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Rooms and Suites at Sao Lourenco do Barrocal

From 343 USD
Winery Room

Winery Room ( 538ft2 - 753ft2 )

This Winery Room, with a size of 50 to 70 sq. m., is positioned along the pathway leading to the winery. From here, guests can

From 397 USD
Courtyard Room

Courtyard Room ( 646ft2 - 700ft2 )

The Courtyard Room is a spacious accommodation (60 to 65 sq. m.) with various amenities. Inside, there is an antechamber and a bathroom equipped with

From 440 USD
Farm Room

Farm Room ( 538ft2 - 646ft2 )

The Farm Room is a spacious accommodation (50 to 60 sq. m.) located in the main street of the 'monte.' It used to be the

From 504 USD

Suite ( 969ft2 )

This Suite offers breathtaking views of Monsaraz castle and the surrounding landscape. It includes a spacious living room with comfortable sofas, a coffee table, and

From 644 USD
1 Bedroom Barn Cottage

1 Bedroom Barn Cottage ( 1884ft2 )

The 1 Bedroom Barn Cottage is a charming place to stay (175 sq. m.). From its outdoor terrace (60 sq. m.), you can enjoy scenic

From 912 USD
2 Bedroom Barn Cottage

2 Bedroom Barn Cottage ( 1615ft2 - 1884ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom Barn Cottage is a charming accommodation option that provides spacious and well-lit rooms. These cottages, originally barns, stables, or cowsheds, offer a

From 1,051 USD
2 Bedroom Yard Cottage

2 Bedroom Yard Cottage ( 1453ft2 - 2045ft2 )

Introducing the 2 Bedroom Yard Cottage! Nestled amidst picturesque surroundings, this cottage offers captivating views of the gentle hill, rooftops, and farm buildings. Immerse yourself

From 1,212 USD
2 Bedroom Meadow Cottage

2 Bedroom Meadow Cottage ( 1668ft2 - 1884ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom Meadow Cottage offers a charming escape with stunning views of the 'barrocais' landscape and meadows. Inside, you'll find a spacious living room

From 1,544 USD
3 Bedroom Barn Cottage

3 Bedroom Barn Cottage ( 1991ft2 - 2368ft2 )

Introducing the 3 Bedroom Barn Cottage, this delightful accommodation offers a choice between single or two-storey layouts. With generous space ranging from 185 to 220

Sao Lourenco do Barrocal

Sao Lourenco do Barrocal is a hotel and Monte Alentejo, located in a wild corner of the Alentejo, Portugal, in medieval Monsaraz and nearby the Alqueva lake. Within a 1927-acre estate that has been in the same family for over 200 years, it has its heart at an ancient small farming village, which has been brought back to the rhythms of rural daily life as a remarkable hotel of understated luxury, set amidst ancient oaks, olive groves, and vineyards.

Every architecture detail was planned to make you discover the farm and its perks. Heritage meets natural materials and quality design. It is felt throughout all the guest rooms and cottages, where interiors cleverly combine selected Portuguese vintage pieces with contemporary crafted furniture and accessories. The menu reflects the farm-to-table approach: Alentejo is the main staple. Only the best seasonal organic produce is used, locally sourced, serving the guests dishes overflowing with flavor and fresh ingredients.

The winery is an integral part of the hotel and the estate's regeneration, producing first-class single-estate wines. Guests can take a tour to get to know the blends and the place, which is lined with oak barrels and 14 traditional concrete tanks with a total capacity of 80,000 liters.

A single vaulted aisle of 131 feet long invites them into an immersive state of wellbeing, connecting 4 treatment rooms, a relaxation room, dry saunas, a hydrotherapy room with a cedar wood bathtub, and a studio for group fitness classes or personal training. The pool is open from mid-Spring till mid-Autumn, from 9:00 am till 8:00 pm. In the hot glowing Summer days of the Alentejo, guests can take a dip and relax, feeling in communion with the surrounding landscape while admiring the huge 13 feet of granite rock set inside the water as a silent testimony of the barricades.

The hotel bar is located in a sculpted vaulted room that was once part of an olive oil mill; the pool bar is set among the orange grove and organic vegetable garden. With its 1292 sq. feet of indoor space and 1184 sq. feet of outdoor terrace, the olive oil mill room constitutes an equipped venue capable of receiving all kinds of events, from cultural to corporate. The horse stables with eight boxes and a 6458 sq. feet riding ring are a great place for a horse riding lesson.

Beautiful Guest Rooms & Cottages

Open your room door and step directly onto the monte's main street. Every architecture detail was planned to make you discover the farm and its perks. Heritage meets natural materials and quality design. That is felt throughout all the guest rooms and cottages, where interiors cleverly combine selected Portuguese vintage pieces with contemporary crafted furniture and accessories. 

Farm to Table Restaurant

Take a seat at the table and taste the Alentejo's respect for food. Get a taste of the region's respect for flavor and simplicity. The farm-to-table restaurant brings to your plate the freshest organic produce and local delicacies. The cuisine is deeply rooted in Alentejo's tradition. Knowledgeable of its main ingredients and secrets, it adds a touch of contemporaneity to some of the dishes, never leaving to the side the authenticity that makes it so special.

Seasonal & Local Produce

Every month we ensure we use the best seasonal produce. We love good food, knowing that its ingredients are sourced from the very own organic vegetable garden and other small local producers. That way, we know every single product is consistent in flavor and texture, and that is what the restaurant is all about. This is one of the main reasons why you should come to taste the menu.

Spa & Wellness

Learn to make herbal stamps or to meditate to have the spa at home. Please take advantage of what nature offers us and learn how to make stamps with herbs from the garden, and how to apply them so that you can have a little of the spa in your home; balance mind and body in a guided meditation class, whose teachings you will also take with you; or have a moment of communion with the ancestral landscape of olive trees and 'barrocais,' doing a tai chi & chi kung, yoga or Pilates class, outdoors whenever possible. Know more about the spa and available treatments here. 

Ask the therapists about the Oil Bath for the Senses with the rosemary. Susanne Kaufmann™ has developed Oil Bath for the Senses, using rosemary twigs harvested from the garden amid the bustle of bees and butterflies. Fragrant, relaxing, and aphrodisiac contains a wonderful combination of essential oils: lavender, ylang-ylang, and patchouli. The rosemary has a relaxing, circulation-promoting, and warming effect.

Experiences & Activities

Picnics - Take a basket filled with some of the best local products and enjoy the scenery. Wine tastings - Enjoy an exclusive tasting of the wines after wandering through the vineyards. Horse riding - Discover the menhir, the vineyards, the fields of olive trees, and barrocais riding a Lusitano horse on a guided tour of the estate. Birding - Stroll in and out of the estate and discover the birds, Alentejo's best barometer of the season change. Archaeological visits - Join archaeologist Manuel Calado, in a conversation about the incredible history of the 'barrocais.' Hot air balloon rides - Take off with the break of dawn and let yourself go with the wind and the landscape.

Boat tours in Lake Alqueva - Navigate the Alqueva on a tour that will introduce you to the ecosystem, including the golden island, where you can bathe. Pinarello Cycling - Ride a top-notch Pinarello bicycle, pedaling safely through the region's most beautiful roads.

Sportfishing - Discover one of the most special places in Europe for the sport fishing of black bass and pikeperch, the great Lake Alqueva. Olive trees trail & olive oil - Discover the estate's natural

and agricultural landscape with a guided walk that will take you along its buildings and its Olive Trees Trail. Stargazing - Enjoy the possibility of discovering the stars like nowhere else in the world.

Mountain biking - Grab a mountain bike and discover the estate and the ancestral landscape of the region. Treasure hunting - Let the kids have lots of fun by letting them go after a hidden treasure. Walks & hikes - Get to know this amazing landscape through the selected routes for walks and hikes.

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Why we love this hotel

  • Sao Lourenco do Barrocal, Hotel & Monte Alentejano, the 200 year old estate has its heart at the monte, an ancient small farming village.
  • The vineyard and vegetable gardens are the inspiration for dinner. Every element of the estate and its 700 plus hectares celebrates its natural setting.
  • Here, the feeling of being at home is intimately connected with the sense of belonging to the vastness of the land.
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