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A peaceful sanctuary on the outskirts of downtown Shanghai, Amanyangyun offers a glimpse of China’s past in a magnificent natural setting. Amid a flourishing forest of camphor trees near a tranquil lake, 13 re-mastered Ming and Qing Dynasty houses have been carefully moved brick-by-brick from Fuzhou's legendary region in Jiangxi Province to become an integral part of Aman’s fourth destination in China.

Thirteen restored Antique Villas and 24 contemporary Ming Courtyard Suites (both in King and Twin configurations) are set in spacious grounds within the camphor forest. The Antique Villas offer 1 to 2 bedrooms, and most feature newly-built wings that house a further 2 to 3 contemporary suites. Accommodation can be booked in multiple configurations. The Pavilion category (1 to 2 suites in the Villa or its Wing) offers the Antique Villa experience with shared use of the Villa’s swimming pool, garden, and courtyard with other Pavilion occupants.

Amanyangyun’s restaurants and bars are all placed to afford a variety of serene, natural views. Designed with refined modernity and material simplicity in mind, each venue is as sensitive to the local environment as to the culinary philosophy it represents. Set around an impressive central courtyard, the 2,840m² (over 30,500ft²) Amanyangyun Spa & Wellness Centre is one of the largest and most comprehensive in Shanghai. Its ethos and atmosphere draw inspiration from the resort’s name, ‘Yang Yun,’ part of a 300-year-old inscription within Beijing’s Forbidden City, meaning ‘nourishing cloud.’

The spiritual heart of Amanyangyun is Nan Shufang. Named after the royal reading pavilion in the Forbidden City, this cultural complex has been created from one of the most architecturally impressive antique buildings that made Fuzhou's journey. Enhanced with furniture crafted from the nanmu wood characteristic of Ming interiors, the pavilion is a modern-day recreation of the ‘scholars’ studios’ of 17th-century China’s literati. Nan Shufang is a space to learn, contemplate and practice traditional crafts such as calligraphy, music, and painting or watch one of Amanyangyun’s frequent Kunqu Opera performances. Across the courtyard, nine dedicated rooms have been created to host traditional tea and incense ceremonies.

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Rooms and Suites at Amanyangyun

From 801 USD

Ming Pavilion ( 1238ft2 )

A modern room nestled in the newly built wing of the restored villa with antique surroundings and spacious interiors., King-size bed or twin beds, Ens...

From 1,334 USD

Ming Deluxe Pavilion ( 1722ft2 )

Nestled in the newly built wing of the restored villa with antique surroundings, the Ming Deluxe Pavilion provides a spacious modern living environmen...

From 2,669 USD

1 Bedroom Antique Pavilion ( 3229ft2 )

With access to the private garden and swimming pool, the 1-Bedroom Antique Pavilion is situated in the restored villa and features a king-size bed and...

From 4,003 USD

2 Bedroom Antique Pavilion ( 5382ft2 )

The 2-Bedroom Antique Pavilion is situated in the restored villa and features views of the camphor woodland, with access to the private garden and swi...

From 9,785 USD

4 Bedroom Qing Antique Villa ( 9580ft2 )

Two bedrooms in the restored antique villa, with two modern bedrooms in a contemporary wing, and forest views. King-size bed or two twin beds, Living...

From 600 USD

Ming Courtyard Suite ( 1065ft2 )

Extending to 99m2 (1,065ft2), Ming Courtyard Suites offer a combined bedroom and living area, with carved lattice shutters that filter the natural lig...

From 12,275 USD

4 Bedroom Ming Antique Villa ( 955m2 )

Four contemporary bedrooms in the newly built wing with a spacious living area inside the restored villa.King-size beds or twin beds, Ensuite bathroom...

From 11,386 USD

5 Bedroom Antique Villa ( 885m2 )

Set within a restored house, this Villa offers two bedrooms in the historic building and three in a contemporary wing. King-size beds and twin beds, E...

From 8,895 USD

4 Bedroom Antique Villa ( 890m2 )

One bedroom in the restored antique villa, with three modern bedrooms in a contemporary wing, and camphor forest views. King-size beds or two twin bed...

From 13,343 USD

4 Bedroom Amanyangyun Villa ( 840m2 )

Beautifully decorated with Ming- and Qing-inspired furnishings, the Amanyangyun Villa features four bedrooms in a restored historic house. King-size b...

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