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Rooms and Suites at Dunton Hot Springs

From 960 USD
Hot Springs Echo Cabin

Hot Springs Echo Cabin ( 252ft2 )

Indulge in the tranquility of the Hot Springs Echo Cabin, Christoph's favorite sanctuary in the great outdoors. This charming cabin offers the perfect escape, allowing

From 1,255 USD
Hot Springs Geysir Cabin

Hot Springs Geysir Cabin ( 450ft2 )

Discover the cozy and beautifully decorated Hot Springs Geysir Cabin, a true gem bestowed upon Dunton as a gift from Aspen. This charming cabin now

From 1,255 USD
Hot Springs Forge Cabin

Hot Springs Forge Cabin ( 504ft2 )

Welcome to the cozy and inviting Hot Springs Forge Cabin, a converted space that replaced the original "Dicks" cabin, which was beyond repair. Nestled directly

From 1,685 USD
Hot Springs Major Ross Cabin

Hot Springs Major Ross Cabin ( 600ft2 )

Experience the rich history of Dunton with a stay at the Hot Springs Major Ross Cabin, an exquisitely restored dwelling dating back to the mid-1800s.

From 1,685 USD
Hot Springs Dolores Cabin

Hot Springs Dolores Cabin ( 375ft2 )

Step into the romantic seclusion of the Hot Springs Dolores Cabin, an original Dunton gem from the 1800s. Nestled beside the river, this beautifully restored

From 1,685 USD
Hot Springs Christys Tent

Hot Springs Christys Tent ( 512ft2 )

Experience the newest addition to Dunton, Hot Springs Christys Tent, a one-of-a-kind all-season retreat. This unique tent is constructed using cotton canvas and reclaimed materials

From 1,685 USD
Hot Springs Bjoerkmans Cabin

Hot Springs Bjoerkmans Cabin ( 432ft2 )

Step into history with a stay at the Hot Springs Bjoerkmans Cabin, one of the oldest and most cherished cabins in Dunton. Named after the

From 2,080 USD
Hot Springs New House

Hot Springs New House ( 1050ft2 )

Discover the Hot Springs New House, one of the original dwellings that lies in the heart of the town. Steeped in history, this two-story cabin

From 2,299 USD
River Camp Mountain Tent

River Camp Mountain Tent ( 646ft2 )

Discover the breathtaking beauty of Dunton River Camp Mountain Tents, nestled in an alpine clearing in the Colorado Rockies. Located four miles downriver from Dunton,

From 2,299 USD
River Camp River Tent

River Camp River Tent ( 640ft2 )

Experience the serenity of the River Camp River Tents located four miles downriver from Dunton. Nestled in an alpine clearing in the Colorado Rockies, these

From 2,475 USD
3 Bedroom Hot Springs Tipping House

3 Bedroom Hot Springs Tipping House ( 1260ft2 )

Welcome to the 3 Bedroom Hot Springs Tipping House, a delightful cabin designed with families in mind. With its three bedrooms and spacious living room,

From 2,475 USD
Hot Springs Dunton Store Cabin

Hot Springs Dunton Store Cabin ( 952ft2 )

Step back in time with a stay at the Hot Springs Dunton Store Cabin, the original General Store of Dunton. Situated across from the Saloon,

From 2,690 USD
Hot Springs Well House

Hot Springs Well House ( 704ft2 )

Escape to the unique and enchanting Hot Springs Well House, the only accommodation built around a small, on-demand hot spring. With its picturesque views of

From 2,690 USD
Hot Springs Vertical Log Cabin

Hot Springs Vertical Log Cabin ( 1600ft2 )

Experience the grandeur of the Hot Springs Vertical Log Cabin, a unique and spacious retreat constructed with massive vertical cottonwood timbers. Step inside and be

From 2,800 USD
Potter House

Potter House ( 1000ft2 )

Step into the magnificent Potter House, the former residence of the owner and a truly luxurious family home. This immensely comfortable cabin offers a private

Dunton Hot Springs

Just across the mountain from Telluride, Dunton Hot Springs is a historic ghost town and luxury resort. It is located in the San Juan Mountains of the Colorado Rockies. Founded in 1885, the town was once a thriving silver-mining town. Today, it is home to a luxury resort with various accommodations, dining options, and activities. Read on to learn more about this resort.


Dunton Hot Springs Resort sits across Telluride's mountain. It is in a charming ghost town in an alpine valley. The resorts offer a variety of day and overnight packages. You can also rent the entire ranch or town for your corporate retreat, family reunions, or weddings. This hub is also an exclusive resort. It is deep in Colorado's San Juan Mountains. The perfect restored ghost town thrives off contradictions. Think exquisitely furnished hand-hewn log homes and a saloon offering food of startling quality. There are also lung torturing trails and pampering massages. This old mining town also provides high-speed internet access in all cabins and video conferencing in its dance hall.

This resort is a new life for the 19th-century ghost town. Moreover, each of the 13 log cabins is unique and luxurious. They have heated slate floors and hand-picked antiques. Guests in the Well House can enjoy private hot springs. You can also soak in the historic bathhouse or under the stars at its source. You can also take a trail ride through the Rockies. Or, go fly-fishing on the West Fork of the Dolores River. Furthermore, there are many winter sports available, including heli-skiing. Besides, the Saloon offers a long table to enjoy farm-fresh food and wine from the resort's vineyard.


Dunton Hot Springs is at 52068 West Fork Road 38, Dolores, Colorado, United States. It is a boutique property that offers resort-like amenities. It is also in a beautiful setting surrounded by pristine beauty and wilderness. The Telluride Historic District, Kilpacker Trail, and Louis M. Jones Memorial Park are all within easy reach of travelers. There is also the Telluride Ski Resort. You can also find the Four Corners Monument, Mesa Verda, and other famous landmarks nearby. Dunton River Camp is four miles away.


Dunton is a century-old mining community. It is in the San Juan Mountains' Dolores River fold. It is now a rustic-luxe getaway. 13 timber cabins are scattered across the meadows. They feature antique pistols, cowhide chairs, wood burners, and hand-woven Navajo throws.

Moreover, Aesop toiletries and silky bedding are available as well as Wi-Fi. Next, enjoy skiing or snowshoeing at the Bath House spa. Next, join the rest of the Saloon crew for delicious, locally grown, raised, and foraged food.

The cabins are hand-crafted, sturdy, and friendly. They offer a world full of elegance and whimsy. They were stepping away from the bathhouse and were built in a circular pattern around the Saloon and Dance Hall. The other side of town is home to an open-air chapel and a tumbling waterfall.

Each log cabin in Dunton is full of exciting details. Each cabin is also hand-built and, in some cases, by the original miners. Furthermore, each cabin is lovingly restored and has its unique character. They are decorated with unique artifacts and furnishings. Besides, each window offers views of the mountains and meadows.


All meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are already covered. Hot springs, a library, and mountain bikes are all included. Telephone calls, laundry, and WI-FI are also available. Besides, every evening at Dunton begins with a happy hour. This is where guests share their day's adventures over cocktails. And except where otherwise requested, meals are served family-style to all guests.

The food is not your typical ranch fare. Instead, the executive chef uses regional and local ingredients to create a daily menu. As a result, the food is gourmet, and you will not leave hungry. You can also find an extensive reserved wine list.

Natural Hot Springs

The springs come in the calcium bicarbonate variety with solid concentrations of dissolved iron, manganese, and a small amount of lithium. Bicarbonate water helps to open the blood vessels and improve circulation. Magnesium converts sugar into energy, promotes healthy skin, and supports blood-sugar metabolism. There are five options for how to get to the water, which can be heated anywhere from 85 degrees F up to 106 degrees F.

The Triassic Dolores Formation's tectonic forces control Dunton's hot springs. They are situated on the trace of a north-trending fault and cover an area of about 0.3 miles. The site is also home to many other springs and seeps. The only Geyser in Colorado (a tepid sulfuric hot spring) bubbles up approximately every 45 minutes.


Children are always welcome. Babies and toddlers under two years old are welcome to stay with their parents. But, children under 12 years of age can sleep in their parents' rooms for an extra fee. Moreover, a local nanny may be requested with three days' notice. A children's menu is also available at the Saloon.


Dunton is a ranch. Horseback riding is one of the many activities offered. Besides, each season has its favorites. Winter sports include snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, dog sledding, and heli-skiing. Although families can travel to Telluride for downhill skiing, it is best for a one-day trip. The resort is not ideal for daily skiing.

You can also enjoy summer activities like fly fishing, hiking, and mountain biking. This is truly a summer paradise.


Dunton Hot Springs features a variety of accommodations, including cabins and campsites. Several amenities are also on-site, such as a spa, restaurant, and general store. In addition, there are several activities available in the area. These include hiking, fishing, and horseback riding. You will love it here!

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