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Rooms and Suites at Herdade da Malhadinha Nova

From 436 USD
Monte da Peceguina Room

Monte da Peceguina Room ( 344ft2 )

The Monte da Peceguina Room invites guests into a cozy retreat spanning 32 square meters. A sumptuous king-sized bed promises restful nights, complemented by a

From 491 USD
Monte da Peceguina Junior Suite

Monte da Peceguina Junior Suite ( 431ft2 )

In the Monte da Peceguina Junior Suite, guests find a spacious haven. A king-size bed graces the room, inviting restful nights. A separate sitting room

From 545 USD
Monte da Peceguina Suite

Monte da Peceguina Suite ( 969ft2 )

The Monte da Peceguina Suite is a haven of elegance, offering a spacious retreat covering 90 square meters. The main bedroom has a luxurious king-sized

From 654 USD
Ancoradouro Suite

Ancoradouro Suite ( 1076ft2 )

The Ancoradouro Suite is a lavish sanctuary. It spans 100 square meters and welcomes guests to a mix of luxury and tradition. The regal king-sized

From 763 USD
Casa Das Pedras Suite

Casa Das Pedras Suite ( 1076ft2 )

The Casa Das Pedras Suite is a luxurious retreat. It offers a generous 100 square meters of indulgence. The regal king-sized bed beckons guests into

From 1,962 USD
2 Bedroom Casa das Artes & Ofícios Villa

2 Bedroom Casa das Artes & Ofícios Villa ( 1938ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom Casa das Artes & Ofícios Villa is a masterpiece, a 2-bedroom retreat spanning 180 square meters. Each room boasts a king-sized bed,

From 2,998 USD
3 Bedroom Casa Da Ribera Villa

3 Bedroom Casa Da Ribera Villa ( 3983ft2 )

The 3 Bedroom Casa Da Ribera Villa welcomes guests to a grand retreat spanning 370 square meters. Each of its three bedrooms boasts regal comfort

Herdade da Malhadinha Nova

The Herdade da Malhadinha Nova Hotel is in Portugal's Alentejo region. This hotel offers an experience like no other. It combines rustic charm with contemporary elegance. Whether you seek a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a corporate retreat, the hotel caters to all your needs. Join us as we highlight the wonders of this property.

We'll explore its hospitality, farm-to-table dining, and activities that await within its surroundings.


Baixo Alentejo has been one of Portugal's most well-kept secrets. It is a place of endless horizons, rich with color and sunshine. Herdade da Malhadinha Nova can be found in Albernoa, a charming village in this area. Moreover, the family-friendly estate is surrounded by wild fields and vineyards covering 450 ha of land. This blends in perfectly with the surrounding natural landscape.

Even within the walls, its environment serves as an inspiration for handcrafted marble works and details. You can also enjoy a vintage wine by the pool as the evenings fall. Let the breeze carry you away. This hotel is a place where you can experience timeless moments.

Malhadinha has it all. You can enjoy skydiving, a balloon ride, and a picnic with your family. There is also a treasure hunt for the kids and an afternoon of chocolate tasting. Other activities include a baking lesson or learning how to play the Campanica. This is a traditional Portuguese string instrument. The hotel offers all of these options, as well as others.


Herdade da Malhadinha Nova sits in Albernoa, Beja at the center of Baixo Alentejo. Time seems to stop here. History returns to the earliest times, while territory occupies an infinite space. This 455 hectares of land is also a place where you can live silently.

This farm is on the open, vast plains of lower Alentejo in Portugal. It is surrounded by unspoiled oak and olive tree groves. In the white-washed village, wide chimneys usually used for smoking ham are also seen. Moreover, Faro Airport is about 80 minutes away by car.

The Stud Farm

Noble, intelligent, generous, and fiery. Unflagging worker. Flexible and agile. Dominant and tough. Pure Blood Lusitano is the oldest horse in history, with over 5,000 years of riding. The horse is considered an excellent worker. It has also been praised for its high skill level in performing haute ecole exercises. This is a form of art mastered internationally.

In 2008, the Herdade da Malhadinha Nova Stud farm began breeding Pure Blood Lusitano Horses. The Soares family's dream of horse breeding, farming, and winemaking is now a reality. In the beginning, there were 6 mares and 1 stallion.

The HMN stamp has been on the horses since 2008. They form a group of 32 horses. They are part of a horse breeding structure for dressage training, competition, and tourism.

The Portuguese Equestrian has received many awards over the years. He rode Coeso, Kleber, and Conquistador. These include the Portugal Dressage Cup and the Projeto Cavalos Novos.

Service and Facilities

The service is friendly and professional. There are also many facilities available. From riding lessons to wine tasting on beautiful Lusitano Horses. Besides, you can arrange hot air balloon rides or 4 x 4 trails in the surrounding countryside. A small spa is also available. It offers massages ranging from hot volcanic stones to wine therapies.


All seven guestrooms and the three suites in this hotel are simple and elegant, with terracotta heated floors and white furniture. There are also traditional reed or wood ceilings in each room. Moreover, the suites come with TVs, iPod docks, and log fireplaces. Bvlgari soaps are also in the bathrooms. Besides, you can see the infinity pool from the room. Or, if you look the other direction, vineyards.


Joachim Koerper is a Michelin-starred chef. He is also the owner of Eleven in Lisbon. Vitalina Santos is also a famous chef. He has extensive knowledge of traditional Alentejo recipes. Both chefs come together to create great-tasting food here. The food is inspired by regional cooking and served by the regional service team.

Moreover, they use organic products grown at the estate, including the olive groves, vineyards, and fields. The menu includes honey, eggs from free-range hens, olive oils, and tomatoes grown in the vegetable garden. It also features fish, Alentejo black pork, beef, and other local produce.

Joachim Koerper

Joachim Koerper started his career as a chef in Germany. He also spent time in France, Spain, and Brazil. Finally, he settled in Portugal, where Eleven's restaurant welcomed him. Chef Joachim Koerper is passionate about Mediterranean cuisine. His goal is to bring the local aromas and textures to the forefront. He also uses traditional cooking techniques. This is all while reinterpreting the recipes with his knowledge of the food and places of his past experiences.

Sustainable Nature

Planting the vineyard is based on environmental sustainability. It also extends to the area of social and economic development. This priority of agricultural projects has been at its core since the beginning. Olive oil, beeswax, and vegetables grow in the hotel's organic gardens and greenhouses.

Spa and Wellness

The studio and other partners developed this space as part of the "M Wellness Spa," a wellness brand and concept. Future projects will keep communication flowing between the interior and exterior. They aim to create experiences that can improve life. The new Wellness space in the hotel is minimal and immersive. Ignae is the Azores brand that offers facial treatments at this hotel.

M Wellness Spa explores different moods. It celebrates the local winescape. The Spa also includes sensory showers, treatment rooms, and a sauna.


Herdade da Malhadinha Nova is a renowned hotel in Alentejo, Portugal. From the moment you step foot on the property, you will feel at ease with the breathtaking landscapes. There are also award-winning wines and farm-to-table dining experiences. Expect world-class amenities, services, and unforgettable experiences.

Book your stay today. This hotel, celebrated for its allure at any time of year, is one of Portugal's most sought-after destinations.

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Why we love this hotel

  • This farm is in the unspoiled Alentejo region, close to the Algarve. Oak groves and olive trees surround it. It's an 80-minute drive from Faro airport.
  • Enjoy fancy dishes from Michelin Star Chef Joachim Koeper and Chef Bruno Antunes. Taste the tradition elevated to perfection.
  • Discover pure relaxation with the Spa's unique massages. They offer everything from volcanic hot stones to wine therapy.
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