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Rooms and Suites at Hotel Savoy Florence

From 1,053 USD
Premium Room

Premium Room ( 301ft2 )

The Premium Room is the epitome of Florentine elegance. Its design takes inspiration from the city. The colors used mimic the sunlight on Florence's buildings.

From 1,400 USD
Superior Room

Superior Room ( 269ft2 )

The Superior Room is a fusion of tradition and modern elegance. Its color scheme is calm and inviting, featuring cream and blue-grey shades. These colors

From 1,862 USD
Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room ( 344ft2 )

The Deluxe Room welcomes one with a serene ambience. It boasts a soothing color scheme. Soft grey, blossom white, and warm buttercup meld together. Natural

From 2,161 USD
Junior Suite

Junior Suite ( 581ft2 )

The Junior Suite exudes lavishness. It's a blend of style and relaxation. Its windows provide stunning views. The historic Piazza della Repubblica lies just outside.

From 2,241 USD
Family Room

Family Room ( 538ft2 )

The Family Room is a special offering. It consists of two connecting bedrooms, framing a picturesque city view. One room features a comfortable queen bed,

From 2,394 USD
Panoramic Suite

Panoramic Suite ( 753ft2 )

The Panoramic Suite is pure luxury. It’s a two-story private apartment, set amidst Florence's heart. Through its windows, the terracotta rooftops beckon. Beyond them, the

From 2,473 USD
Deluxe Junior Suite

Deluxe Junior Suite ( 431ft2 - 538ft2 )

Each Deluxe Junior Suite is truly one-of-a-kind. Some boast double sinks, bathtubs, and showers in Carrara marble bathrooms. Others grant guests views of Florence's old

From 2,676 USD
Family Suite

Family Suite ( 753ft2 )

The Family Suite is spacious and ideal for bigger groups. It encompasses 70 sq m or 754 sq ft. It offers a beautiful city view.

From 3,155 USD
Repubblica Suite

Repubblica Suite ( 753ft2 )

The Repubblica Suite overlooks the iconic piazza it's named after. It stands as a tribute to Florence's rich history and grandeur. The suite is located

From 3,539 USD
Deluxe Suite

Deluxe Suite ( 646ft2 )

The Deluxe Suite is a blend of sophistication and modernity. It boasts distinct living and sleeping zones. Each area celebrates Florence's rich culture. They also

From 4,233 USD
Artist Suite

Artist Suite ( 1119ft2 )

The Artist Suite at Hotel Savoy is a world of luxury. Only four such suites exist in the hotel. Upon entering, one is greeted by

From 9,012 USD
Duomo Presidential Suite

Duomo Presidential Suite ( 1345ft2 )

The Duomo Presidential Suite at Hotel Savoy radiates opulence. It holds its distinct wing in the hotel. This suite is a design masterpiece. It comes

Hotel Savoy Florence

Located in the heart of Florence, guests can find Hotel Savoy Florence on the historic Piazza Della Repubblica. It sits among the many cafes that line this fantastic area. Moreover, it is only a short walk from the Ponte Vecchio, the Cuomo, and the Uffizi Gallery.

If you're traveling with children, the hotel's Families R Forte program offers unique activities to keep young ones entertained. Adults can then explore the historic city and enjoy all the landmarks and shopping centers it has to offer.


Olga Polizzi and Laudomia Pucci decorated the rooms and the 14 recently refurbished suites. Each showcases Florentine culture while celebrating contemporary Italian design with carefully selected artwork and lively colors.

Those who have come to love the taste of local flavors will enjoy the hotel's Tuscan bistro, Irene. Savor the sun-soaked flavors of Tuscany while enjoying a selection of local wines. Enjoy this fantastic hotel set in Florence's heart and discover a new side of this ancient city.

The Hotel

Hotel Savoy was built in 1893, making it over 125 years old. It is located on Piazza Della Repubblica, right in the heart of Florence's city center. This places this luxurious hotel between the charming Ponte Vecchio and Brunelleschi's Dome. Moreover, the 80 rooms and suites have been carefully designed to enhance the sense of timelessness. This is all while still keeping a predominantly Italian feel to the area.

This elegant space mirrors the essence of Rocco Forte Hotels. Besides, each of the 30 suites has been completely restructured to offer more space to guests and ensure they have a luxurious stay.

The hotel is a luxurious space, and while there isn't a large lobby, the rooms are large enough to relax in. You can also get in on your workout in the basement gym to keep fit even while on the go.

Rooms and Suites

Each of the spacious guest rooms and suites marries the heritage of Florence. They exude a contemporary style to ensure a comfortable stay that meets the needs of modern travelers. Each one has the touches of sophistication that result in elegance that conjures a feeling of serenity, perfect for relaxing after a day of exploring the busy Florentine streets.

Additionally, the rooms entail fine Tuscan silks along with local furniture and artwork. This means that the rooms channel the splendor culture found in Florence in its architecture, art, and fashion houses.

Marble bathrooms in the grand view suites also offer the height of luxury while enjoying this historic city's views. Besides, you won't want to leave your gorgeous room, but you won't miss the fantastic food and culture of Firenze.


Celebrity chef Fulvio Pierangelini creates dishes that recall the rich culinary traditions of Tuscany. Each one is carefully crafted with seasonal ingredients. These are all sourced locally to give you an authentic taste of freshness.

The entrance and lobby are characterized by swaths of white punctuated with colorful art and design elements that pop against the background to give the space a sense of glamour and grandeur.

Irene Firenze is the bistro's name that celebrates Italian cuisine and regional ingredients. She brings the authentic Tuscan cuisine dishes of Fulvio Pierangelini to the very heart of Tuscany. This puts this exceptional cuisine only steps away from the Renaissance majesty of the famous Duomo of Florence.

Furthermore, Irene's dining room is both glamorous and inviting, making it the perfect place to relax after a long day exploring the winding streets of Florence. Taste truffles that are found only miles from where you will enjoy them, ensuring you get the most of their perfumed glory.

Delight in fresh and perfectly cooked spaghetti with local tomatoes cooked with fragrant basil gives a sublime experience. Organic beef or fresh seafood is also grilled on a Himalayan salt stone for a taste that showcases all the delicate flavors.


Those looking for a drink should head to the Irene Bar. This luxurious space is the place to see and have others see you in Florence. What's more, it entails vintage mirror accents and soft leather furniture. Experience this sleek, outstanding indoor and outdoor space with an impeccably crafted cocktail in hand.

Outside, you can find the glamorous outdoor terrace designed by Emilio Pucci. This elegant space looks over the bustle of the Piazza Della Repubblica. However, if you prefer to remain indoors, the indoor bar offers a sophisticated space to sip away as you enjoy your time in Florence.

Sample champagne from 50s-era coupe glasses, while the cocktail menu features classic favorites and original concoctions. Have a Gin Blossom crafted from orange bitters, Lillet Blanc, and refined gin. Moreover, the smooth My Orleans made of Lillet Blanc, Courvoisier, lime, honey, and egg white compete with signature spritz offerings served during aperitivo.

Experience Florence

To discover Florence to its fullest, visitors must see it through the eyes of a local. The Forte package offers a unique insight into this fabulous historical city. Additionally, three carefully created tours will give you a new view of the city, even if this isn't your first trip to the city.

This package gives an introduction to the best insider activities in the whole city. Consider taking this tour even if you've already been there. It offers plenty to those visiting for the first time and those who have been coming to Firenze for years.


As you can see, Rocco Forte Hotel Savoy offers an excellent option to see Florence, whether it is your first visit or your 50th. Explore the city of Firenze from a central location with the aid of a helpful staff. These experiences will give you a new view of this destination in the heart of Tuscany.

There is no place like home, but accommodation on this property will say otherwise. So book your room at the family friendly Hotel Savoy Florence and enjoy an adventure like no other while you bask in a unique culture.

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Why we love this hotel

  • You can not be more central in Florence. From the hotel, you can reach all sights easily by foot.
  • Have an aperitivo at 6 pm in front of the hotel, and you will feel the city's beat with a cool drink.
  • Visit the Spa Suite on the 5th floor. All massages are done with products from the famous Santa Maria Novella pharmacy.
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