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From 749 USD
Hotel Caesar Augustus


Housed in a historic villa established in 1850, the Hotel Caesar Augustus was owned by Russian Prince Emmanuel Bulhak. He placed a statue of Caesar

From 724 USD
Capri Palace Jumeirah


The Capri Palace Jumeirah Hotel & Spa is an elegant resort located in the picturesque historic village of Anacapri on the island of Ischia. It

From 765 USD
Capri Tiberio Palace


The Capri Tiberio Palace has risen to the top of the world's luxury resorts. It is trendy among the most discerning global travelers. Significant upgrades

From 868 USD
Punta Tragara


Punta Tragara is one of Capri's most well-acclaimed luxury hotels. It attracts visitors worldwide for its rich and historical value. Not to mention its elegant

From 1,085 USD
JK Place Capri


JK Place Capri is an enchanting white villa on the island of Capri. It sits on the cliffs overlooking Marina Grande. Using a hydrofoil, it

From 586 USD
Villa Marina Capri Hotel & Spa


Visit Capri's enchanting island and stay at Villa Marina Capri Hotel & Spa, a place as glamorous, lovely, and luxurious as the landscape. Villa

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Good to know about Capri

Capri is one of the most picturesque and charming islands in the Mediterranean. It is located close to Naples and the Amalfi Coast in Italy. It is a perfect destination for those who love to explore, relax, and indulge in the Italian way of life. From its stunning natural scenery, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant nightlife to its rich history and cultural landmarks, there's no shortage of things to do and see on this island. We'll take you on a journey through Capri's top attractions, best foods, and insider tips to help you maximize your experience. 


The limestone rock foundations of the island are craggy and rich in history. Medieval stone footbaths, Roman ruins, and modern mega-yachts coexist on the island. Visitors have been fascinated by the magical, mystical island of Capri for centuries. It is in the Bay of Naples. The island looks like a heap of volcanic rock in the sea. It is also tiny and steep with cliffs. The terrain has Mediterranean shrubs, Bougainvillea, Broom flowers, and lemon trees. Capri is also famous for its citrus-printed fashions.

The island's attraction is well-documented. Homer's Odyssey describes how the Sirens inhabited the waters nearby, beckoning sailors to their death. After that, Tiberius Caesar Augustus fled Rome to Capri. He was the second Roman Emperor. There he built palaces and infrastructure. 

But you are more likely to feel la dolce vita on your visit. There are many references to this. For example, Capri pants were worn by Jackie Kennedy Onassis while on the island. Slim Aarons' Capri-rich oeuvre is another example. His photo of sunbathing beauty stacked poolside at the Le Corbusier-inspired Punta Tragara brings to mind his Capri-rich image. Capri is a destination that exceeds all expectations, no matter how vivid your imagination may be. 

Best Time to Visit

October, September, and May are the best months to visit Capri. The temperatures hover around 60 degrees, and crowds are smaller during these months than in summer. However, while summer is a great time to sunbathe and enjoy the beach, the island has many day trippers that cause congestion in July and August. Winter offers can be great too. However, temperatures remain above 40 degrees, and many restaurants and cafes close in winter. Additionally, the funicular does not operate in January or February.  

Places to Visit and Things to Do 

These are some of the best things to do and places to visit in Capri. 

Blue Grotto   

The grotto is a large, flooded cave that opens into the sea. The cave glows a strangely bright blue from the inside due to reflections of sunlight. You can also find small boats near the entrance. These will take you into the cave. The Blue Grotto was originally the home of sea nymphs, as the Romans thought. But it has been Capri's main tourist attraction since the 19th century. 

Local cookery class   

Michelangelo Capri invites you to a cooking class. This is where you will learn the best of the island's local cuisines. Moreover, Holly and Gianluca welcome you to their villa garden. There, you will gather vegetables before creating a 3-course meal. 

Capri Town   

Capri Town is a great place to explore, especially if you want to experience the authentic Capri atmosphere. Beautiful roof terraces, fresh flavors on the plates, and plenty of gelato for those hot summer days. 


Anacapri floats on its plateau in a fantasy world. The Phoenician-era flight with more than 500 steps has been replaced by a three-kilometer road connecting buses to Anacapri's lower part. 

Built-in 1510, Santa Sofia is the town's primary church. However, the sacristy, oratory, also includes the remains of San Carlo, an older church. Moreover, a museum inside showcases Roman statues in the Blue Grotto. 

Marina Piccola   

This spot is where Sirens lured Ulysses. The small harbor on the south coast receives the most incredible sun. This makes it ideal for sunbathing in winter. Next, you can take the bus to Capri or walk down Via Krupp. From there, continue down the steps toward the church of Sant'Andrea. Finally, you will find the beaches at Marina di Pennauro.

Boat Trips   

A boat tour around Capri is a great way to explore the island's remotest parts and see its stunning sea cliffs. Besides, it takes two to four hours to complete the trip by motorboat. The Faraglioni sea stacks are famous for their short trips, which take around an hour. 

Villa San Michele   

This area was home to the Swedish doctor Axel Munthe who immortalized the concept, construction, and life of Villa San Michele. His collection includes valuable archaeological artifacts. These include Roman, Egyptian, and 20th-century art. Moreover, the gardens and houses surround it. Vine-draped pergolas frame its gardens with marble statues.

Monte Solaro   

This is Anacapri's highest point. A chairlift takes only 12 minutes, and a walk takes one hour to reach the top of Monte Solaro at 588m. This island's highest point offers a view of Capri, the Bay of Naples, and the Amalfi Peninsula. 

Culture and Customs   

Southern Italy influences Capri's cuisine and laid-back lifestyle. Capri also has a history of being a historic refuge for writers, intellectuals, and artists. The island's small size means that it has maritime culture and that of the Mediterranean Sea. It is now a tourist island, catering almost exclusively to international tourists, especially during high summer. 

Although most residents speak Italian, the majority speak English well. This is especially true considering that tourism is the primary industry here. It's also easy to communicate with others if you visit the island's popular shops, restaurants, and attractions. However, you might find it helpful to be familiar with phrases like "si" or yes and "Grazie" or thank you. Also, if you meet other Italians in social situations, shake hands and be friendly. 

Capri's restaurants open between 12:30 and 3 p.m. to serve lunch and 7:15 to 11:15 p.m. to serve dinner. Capri is also known for its late dinner hours. Many locals do not start their meals until nine o'clock in the evening. You may also find it more difficult to get service from restaurants here. It is rare to tip in Italy. However, an extra 10% will suffice if you enjoy your meal. 

Bar and Restaurants  

Capri is known for its Italian cuisine, including pizza, pasta, and Italian coffee. However, you will also find food from Campania. The island is famous for its seafood dishes, such as risotto and ravioli. Also, do not leave without trying the Caprese salad. It features fresh buffalo mozzarella, freshly-picked tomatoes, and fresh basil. You should also try lemon candies and limoncello when you visit Capri. While most restaurants are in Capri and Anacapri (or Marina Grande), hidden gems are scattered throughout the small island. 

Limoncello, a lemon-flavored liqueur, is the true strength of this island. The name is said to have been created here. However, it's believed that it was first registered by the Anacapri family, who operated an inn. Limoncello in every shop, and many other lemon-based products made with Capri fruit. Besides, you can visit the Limoncello di Capri distillery for a tour. Many restaurants in town offer tastings. 

Where to Stay

These are some of the best areas to stay in Capri. First, you need to decide on which side of the island you wish to stay on. Boutique hotels all over the island offer sea views, a swimming pool, and beach clubs. Also, luxury villas are available, quickly selling out during the high season.

Capri Town   

There's always something to do in this area! If you love high-end shopping, this is the place for you. Via Camerelle, one of Capri's most famous roads, has plenty of luxury shops such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton. 

This area of Capri Island is not just known for its shopping. It's also home to a vibrant nightlife. You can also find many restaurants and bars where you can have Aperols all day. They are most common in Piazzetta di Capri. You will also find many historical sites. Traveling the coastline, you will come across these remarkable rocks and caves. 

Marina Grande   

If you want to stay in Capri with your kids, this is the place for you. Marina Grande is where most tourists arrive on the island. However, there are many other areas to explore. For example, there are many restaurants here. You will also find private villas. But the main attraction is Capri's largest beach. 

Spiaggia Beachni di Tipperio is also famous for families, as the water is shallow. So Marina Grande is an excellent place for families. Plus, it is super connected in case you need to travel. The port area can get crowded with tourists arriving by ferry. But walking around Marina Grande's other parts, such as the beaches, is generally safe. 

Marina Piccola   

Marina Piccola is a port area located southwest of Capri Town. This is where celebrities' yachts dock. The site is highly sought-after by the wealthy. This is why Marina Piccola is a great place to indulge during your vacation. You can also enjoy the many beaches nearby! 

Moreover, the chic beaches offer the best swimming conditions because the water is calm. It's not too bad, either. You can see the Faraglioni rock's natural beauty from here. In addition, you can take private boat tours and yacht charters to admire the island from the water.


Anacapri is slightly farther from the busy Piazzetta or Marina Grande. Therefore, it offers a more peaceful experience than Capri and has beautiful views over the olive grove and vineyards. 

Moreover, cable cars take passengers to Anacapri and transport them to Monte Solaro. It is also an oasis of views where you can see all the island's flowers. You can also explore the road leading to the lighthouse while stopping at small beaches such as Mesola, Orrico, and other attractions. You won't have to travel far to find the best shopping or gastronomy in Capri.

How to Get Around   

There are many ways to get around Capri. However, before naming them, remember that Capri is quite large. In addition, many tourists find it difficult to navigate the island on foot. Below are the best ways to explore Capri beyond these two options. 

Hire a Vespa. You can rent a Vespa. This allows you to explore the island at a pace that suits you while not allowing for too many stops. You can also rent the Vespa for an additional hour or two. 

Taxis. You will also see a lot of taxis as soon as you land in Capri. They are ready to take you wherever you want on the island. They are available to either drive you straight to Capri. You can also hire a taxi for a few hours to have amazing views from the top of the island. 

Walking. Walking from Capri Town to Marina is another option. This takes around 25 minutes uphill and about the same time back down.

The public bus. You can also take a public bus to the island. This is a more affordable option. However, you cannot explore the island in your own time.

How to Stay Safe   

Capri is very safe, even for solo travelers and kids. There are no risks to health, and crime is minimal. However, pickpocketing is a frequent occurrence in tourist areas. Also, foreigners are often a target. 

Petty theft poses the most significant safety risk. This is because it is more likely to happen during the peak tourist season when many tourists are trying to get to the same places for entertainment and attractions. While petty crime is unlikely to be a problem for travelers, there are some places where it is most common.