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Rooms and Suites at Hotel Brunelleschi

From 400 USD
Deluxe City Courtyard Room

Deluxe City Courtyard Room ( 280ft2 )

The Deluxe City Courtyard Room is a refurbished room with a size of 280 sqft. It offers either two single beds or a double bed,

From 564 USD
Deluxe Duomo View Room

Deluxe Duomo View Room ( 280ft2 )

The Deluxe Duomo View Room is a refurbished room with a front view of the Dome, offering a choice of double beds or twin beds.

From 665 USD
Executive Deluxe Panorama Room

Executive Deluxe Panorama Room ( 269ft2 )

The Executive Deluxe Panorama Room has been fully refurbished by architect Benelli. It offers an incredible view of Florence, showcasing landmarks like San Lorenzo, Santa

From 692 USD
1 Bedroom Suite

1 Bedroom Suite ( 484ft2 )

This refurbished 1-bedroom suite measures 484 sqft and features a double four-poster bed, offering a view of Via del Corso. It accommodates a maximum of

From 724 USD
Bargello Suite

Bargello Suite ( 484ft2 )

The Bargello Suite is a stunning accommodation option at Hotel Brunelleschi. With a size of 484 sqft, it offers a double four-poster bed, a jacuzzi,

From 794 USD
Duomo Suite

Duomo Suite ( 484ft2 )

The Duomo Suite is a luxurious suite spanning 484 square feet. It features a double four-poster bed (79 inches x 79 inches) with four pillows

From 802 USD
Classic Executive Room

Classic Executive Room ( 226ft2 )

The Classic Executive Room is a newly refurbished accommodation option offering a cozy and intimate atmosphere. With a size of 226 sqft, it features a

From 828 USD
Balcony Suite

Balcony Suite ( 484ft2 )

Nestled in a panoramic corridor of the hotel, the Balcony Suite offers unexpected charm and magnificent views of Florence. With a cozy terrace overlooking the

From 831 USD
Superior Executive Courtyard Room

Superior Executive Courtyard Room ( 226ft2 )

The Superior Executive Courtyard Room is a refurbished room measuring 226 sqft. It features a double four-poster bed (79 in x 75 in) with four

From 922 USD
Family Deluxe Room

Family Deluxe Room ( 260ft2 )

For families or larger groups, the Family Deluxe Room offers a spacious and interconnected accommodation option. With a total area of 560 sqft, this room

From 999 USD
Executive Junior Suite

Executive Junior Suite ( 409ft2 )

The Executive Junior Suite is a refurbished 409 sqft suite with a double four-poster bed, jacuzzi, and a view of Piazza della Repubblica. It offers

From 1,006 USD
Junior Suite

Junior Suite ( 463ft2 )

The Junior Suite is a recently renovated suite measuring 463 sqft. It offers two single beds or a double four-poster bed, along with four pillows.

From 1,227 USD
Pool Suite

Pool Suite ( 592ft2 )

The Pool Suite at Hotel Brunelleschi is a luxurious two-level suite spanning 592 sqft. It features a double four-poster bed and a spacious terrace with

From 1,227 USD
2 Level Penthouse Suite

2 Level Penthouse Suite ( 592ft2 )

The 2 Level Penthouse Suite is a spacious accommodation of 592 square feet spread over two levels. It features a double four-poster bed (79 inches

From 1,448 USD
3 Interconnecting Deluxe Courtyard Rooms

3 Interconnecting Deluxe Courtyard Rooms ( 840ft2 )

The Three Interconnecting Rooms consist of three interconnecting Deluxe Rooms with a total size of 840 square feet. The rooms offer a double or twin

From 1,706 USD
2 Bedroom Suite

2 Bedroom Suite ( 969ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom Suite offers a total space of 969 square feet, comprising two interconnected One Bedroom Suites. It provides a view of Via del

From 2,217 USD
Pagliazza Tower Suite

Pagliazza Tower Suite ( 710ft2 )

The Pagliazza Tower Suite offers a total space of 710 square feet and is spread over two levels. It features a double round bed (94

From 2,424 USD
Penthouse Apartment

Penthouse Apartment ( 1237ft2 )

The Penthouse Apartment is a luxury accommodation in Florence that consists of two suites (Bargello and Duomo) and a Deluxe Panorama room, all interconnected. The

Hotel Brunelleschi

Hotel Brunelleschi is a luxury hotel close to Piazza Duomo, Florence, Italy. It offers stunning views of the city and easy access to all the major tourist attractions. The rooms are spacious and friendly, and the service is top-notch. This is the stop if you're looking for a 5-star hotel experience in Florence.


There are many options for hotels in Florence. With even the most expensive ones, there are still plenty of choices. Brunelleschi Hotel is the best in luxury and elegance. Each room provides maximum comfort. You can also walk to Piazza della Signoria to get a warm-up. Is there a better way than this to begin your day?

Brunelleschi Hotel is the ideal place to spend a few nights and enjoy authentic Italian cuisine while enjoying beautiful sightseeing. The hotel has undergone extensive renovations to make guests more comfortable and welcoming. This was done while respecting the historic and beautiful building. Moreover, this charming Florence hotel is so well-known that Dan Brown had to mention the name in his most famous book, "The Da Vinci Code."

Additionally, this hotel in Florence offers two restaurants, a private Museum, three meeting areas, and a gym. It also has 96 rooms and suites. Plus, it is within walking distance of the center of the city. Furthermore, one can appreciate Florence's beauty from the property by walking around the city and taking in all the monuments and architectural details.


Hotel Brunelleschi sits in the heart and oldest part of Florence. There is Ponte Vecchio and Duomo and the Uffizi (Palazzo Vecchio), all within easy reach. The hotel is located near central Firenze. This provides a peaceful location close to many of the main attractions.

In high season, the narrow streets are lined with souvenir shops, restaurants, and artisan boutiques. The property is also on a peaceful Piazzetta, so it feels far enough from the bustle. It's in a romantic area, near Piazza Duomo, the most famous monument. It is also not far from the Santa Maria Novella Train Station.

This hotel will offer a sensual entry to Florence's nightlife and daytime. The Concierge will introduce you to events, museums, and surrounding areas.


Partly, the extraordinary historical context surrounding the 5-star Hotel Florence Historic Center handles its unique beauty and unparalleled appeal. The Torre della Pagliazza is where you'll find the building of this luxury hotel. It's the oldest in the center. Moreover, many Roman finds have been discovered by archaeological excavations. One of the most valuable is the Caldarium. This is a thermal bath hammam that was once used as a sauna.

These discoveries led to the creation of a museum in the Hotel Brunelleschi. The museum displays the findings and includes photographic documentation. The museum features remarkable ceramic objects, historical fragments, and specimens from Medieval and Rome. The Renaissance Montelupo collection, which is Compendiario-like in appearance, contains plates decorated with animal or rural-style ornaments. It also includes an array of harlequins dating back to the 17th century. This hotel is a great place to explore the local culture.

Service and Facilities

Charming and traditional service is provided by a concierge who will give you advice on how to make the most of your stay. The boutique hotel has facilities such as meeting rooms and lounges, a good-sized gym, and a selection of restaurants. Additionally, the basement contains a small museum of archaeology. It was built on top of an ancient Roman bathing complex. Pet-friendly accommodations are also available. On request, guests can arrange for pet sitters and kits.


There are 96 guest rooms at this restored byzantine tower. These are separated by the adjacent buildings connected by a rabbit-warren of staircases. The rooms are modern and chic with parquet floors and cube headboards. They also feature light colors and rich accents. Suites are lavisher and more baroque. They feature original architectural details such as brick arches. But, the Pagliazza Tower Suite and the Pool Suite are at the top of the range. They are on the third floor, with views of Cupola.

You can also find other rooms of various sizes, but expect a classic look and a subtle color scheme. There are also touches of silk or velvet. Plus, all rooms have coffee and tea trays, while Junior Suites and higher contain Nespresso machines. Besides, half of the bathrooms in travertine marble have bathtubs as well as showers. The top floors have the best views of the Duomo and a collection of red roofs.


The best food in Florence is available to you at Hotel Brunelleschi. Two restaurants are in the hotel. These are Restaurant Santa Elisabetta, the 2 Michelin Star restaurant, and Osteria Pagliazza.

Enjoy a relaxed lunch or dinner at the perfect location. You'll find the two restaurants in Pagliazza Tower. This area is located between the Cathedral and Piazza della Signoria l. There are also many exciting wines on the list, including some from small producers across Italy and elsewhere.

The ground floor Osteria serves dishes that are Tuscan in flavor. You can choose from various sweet and savory options - menu options such as pastries, fresh juice, eggs, bacon, and more.


Hotel Brunelleschi is a luxury hotel in the historical center of Florence with a view of the Duomo. It is next to San Michele's medieval church. It also offers stunning views of the city, world-class cuisine, a rooftop pool and bar, and more. By Forbes Travel Guide, this hotel is the perfect place to experience the best of Florence.

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  • The hotel enjoys a central location. The entrance is on a side street away from the hustle and bustle.
  • This hotel loves pets. So bring your furry friend to Florence!
  • The hotel houses a museum with old roman ruins.
  • 96
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Hotel Style
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Pet Friendly, Wheelchair Accessible, Gourmet Restaurant, Connecting Rooms

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