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Rooms and Suites at Borgo Pignano

From 491 USD
Villa Room

Villa Room ( 215ft2 - 312ft2 )

The Villa Room offers charming double rooms with either a queen-size bed or twin beds. The deluxe marble bathrooms feature showers and/or bathtubs. The rooms

From 600 USD
La Legnaia Maisonette

La Legnaia Maisonette ( 344ft2 )

La Legnaia is a cozy maisonette with a queen French bed and a private terrace. Originally a firewood storage, it now offers comfort and tranquility

From 600 USD
Large Villa Room

Large Villa Room ( 409ft2 - 420ft2 )

The Large Villa Room is a tastefully decorated, spacious room measuring 38 sqm. It features a queen-size bed, deluxe marble bathroom with a shower and

From 709 USD
The Artists Studio Maisonette

The Artists Studio Maisonette ( 484ft2 )

The Artists' Studio is a cozy maisonette filled with inspiration. It features a dining area, a kitchenette, and a bedroom with a double bed. The

From 709 USD
Valley View Villa Room

Valley View Villa Room ( 280ft2 - 291ft2 )

The Valley View Villa Room offers a comfortable stay with a queen-size bed and a marble bathroom equipped with a shower or bathtub. The room

From 818 USD
Villa Attic Suite

Villa Attic Suite ( 614ft2 )

The Attic Villa Suite overlooks the ancient rooftops and 12th-century church of Borgo Pignano. It offers a cozy atmosphere with a queen-size bedroom, a living

From 927 USD
Suite Il Pievano at La Canonica

Suite Il Pievano at La Canonica ( 474ft2 )

Suite Il Pievano at La Canonica is a comfortable suite located on the upper floor of La Canonica. It includes a cozy bedroom with a

From 981 USD
La Stallina Maisonette

La Stallina Maisonette ( 797ft2 )

Stallina is a gracious 1-bedroom maisonette located in a seventeenth-century building. It features a double bed, a private terrace, and stunning views of the Tuscan

From 1,036 USD
2 Bedroom La Piccionaia Maisonette

2 Bedroom La Piccionaia Maisonette ( 829ft2 )

The La Piccionaia maisonette is a split-level 2-bedroom retreat located in the Hamlet. It features a living and dining room, a fully equipped kitchen, a

From 1,036 USD
2 Bedroom Il Fienile Maisonette

2 Bedroom Il Fienile Maisonette ( 818ft2 )

Il Fienile is a charming 2-bedroom maisonette located near Borgo Pignano's main villa. It features a master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and a balcony

From 1,036 USD
2 Bedroom Villa Suite

2 Bedroom Villa Suite ( 603ft2 - 646ft2 )

The Villa Suite offers two bedrooms and a marble bathroom. One suite consists of two double rooms with a four-poster bed and a connecting single

From 1,090 USD
2 Bedroom Il Pozzo Maisonette

2 Bedroom Il Pozzo Maisonette ( 1033ft2 )

The Il Pozzo maisonette is a charming three-tiered retreat located near the hamlet's old well. It features a spacious living and dining room, a fully

From 1,199 USD
Valley View Villa Suite

Valley View Villa Suite ( 570ft2 - 646ft2 )

The Valley View Villa Suite offers a four-poster bedroom, a bathroom with shower and/or bathtub, and panoramic views. One suite features original frescoes, a four-poster

From 1,308 USD
Signature Suite

Signature Suite ( 743ft2 - 904ft2 )

The Signature Suite is the most luxurious option at Borgo Pignano. It features a king-size bedroom ranging from 69 to 84 sqm. The suite includes

From 1,308 USD
2 Bedroom Il Granaio Maisonette

2 Bedroom Il Granaio Maisonette ( 915ft2 )

This charming 2-bedroom split level maisonette, called Il Granaio, offers a delightful stay. With an area of 85 sqm, it is located in the Hamlet

From 1,308 USD
2 Bedroom L'Antica Stalla Maisonette

2 Bedroom L'Antica Stalla Maisonette ( 1130ft2 )

L'Antica Stalla is a beautiful 2-bedroom maisonette with a timeless Tuscan style. It is situated on the ground floor of a grand seventeenth-century stone building.

From 1,308 USD
2 Bedroom San Bartolomeo Suite at La Canonica

2 Bedroom San Bartolomeo Suite at La Canonica ( 732ft2 )

The San Bartolomeo suite at La Canonica is a 2-bedroom retreat on the upper floor. It offers a queen-size bed, 2 twin beds/double bed, a

From 1,635 USD
3 Bedroom La Casa Del Guardia Maisonette

3 Bedroom La Casa Del Guardia Maisonette ( 1152ft2 )

The 3 Bedroom La Casa Del Guardia Maisonette is a spacious 107 sqm residence with three bedrooms. One of the bedrooms is a master bedroom,

From 1,635 USD
2 Bedroom Casa Del Lago Villa

2 Bedroom Casa Del Lago Villa ( 1001ft2 )

Casa del Lago is a peaceful and cozy luxury villa located 350 meters from the main Villa. It offers a covered porch with views of

From 1,635 USD
3 Bedroom Casa Del Borgo Maisonette

3 Bedroom Casa Del Borgo Maisonette ( 1216ft2 )

The 3 Bedroom Casa Del Borgo Maisonette, with a total area of 113 sqm, is a true summer house offering a variety of spaces. It

From 1,962 USD
2 Bedroom Villa The Artists House

2 Bedroom Villa The Artists House ( 1356ft2 )

The Artists' House, located 200 meters from the main Villa, is a 2-bedroom deluxe villa. It offers a spacious studio, a fully equipped kitchen, a

From 3,270 USD
Villa La Lavandaia

Villa La Lavandaia ( 1195ft2 )

Villa La Lavandaia is a spectacular villa located in the heart of the Tuscan countryside. Surrounded by immaculate fields, it provides guests with an immersive

From 3,270 USD
2 Bedroom Il Vignino Villa

2 Bedroom Il Vignino Villa ( 1593ft2 )

New villa with two bedrooms, each having its own bathroom, kitchen, living room, outdoor pool. Villa Il Vignino, located two minutes walk from the medieval

From 3,815 USD
3 Bedroom La Cavallerizza Villa

3 Bedroom La Cavallerizza Villa ( 1765ft2 )

The 3 Bedroom La Cavallerizza Villa with three bedrooms, each having its own bathroom, kitchen, living room, outdoor pool. So named because it occupies the

From 4,905 USD
Villa La Fonte

Villa La Fonte ( 2799ft2 )

Villa La Fonte is a 260 sqm villa with five luxury bedrooms, each equipped with a king or queen/twin bed and an en-suite spacious bathroom.

Borgo Pignano

As you drive through medieval Tuscany, you can find a peaceful place away from the noise and chaos. In Borgo Pignano's newly renovated rural house, you'll find elegant accommodations, top-notch comfort, and friendly service. When it comes to the architecture of Borgo Pignano, Villa La Lavandaia is the place for you.

All of the architecture, custom experiences, food, and health offerings in Tuscany are based on the region's rich history, but they've been given a modern twist. Moreover, art, traditions, authenticity, natural and sustainable farming, and care for the environment are some of the things that make Borgo Pignano unique.


You can get away from the outside world at Borgo Pignano in the Tuscan countryside. It's also an excellent place to start a trip to the town of Volterra. Florence and Pisa are about an hour away by car if you don't want to stay on the estate. It's just a short drive from the hill towns of Volterra and San Gimignano and Florence and Siena, which are two of Italy's oldest cities.


The hotel gets most of its kitchen and bathroom products ingredients from an organic farm in Borgo Pignano, right in the middle of the town. The farm's olives, grains, and cereals must be grown to become self-sufficient.

There is a company called Pignano, and it makes organic flour and pasta, and honey. These things are used in wood-burning ovens to make bread and pizza. In addition, free-range eggs, seeds, fruits, and cold-pressed olive oil are some of the organic farm-raised products that come from this company.

Additionally, people on the estate use wood-fired boilers and solar panels to heat and hot water the Villa. The trees on the estate provide the fuel for the boilers. Pignano's gardens use rainwater that is collected and filtered.

Lakes that are both natural and artificial irrigate the agriculture here. Furthermore, Borgo Pignano has added two Tesla charging stations to the hotel's parking lot to make it even more environmentally friendly. The hotel's efforts to reduce its environmental footprint are getting more and more attention.

Rooms and Suites

The luxurious rooms and suites have marble or travertine bathrooms. In total, there are 14 rooms and suites that are very nice. Guests can reach the top floors by a beautiful stone staircase and an elevator. Moreover, queen beds and vintage carpets help keep the stone flooring warm in several rooms.

Furthermore, the rooms are not gloomy due to fireplaces and beams painted a bright yellow or white. Meanwhile, families or small groups traveling together will appreciate the nearby double room cabins with their kitchens. The whole neighborhood has free Wi-Fi.


Borgo Pignano is a place where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Instead, you can relax in a natural setting while you eat. Evening meals are available in the formal restaurant, where you'll get breakfasts and lunches outside in the open air. No matter where you go to eat, you can expect excellent service and a classy atmosphere.

Everything starts with locally sourced or homegrown raw ingredients. For example, all kinds of bread, pastries, and pasta made in The Bakery are made with wheat flour grown on the land. Pignano also has a lot of natural resources, like beehives, olive trees, and a vineyard. The restaurant gets honey and meat from these sources.

Restaurant Al Fresco

The classic Restaurant Al Fresco provides an informal and relaxing eating experience throughout the summer months. Choose from handcrafted organic beers and wines and Tuscan dishes like grilled meats, fish from the Mediterranean Sea that day, and traditional wood-fired pizzas for food and drink.

Restaurant Villa Pignano

Dinner at Villa Pignano, an Italian restaurant in the historic town of Pignano, is always elegant and exciting. Villa Pignano is a well-known dining room that serves sophisticated and creative food. When you make this food, it's all about what you put in it. Moreover, a broad range of organic and biodynamic wines from Tuscany round out the dining experience. Ask the restaurant manager for an introduction. Villa Pignano's philosophy is based on a mix of attention and discretion.

Spa and Wellness

When you go to the new Pignano Wellness Center, you'll be just a few feet away from the Villa's Spa and Wellness Center. A new wellness area brings nature's pleasures and freshness to the body.

Pignano's natural spa treatments and health therapies come from organic products grown here. Inspiration comes from the area's unspoiled landscape, rich gardens, wildflower meadows, and organic farming. It's all used by a certified herbalist to improve your health and well-being. The health center in Pignano's old town is a great place to relax and unwind. Besides, there is a dry sauna and steam room where you can relax. You can also book a private wellness treatment in the room.

Furthermore, the infinity pool is one of the most exciting and lovely things. The spectacular views also offer a feeling of how diversified this part of Tuscany is (forest, farms, mountains, hill villages).

Area and Activities

It's very rare for people to relax on the estate, whether they're painting, drawing, or walking through the gardens and woods. Instead, you'll always find someone who did yoga, rode a horse, or mountain bikes for fun. There are groups of cyclists who come to Borgo Pignano in Tuscany for rides that last 30 to 120 kilometers. The winding rural roads are ideal for a challenging ride. For people who want to run or go on a hike, there are a lot of trails and roads near the Borgo.


Borgo Pignano, a luxury villa hotel in Tuscany, celebrates art and creativity. Art-lovers will find a place of refuge here. Borgo Pignano is a great place to paint because it is so peaceful. For people who want to feel rejuvenated by reconnecting with art, a stay at Borgo Pignano is the best choice.

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  • Borgo Pignano is an elegant country estate in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, just a short drive from the historic, hill towns of Volterra and San Gimignano.
  • Everything from architecture to tailor-made experiences food and the new wellness is inspired by Tuscan traditions but with a contemporary twist.
  • The seasonal vegetable gardens produce a wide variety of foods that go from the garden to the kitchen and thence to the table.
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