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Punta Tragara

Punta Tragara

It has always been about a sense of home, a form of elegance that listens to Capri’s voice and interprets it with a light, personal touch. The villa, which is now the hotel, was once home to my grandparents, Count and Countess Manfredi, who spent wonderful summers here in the company of friends, family, and illustrious figures. More than just a holiday, it was a chance to refresh the body and mind surrounded by nature and warm affection. The same memories still inspire every marvelous season at Punta Tragara today.

The entire island from a terrace. The views from Punta Tragara are endless: the spectacular Faraglioni rocks, enchanting Marina Piccola, the white contours of Capri, the wonderful light of dawn embracing the sea, and the quietly romantic sunsets. All the bustle and vitality of Capri’s historic Piazzetta is just a fifteen-minute stroll away along Via Tragara and Via Caramelle.

First, it’s the light that reflects the sea in the sky above and the sky in every room. Then the colors: the blue of the Mediterranean, the yellow of the lemons, the pink of an ancient garden, and the gold and grey of the rocks at sunset. To pay homage to so much beauty, I designed every room as a world in its own right. Contemporary moods and different journeys, enabling every guest to experience the uniqueness of Capri and feel truly at home.

Capri is a triumph of flavors. They have everything here: the freshest ingredients, from fruit and vegetables to fish and cheese. The lemons alone are enough to inspire a whole menu. Punta Tragara is just as extraordinary for its elegant, natural, contemporary cuisine. From a breakfast of Haute patisserie to lunch overlooking the Faraglioni rocks; in the evenings, chance location and dine surrounded by the Gulf of Naples' lights, steps away from Capri’s historic Piazzetta. They have two restaurants, Monzù and Mammà, offering the world-renowned traditions of Naples.

A haven of wellbeing. The Unica Spa at Hotel Punta Tragara is the ideal place to discover a whole host of Physio Lab treatments. Four treatment rooms are available, each with its own outside relaxation area. Your day at the Spa starts with the “Buongiorno Capri” ceremony, including jogging, freshly-squeezed lemon juice, and a lengthy massage, before moving on to wonderful thalassotherapy and an ultra-delicate body scrub so you can reap all the benefits of sun and sea.

It’s their island, their family. They know all the most beautiful spots on Capri. Its imperial villas and romantic walks, historic restaurants and innovative cuisine, exclusive boutiques, and exclusively private yachts. Their knowledge of Capri knows no bounds, and they share it all with guests at Punta Tragara: five-star luxury, naturally.

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Rooms and Suites at Punta Tragara

From 655 USD

Superior Pool Park Side Room ( 269ft2 - 290ft2 )

Nestling amid a wonderfully fragrant garden, the rooms blossom with delicate shades of white and beige. An oasis of classical harmony, they open out o...

From 1,453 USD

Tragara Suite ( 45m2 - 48m2 )

An imperial dwelling that expresses with elegance and originality the five-star luxury of Punta Tragara. In the free rhythm of the arches, the suite o...

From 1,937 USD

Master Deluxe Seaview Room ( 35m2 - 37m2 )

Double Master Deluxe are luxury rooms in Capri, spacious and with all amenities, sea view and private balcony. The rooms are furnished in typically Me...

From 1,125 USD

Junior Suite ( 409ft2 - 430ft2 )

Like Capri’s legendary villas, perched over the sea and hidden from prying eyes, the Junior Suites at Punta Tragara exude ultra-sophisticated design w...

From 726 USD

Deluxe Seaview Room ( 322ft2 - 365ft2 )

A homage to the light of Capri and its pure surroundings. Pure white and wonderfully fresh, these spacious rooms with walk-in wardrobe and stylish mar...

From 2,201 USD

La Certosa Charterhouse Suite ( 65m2 )

The inspiration is the splendid Certosa di San Giacomo. Great, perfect in volumes and in the encounter with nature. And so is the Certosa Suite, on th...

From 2,829 USD

Monacone Suite ( 65m2 )

Like the bow of a yacht, the magnificent Suite Monacone dominates the 5th floor of Punta Tragara and the splendor of Capri. The immense terrace surrou...

From 2,966 USD

Art Suite ( 65m2 )

It is an extraordinary invention. It is the sea that plunges into the Art Suite and caresses the five-star luxury of Punta Tragara, on the 5th floor o...

From 1,356 USD

Faraglioni Suite ( 45m2 )

It blooms like a dream and like the immense lilies on the wall, symbol of the uniqueness of Capri and Punta Tragara. It's the Faraglioni Suite, casual...

From 4,568 USD

Penthouse Suite ( 90m2 )

An island of exclusivity, on the magical island of Capri. The Punta Tragara Penthouse, a bright star that crowns the five-star luxury of the hotel, is...

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