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InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is a luxury hotel located in Songjiang, the root of Shanghai, 40 minutes from the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center. It sits the landmark of China at 88 meters closer to the heart of the earth. The hotel is an awe-inspiring destination that brings together affluent travelers to experience InterContinental life's glamour in business, leisure, and adventure travel. InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland boasts a rock-climbing wall that is the only one of its kind in the world below the horizon.InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is conveniently located in Sheshan, the southwest gateway of Shanghai.

It is only 30 minutes from Hongqiao International Airport. Among the hotel's nearby attractions include Sheshan National Forest Park, Chenshan Botanical Garden, Tianma Country Club, Guangfulin Park, Shanghai Sculpture Park, and Shanghai Happy Valley. This great location invites us to explore the extraordinary urban landscape in the area.

Bold Architecture Integrating Natural Wonders - InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland designed natural wonders to provide a rare experience for the guests. With a perfect combination of China's traditional artistic and exotic aesthetics, the hotel celebrates contemporary lifestyles with quiet luxury and artistic designs. Contrary to the traditional architectural concept of building towards the sky, InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland adopts the unconventional building into the 88 meters deep space below altitude, producing a disruptive breakthrough in the living environment concept. It sets an example of the harmony between man and nature. It is like stepping into a hidden paradise, which hides endless beautiful sceneries and elegant artistic style. InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland reveres nature and has been masterfully built directly into the quarry decommissioned sidewall. It features 2 ground stories and 15 stories that stretch 88 meters below altitude.

Rooms & Suites - There are 336 luxury rooms and suites, all with spectacular views of the quarry. Each room enjoys its own unique style based on the quarry's "waterfall" and "rock wall" elements, creating a stunning visual impact with copious modern aesthetics. Guest room types include "turquoise water" bedrooms, "red industrial" twin rooms, and underwater suites featuring an in-room aquarium. Stepping inside these rooms is to indulge in the beauty of nature. The stunning underwater loft offers two awe-inspiring levels: the landing deck at water level houses the outdoor terrace and bedroom. The underwater living room is encased within a turquoise aquarium where fish swim schools will surround guests. With the “In the Know” service culture, and is highly pleased to share Shanghai's insights and knowledge to make every guest experience a memorable one.

Delightful and Distinguished Dining - The culinary experiences offered at each restaurant and lounge of InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland are as varied as they are enticing. Combining quality ingredients selected from all around the world with the culinary arts, the restaurants are delighted to bring unparalleled tastes to let the distinguished guests experience the essence of a quality life.

''Commune All Day Dining" - An ultra-modern all-day dining restaurant, Commune, offers a “shared-space” all-day dining experience that transforms the notion of the “buffet” into an upscale experience. The discerning guests will enjoy a wide variety of international cuisines served in various open kitchen stations and à la carte style. A separate children‘s play area will be a delightful experience for the special young guests, allowing diners to enjoy the Commune’s exquisite food with their children.

''Cai Feng Lou Chinese Restaurant'' - Cai Feng Lou Chinese Restaurant boasts elegant decorations and a unique motif representing traditional Chinese bird-keeping culture. The motif integrates good luck birds, birdcages, and feathers to create a unique dining experience. Using the freshest of Songjiang's produce from the Chef's selected sources, the culinary team here creates exquisite specialties from Shanghai and the Zhejiang and Guangdong Provinces. Roasted suckling pig, a notable main course in the restaurant, features an appetizing amber color and a crispy, melt-in-the-mouth taste. Another dish, Clear Soup of Matsutake, Yellow Fungus, and Wild Bamboo Fungus, is cooked for eight hours with freshly selected natural ingredients from Sheshan to present an alluring color and a pure taste. It is the best choice for both business banquets and family dinners.

''Mr. Fisher Specialty Restaurant'' - Impressing guests with a mysterious and upscale ambiance, this Specialty Seafood venue offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Located one floor below water level, the restaurant is enveloped in a sea of water creatures swimming in a 10-meter-depth custom-built aquarium. This is truly a destination where all of your senses are delighted by the tantalizing offerings from the sea, western-style dishes, and the surroundings' unique design. Many fresh seasonal seafood and other specialties are made from top-quality ingredients from France, America, Japan, and other nations. The restaurant lures in discerning guests with delicious cuisines and vibrant, spectacular settings.'

'The Quarry Bar'' - Blending avant-garde creativity with awe-inspiring natural landscapes of the rock quarry, the Quarry Bar. Presents a space marked by industrial styling and artistic beauty. It serves up creative concoctions as well as your all-time favorites to guarantee time delightfully well spent. The selection of premium Scotch and spirits can be enjoyed on the rocks with the bar’s stone shaped “quarry” ice balls. Moreover, offering special cuisines served with slates taken from Tianma Mountain.

''She Shan Lounge'' - The Lobby Lounge showcases the hotel’s architectural verve and the Sheshan State Resort and Tianma Mountain's natural landscape. Here, you can retreat from the bustle of city lives by simply listening to soothing music, enjoying mountain grown teas, specialty coffee, your favorite cocktail, and an assortment of refreshing beverages and savory snacks.

''Club InterContinental'' - Club InterContinental is committed to providing superlative services to create a range of unforgettable experiences. Space is set one floor above the water level in the hotel’s rock quarry architecture. The Club Lounge offers an exclusive venue for social get-togethers and business meetings. Club guests can relax with the 24-hour butler service, refined breakfast, afternoon tea, evening cocktails, plus delicious snacks and beverages throughout the day.

''An Spa'' - Cocooned in a quiet and secluded environment, the spa center provides an ideal place for guests to refresh themselves and experience the connection between the body, mind, and spirit through the stimulation of the five senses. The spa treatment here offers a relaxing and refreshing experience and a getaway from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Indoor Swimming Pool - The indoor swimming pool features a dream-like design with floor-to-ceiling windows, offering a beautiful view of the outdoor waterfall. ''Glass-Floor Skywalk'' - The glass-floor skywalk winds its way along the sheer cliffs, embellished with various kinds of shrubs, pine trees, and cypress trees. Looking down, guests can appreciate breathtaking views of mountain valleys, tranquil creeks, and a beautiful lake. Strolling on the skywalk, guests will be amazed by the dream-like feeling of walking on the clouds.

New Shanghai Landmark for New Quality Lifestyle - Located in Songjiang, "the root of Shanghai," InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is managed by the international premium hotel group InterContinental Hotels Group enjoys proximity to popular attractions. Acclaimed architect Martin Jochman, who also conceived the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah in Dubai, was the project's designers and problem solvers. Following its much-anticipated opening, the hotel is expected to deliver remarkable service to promote consumption and living quality in Shanghai and become a new tourism destination in the city.

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Rooms and Suites at InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland

From 2,613 USD

Intercontinental Suite Underwater View ( 88m2 )

88 sq metres 1 king bed room and separate living room enveloped in a custom-built aquarium. Enjoy Club InterContinental exclusive privileges and butle...

From 272 USD

Intercontinental Superior Room Garnet ( 40m2 )

40 sq metres 1 king bed room with individual balcony enjoy the view of rock cliff. Baidu AI solution, 55-inch Smart TV, JBL, Nespresso coffee machine...

From 302 USD

Deluxe Room Turquoise ( 40m2 )

40 sq metres 1 king bed with individual balcony enjoy the view of rock cliff. Turquoise themed interior design. Baidu AI solution, 55-inch Smart TV, J...

From 333 USD

Intercontinental Deluxe Room Ruby ( 40m2 )

40 sq metres 1 king bed room with individual balcony enjoy the view of rock cliff. Baidu AI solution, 55-inch Smart TV, JBL, Nespresso coffee machine...

From 364 USD

Deluxe Room Sapphire ( 40m2 )

40 sq metres 1 king bed with individual balcony enjoy the view of rock cliff. Sapphire themed interior design. Baidu AI solution, 55-inch Smart TV, JB...

From 426 USD

Club Intercontinental Room Ruby ( 40m2 )

40 sq metres 1 king bed room with individual balcony enjoy the view of rock cliff. Enjoy Club InterContinental exclusive privileges. Baidu AI solution...

From 457 USD

Club InterContinental Room Sapphire ( 40m2 )

40 sq metres 1 king bed room with individual balcony enjoy the view of rock cliff. Enjoy Club InterContinental exclusive privileges. Baidu AI solution...

From 1,375 USD

Intercontinental Premier Underwater View Suite ( 37m2 )

37 sq metres 1 king bed room enveloped in a sea of water creatures swimming in a custom-built aquarium. Enjoy Club InterContinental exclusive privileg...

From 1,994 USD

Intercontinental Suite Waterfall View ( 80m2 )

Intercontinental Suite Waterfall View. 80 sq metres suite including 1 king bed room and 1 living room enjoy the waterfall view. Enjoy Club InterContin...

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