unique suites, with six at each wing ranging from 500 square feet to 900 square feet. Each suite has been imagined by an individual Uruguayan artist who has created artworks for and out of these spaces.

A traditional Uruguayan barbeque has been built at the north side of the Estancia, mirroring the ancient tin galpons found wherever the gauchos roamed; this too having the traditional tin walls with a large central fireplace or “fogon.”Marcel Legrand, another notable Uruguayan artist, who also designed one of the Estancia’s suites, has painted the walls and ceiling in his brilliantly chaotic style, bringing a contemporary flair to this traditional space. On the south side, Across the Estancia, is the wine cellar, directly above the grand dining room, seating forty to fifty guests, where one can peer down into the cave below through glass windows embedded in the corners of the floor. The brick walls that line the wine cellar continue through the dining room floor, culminating in the barreled brick roof. A work of master artisans, this barreled brick room and ceiling were created without any mortar. On the south side of the Estancia is a large garden with a 20-meter Absolute Nero stone pool. 

The bottom of the pool is dotted with fiber optic lights, which mirror the Southern Hemisphere’s constellations above. Estancia Vik also boasts a game room, gym, and spa, overlooking the river, lake, and ocean views beyond and extensive terraces with panoramic views of the rugged untouched natural landscape. Guests will enjoy Estancia’s private polo field and stable of Criollo pleasure riding horses. A peaceful river runs through the property down to the Laguna Jose Ignacio before it empties into the ocean, where guests can enjoy premier fishing, sailing, kayaking, kite surfing, and windsurfing. Golf and tennis are available nearby for those who prefer a respite from the ranch life.

The landscape is rich with exotic wildlife, including rare birds, wild South American ostrich and armadillos, and various farm animals. Guests will discover a beautifully painted chapel by Uruguayan artist and colorist Carlos Musso nestled in a grove of native trees, an ideal for an intimate wedding ceremony or private dinner. Guests are encouraged to enjoy the beauty of both the Estancia and the beach, traveling the easy trip between the two by horseback, car, or bicycle.

Estancia Vik Jose Ignacio is committed to employing environmentally friendly practices. Solar tubes, wind energy, recycled water, and radiant heat are steps that the property takes towards self-sustaining. Jose Ignacio is at once bohemian and luxurious. He showcases a remarkably diverse group of inhabitants, artists, musicians, authors, and business people who have all fallen in love with the area's relaxed beauty. It is accessible via Punta del Este and Montevideo. Estancia Vik was imagined, designed, and built with the inspiration of creating an exceptional private residence. The owners spend a portion of the year living at Estancia Vik themselves and hope that others will make it their home as well. Estancia Vik opened in February 2009 and can be reserved for private use.

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