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The Ritz Carlton Bacara

The Ritz Carlton Bacara

Along the Southern California coastline, perched up and overlooking the Pacific Ocean, a gem - the Ritz Carlton Bacara, Santa Barbara awaits travelers and vacationers alike.

When it's time for a leisure family vacation or wedding party celebration on the Gaviota coast, a magnificent getaway at one of the top-tiered hotels in the world will bring some unforgettable memories. In this case, taking a vacation at one of the 5-star hotels such as The Ritz Carlton Hotel is promising. When guests pull up to this oceanfront resort, they will revel in peace and tranquility.

The version of the perfect vacation encompasses a wonderful hotel experience. Not to mention the comfort of more than over a dozen amenities stylized for those vacationers who come in from all over the world.

Specifically, this Santa Barbara Hotel, Ritz Carlton Bacara Resort, is famous for its prestigious hospitality, fine dining, and 3 saline watered clear-looking swimming pools.


When people drive of Mediterranean style hotels, each with a unique flavor of its own decree is geared toward the city they are located in. The luxurious hotel is capable of entertaining the smallest and largest groups of guests. 

There are 3 pools and an elaborate spa for one guest or an entire wedding party, and much more. All guests will undoubtedly experience the natural oasis because of how they will feel while on the property - a full rejuvenation.


The Ritz Carlton Bacara in Santa Barbara is within 78 acres of beautiful Southern California coastline. It sits along natural beaches stretching about 2 miles long. Between the Santa Ynez Mountain and the Pacific Ocean, the region is a sanctuary. It is a perfect place for those who love nature, sun and revel in peaceful natural surroundings. 

In fact, it's near some very nice vineyards! Besides, it has surpassed the ultimate getaway amongst international visitors as well as regional guests. Moreover, the location in which it sits is one of the most spectacular waterfronts near the City of Goleta, a southern city of the large coastal city of Santa Barbara, California. It has the charming Mediterranean feel to it, with boulders lined up at the water's edge. 

You will also enjoy the sounds of muted waves crashing along the coastline. For many, it seems to be the favorite sounds while out exploring. 


Another feature this fabulous hotel has 3 pools! To some visitors, it's a great attribute to be able to walk to a stunning poolside directly from their bedroom, especially when the room overlooks the Pacific Ocean. 

Guests also enjoy the fact they can go out from certain areas of the resort. For instance, the cabanas or the main terrace are two ways to go towards the infinity-style, crystal clear swimming pools. 


The authentic steakhouse, famous for its optimal steaks from the signature Angel Oak restaurant, is a relaxing bistro that utilizes local produce and ingredients. 

Additionally, there are intimate beach walks, which are famously considered after a great meal once guests have enjoyed a delectable cuisine. Besides, with poolside and partial ocean views, you will surely experience five-star cuisine. Sit and taste the cuisine of the surrounding region of Santa Barbara. 


There is a superb ambiance at the bar in the lobby. It features approximately 12K bottles of wine! It is considered a wine connoisseur's dream. However, if you want straight vodka dabbed with olive, then by no means order that or try one of their specialty tropical beverages.

For those days where you do not want to be around too big of a crowd, the bar is a nice undertone. However, it's been said that bar, pool, and restaurant combos do include a breezy night walk along the beach. 

There is even a wine tasting room. Guests will undoubtedly be relaxed as well as rejuvenated.


The 358 guest rooms and suites are spectacular, with the 1 bedroom having a parlor and a sleeper sofa. It also has a fireplace, a large balcony, and a wet bar. Then there's the Ritz Carlton Suite with 2 bedrooms, a living room space, kitchenette, dining space, and an office. 

They also have 2 full bathrooms, which are considered modern. These have hints of a Mediterranean Villa lifestyle and some meditative attributes around the entire resort. However, these structured 1-, 2-, or 3- villas and bedrooms are meant for longevity, yet comfort and relaxation. 


The hotel provides the most idyllic backdrops for any special occasion or celebration. The accommodations here at the Santa Barbara resort are natural for the enjoyment and relaxation of all guests. 

Whether it is for a silver anniversary, a birthday bash, a business conference, or a wedding, it has all the equipment, space, and basic itinerary for guests who reserve months in advance. 

What makes it more enjoyable is picturesque views from the bedroom's windows, patios, or terrace. This is a plus for any bride and grooms' photographer.


If you are the individual who has to have a workout daily or does have an athletic streak, you'll enjoy the activities the resort has to offer besides swimming in three pools. 

There's the sandpiper golf course, or you can walk the nature trail. Another sport to keep you fit is surfing at the beach as well as going sailing. Guests can also go to the off-site vendors, such as paddle boarding, as long as the weather permits. 

Besides, these are some other resort amenities include:

  • Cuisines provided by local producers 

  • Tennis courts

  • Fitness Center

  • Balconies with private views of the Pacific Ocean.

  • A 12K wine collection with a special tasting room.

  • Event space is approximately 70,000 in square footage.

  • A wellness center and a spa take up about 42,000-square foot.


The Mediterranean revival style is in the air when you stay at the luxurious Ritz Carlton Bacara Santa Barbara. Because of its seclusion comparably to a city's hotel resort, guests enjoy it better. How could they not enjoy such a serene environment when the pampering begins right at entering the parking lot! Enjoy what the Pacific coast has to offer with this magnificent hotel experience! 

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Why we love this hotel

  • Envision the Mediterranean in the heart of Santa Barbara: That’s The Ritz-Carlton Bacara.

  • Nestled in the Gaviota Coast, The Ritz-Carlton Bacara, Santa Barbara transports hotel guests to a place of natural beauty and quiet charm.

  • The Pacific is the focus from nearly every point of this luxury hotel, restaurants overlook it, the spa is inspired by it and guest room views frame it beautifully.

Member Promotions at The Ritz Carlton Bacara

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Rooms and Suites at The Ritz Carlton Bacara

From 679 USD

Ocean View Room ( 452ft2 )

Spacious layout and coastal charm, Patio or balcony with full ocean view, Luxurious bath with large soaking tub. Multi-functional desk, Sumptuous Fret...

From 343 USD

Deluxe Room ( 452ft2 )

Spacious layout, Private patio or balcony, Luxurious bath with large soaking tub. Multi-functional desk, Sumptuous Frette linens. Deep soaking tub, Ma...

From 1,071 USD

Partial Ocean View Suite ( 850ft2 )

Separate parlor with sleeper sofa, Wet bar, fireplace and large balcony, Two full bathrooms. Living room with sleeper sofa and fireplace
Wet bar for e...

From 7,904 USD

2 Bedroom The Ritz Carlton Villa ( 3703ft2 )

Two master bedrooms and living areas, Two ocean-view terraces, Dining area, office and kitchenette. Two-story layout with two master bedrooms, Dining...

From 1,351 USD

Ocean View Suite ( 926ft2 )

Separate parlor with sleeper sofa, Wet bar, fireplace and large balcony, Two full bathrooms. Living room with gas fireplace and sleeper sofa, Wet bar...

From 3,424 USD

2 Bedroom Penthouse Suite ( 1507ft2 )

Two master bedrooms, Wraparound terrace with ocean views, Dining area, office and kitchenette. Living space with dining area and office. Two full bath...

From 511 USD

Partial Ocean View Room ( 452ft2 )

Natural wood furnishings, Inspiring glimpse of the Pacific Ocean, Luxurious bath with large soaking tub. Multi-functional desk, Sumptuous Frette linen...

From 679 USD

Garden View Suite ( 850ft2 )

Separate parlor with sleeper sofa, Wraparound terrace with resort views, Two bathrooms, wet bar and fireplace. Spacious layout, Multi-functional desk,...

From 511 USD

Fireside Garden View Room ( 452ft2 )

Spacious layout and coastal charm, Patio with fire pit, Soaking tub and marble-encased shower. French doors leading to a private fire pit
View of the...

The Ritz Carlton Bacara Location

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