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Rooms and Suites at Storchen Hotel Zurich

From 582 USD
City Room

City Room ( 194ft2 - 237ft2 )

The City Room has undergone a stunning redesign, featuring a delightful queen-size bed. The well-appointed bathroom offers a bathtub or a convenient walk-in shower. These

From 638 USD
River View Room

River View Room ( 205ft2 - 248ft2 )

The River View Room provides a stunning view of the peaceful Limmat River, making it a perfect choice for guests seeking a serene atmosphere. This

From 678 USD
Deluxe City Room

Deluxe City Room ( 269ft2 - 301ft2 )

The Deluxe City Room is a beautifully redesigned accommodation. It has a stunning view of the charming old town or the historic Weinplatz square. Guests

From 1,022 USD
2 Bedroom City Room

2 Bedroom City Room ( 474ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom City Room overlooks the charming old town. It has two bedrooms. One bedroom has a queen-size mattress. The other offers a king

From 1,132 USD
River View Junior Suite

River View Junior Suite ( 452ft2 )

The River View Junior Suite offers a lovely experience. It has a newly redesigned setting and a picturesque view of the charming Limmat River. Inside

From 1,385 USD
2 Bedroom Family Suite

2 Bedroom Family Suite ( 624ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom Family Suite offers spacious, comfy lodging. It is ideal for families and groups. This suite is located in the city centre. It

From 1,574 USD
Lifestyle River & Plaza View Suite

Lifestyle River & Plaza View Suite

The LLifestyle River & Plaza View Suites are on the top floor. It offers a high-end living experience. The suite includes a living room and

From 2,021 USD
2 Bedroom River Signature Suite

2 Bedroom River Signature Suite ( 893ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom River Signature Suite is on the top floor. It is modern and spacious. It has stunning views of the Limmat River, Lake

Storchen Hotel Zurich

As a legacy bearer, the Storchen Hotel Zurich has welcomed visitors since 1357. It has offered comfort and extended shelter and gifted a heartwarming view. The hotel has also provided remarkable services to its guests for 650 years.

Naturally, the building has undergone renovation and up-gradation. However, the cheerful spirit and rich Swiss heritage have remained alive in the heart of Zurich.

Like the focal point of a dynamic city, Hotel Storchen Zurich connects to prominent places within walking distance. Places like the Weinplatz square and Gemüsebrucke through elegant streets.


Every night, stars glisten, and the moonlight dances with the gentle ebb and flow of calm waves on the river Limmat. Tourists stand on riverbeds and revel in the mellow harmony of soulful blues.

Epiphanies dawn on people like the winter sun breaking through the branches above. Warm tears escape the edges of red-rimmed eyes, promises are made, and words of consolation are gently murmured.

A universe exists at the heart of Zurich between the picturesque river and the dusky sky. At the heart of this universe, Storchen Hotel Zürich stands tall like a monastery claiming its place in a renaissance painting.

The hotel has also been famous for its hospitality, and the story of how it got its name confirms it. A festive pair of elegant black storks are believed to have arrived on the roof centuries ago.

Consumed by the soothing undertones or immersed in the hotel radiates' congeniality, they decided to fence there. Since then, this abode of the honeydew-eyed birds went by the name Storchen. Besides, Hus Zum Storchen appears in Zurich city's 1357 tax records, decades before it officially declared an Inn.

A Humble Retreat

Millions have thrived in this hotel as a traditional first-class establishment as their vacation home. As a result, it is the perfect blend of modern inventions and cultural aesthetics. The colossal hallways embellished with eye-catching artworks and modern delicacies like luxurious suites and free WiFi make for a top-notch experience.

Due to its location, architecture, services, and facilities, it is one place that glows in your memories. Ultimately, it will eventually find its way into the stories you tell long after you have left.

Rooms and Suites

The iconic Hotel Storchen Zürich is a lifestyle boutique hotel with 66 equally chic, air-conditioned rooms. The company strives to maximize its guests' comfort with prompt heating and cooling facilities operational all year round.

Whether it is a frosty Zurich evening that sends chills down your spine or a warm afternoon that makes you nostalgic, Hotel Storchen caters to your needs in the most pleasing way possible. Firstly, the rooms are painted in gentle, warm tones that radiate snugness. Then, alongside the homely undertones, the design is embellished with intricate details that guests find captivating.

Secondly, the patterned wood flooring and attractive furniture create an uplifting atmosphere. Besides, all rooms have panoramic windows between the velvet curtains. As a result, guests can delight in the glory of the river Limmat and enjoy Zurich's cultural diversity. Moreover, this can be done from the comfort of their bedrooms because these windows offer a remarkable view.

The beds are spacious and inviting, with clean linen and soft feathers. Coupled with the glass night lamps, they make for a great experience. So whether you nourish your mind with sleep or enjoy the heavenly view outside, you will get that satisfying feeling.

Moreover, the bathrooms have the latest technology, like central heating and air fresheners, that refine your experience.

Barchetta Bar Lounge

Many five-star hotels have luxurious suites and impressive designs, but one thing that sets Hotel Storchen Zurich apart is its trendy Barchetta. Therefore, it is the perfect hybrid of a cafe and a bar, offering adjacent seats next to the serving counters and comfy sofas away from it.

The distanced seating arrangement is strategic, with most seats and their accompanying coffee tables set near the riverbank. Besides, the bar is trendy, with tiled floors and chandeliers. It serves various drinks and edibles, with special pleasantries for breakfasts, evening meals, and dinners.

What's more - at the Storchen Bar, the jazz music envelops the Barchetta bar lounge in the evenings, and the guests hum along with the tunes while sipping their refreshing drinks.

However, the fun does not end here. There is also a wooden conclave lounge for cigars and newspapers. It is an excellent avenue for interacting with like-minded people and relaxing with a spicy cigar.

These special arrangements for various consumptions are perfect for early birds and night owls. Also, you can chime in anytime because the avenues are always awake and thriving.

La Rotisserie

Like the drinks bar and cigar concave, meals are special in Hotel Storchen Zurich. This idyllic place is at least 250 meters wide, known as La Rotisserie. It entails neat round tables draped in clean sheets.

Four comfortable wooden chairs with gray undertones surround each table, and the delicate culinary enhances the eating experience. The guests have a spectrum of cultural, modern, and international cuisines.

The tempting menu includes appetizers like home-smoked Scottish Salmon and main dishes like the delicious Züri Geschnetzeltes and Asian-style Steak tartare. You can also devour desserts like ice creams, Mandarin, and Crêpes Suzette flamed at the table.

Additionally, there is an exquisite wine collection, including the finest delicacies like the classic Swiss Rose wines. The spectacular view, strategic seating arrangement, and extensive menu make memorable meals.

Facilities and Services

The luxurious suites, Barchetta Bar lounge, and La Rotisserie are all enjoyable due to the prompt service, among other factors. Furthermore, the faculty of Hotel Storchen Zurich is famous for its hospitality and responsiveness toward visitors. For instance, many reviews rank it as the friendliest place in Zurich, and it remains true to its reputation.

The staff is accommodating and interactive. However, emergencies do not arise after announcements, requiring prompt attention. For this reason, the hotel ensures that its guests can always rely on the room service, no matter what odd hour it is.

Besides, the rooms maintain hygienic towels, immaculate linen, neat comforters, and plush pillows. An elegant menu is available on the bedside, as some guests like to plan. You can also devour various delicacies in their beds. Moreover, athletic people can freely ask for additional accessories like jogging maps and dumbbells for their rooms.

So book your stay at Storchen Hotel Zurich and have a wonderful stay in Switzerland!

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Why we love this hotel

  • This traditional luxury hotel sits in the center of Zurich and on the shores of the river Limmat. All major sights are easily reachable by foot.
  • Have dinner at the La Rotisserie restaurant! Enjoy fine dining with a wide selection of traditional Swiss dishes.
  • Barchetta Bar & Lounge is the place for a coffee or cocktail. You can sit directly on the water and mingle with locals.
  • 66
  • Fitness Center
Hotel Style
  • Culture
  • City Vibe
  • Romantic
Pet Friendly, Wheelchair Accessible

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