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Rooms and Suites at Park Hotel Vitznau

From 1,123 USD
Junior Mountain View Suite

Junior Mountain View Suite ( 484ft2 )

The Junior Mountain View Suite offers a spacious and comfortable living and sleeping area. You can choose between a king-sized or twin bed. The suite

From 1,189 USD
Deluxe Mountain View Junior Suite

Deluxe Mountain View Junior Suite ( 592ft2 )

The Deluxe Mountain View Junior Suite offers a breathtaking view of the mountains. Inside, there is a cozy living and sleeping area with either a

From 1,254 USD
Mountain View Suite

Mountain View Suite ( 592ft2 )

The Mountain View Suite offers a beautiful view of the mountains. It features a separate living area and bedroom with a comfortable king-sized bed. The

From 1,422 USD
Deluxe Mountain View Suite

Deluxe Mountain View Suite ( 700ft2 )

The Deluxe Mountain View Suite offers a spacious and luxurious experience. The suite features a separate living and bedroom area, along with a stylish granite

From 1,469 USD
Junior Lake View Suite

Junior Lake View Suite ( 538ft2 )

The Junior Lake View Suite offers a comfortable living and bedroom space with a beautiful view of the lake. Its granite bathroom features both a

From 1,741 USD
Deluxe Lake View Junior Suite

Deluxe Lake View Junior Suite ( 646ft2 )

The Deluxe Lake View Junior Suite offers a luxurious experience. It features a spacious living- and bedroom area with a comfortable king bed. The suite

From 1,910 USD
Mountain View Residence

Mountain View Residence ( 1227ft2 )

The Mountain View Residence is a charming Old World home that offers a breathtaking view of the mountains. It consists of a separate living area

From 2,040 USD
Lake View Suite

Lake View Suite ( 700ft2 )

The Lake View Suite offers a lovely view of the lake. It features a separate living area and bedroom, complete with a comfortable king-sized bed.

From 2,265 USD
Deluxe Lake View Suite

Deluxe Lake View Suite ( 807ft2 )

The Deluxe Lake View Suite offers a luxurious experience with beautiful lake views. It features a spacious living room and bedroom, a stylish granite bathroom

From 2,714 USD
Lake View Residence

Lake View Residence ( 969ft2 )

The Lake View Residence offers a delightful experience with its stunning view of the lake. This residence boasts a spacious and well-separated living area and

From 3,163 USD
Deluxe Lake View Residence

Deluxe Lake View Residence ( 1023ft2 )

The Deluxe Lake View Residence offers a spacious and separate living and bedroom area. It features a beautiful granite bathroom with a shower and bathtub,

From 3,707 USD
2 Bedroom Lake View Residence

2 Bedroom Lake View Residence ( 1399ft2 )

Introducing the 2 Bedroom Lake View Residence, a delightful two-bedroom retreat that offers captivating views of the lake. Step into this inviting haven, featuring a

From 6,066 USD
Presidential Scappi Lake View Residence

Presidential Scappi Lake View Residence ( 2099ft2 )

The Presidential Scappi Lake View Residence offers a luxurious and spacious experience. It features separate living and dining areas, two bedrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, and

Park Hotel Vitznau

An ideal starting point for a great vacation is staying at Park Hotel Vitznau. It is located in Switzerland's heart, on the peaceful and pleasant shores of Lake Lucerne. The resort is a state-of-the-art facility, providing fantastic hospitality, guest-friendly services, and mesmerizing scenery of central Switzerland.


The property is just a 1-hour drive from Zurich, welcoming guests from Switzerland and worldwide. You will observe an inviting interior when you view the hotel's lobby and walkways. Moreover, there is attractive architecture behind the hundred-year-old construction.

Park Hotel Vitznau also provides complimentary pick-and-drop services to and from Rotkreuz Station.

Design and Infrastructure

While creating a new look, architects and designers involved during the extensive renovation work ensured the integration of past designs to create a masterpiece.

The resort is a sparkling Jewel reflecting three main themes - wine & dine, art & culture, and health & wealth. The entire hotel facility is heaven, with unique rooms and suites, spacious lobbies, and unlimited access to amenities and services.

You can also experience a whole new world around you during your stay. For example, discover the breathtaking scenery of central Switzerland.

Residences and Suites

Park Hotel Vitznau, Switzerland, offers 47 residences, suites, and junior suites elegantly designed to deliver a luxurious living experience. Every living space feels like paradise, allowing guests to relax and enjoy their memorable stay.

Moreover, every aspect of the hotel is alluring, which attracts people from all backgrounds. The Lake View Junior is Les Fables, depicting mythological scenes painted by French surrealist Claude Verlinde.

Park Hotel Vitznau is the ideal pick if you want to spend the best time relaxing in the most comfortable and spacious environment. With all amenities and room service, you will enjoy complimentary sizzling fresh fruits, nuts, and savory crackers. Besides, there are high-quality dark chocolate bars up for serving.

Furthermore, there is an excellent collection of fresh and lovely white roses in suites and rooms on the side tables. Suites are expanded over 48 square meters, ideal for a spacious room. Also, rooms can easily accommodate and adjust extra mattresses and the king-size bed.

Wine and Dine Facilities

With all the leisure and comfort at the Park Hotel, you will come across unique and rare tastes of wines from across the world. A vast collection of wine from six cellars is available to relish your drinking time and taste buds.

Enjoy the ideal and most authentic tastes of wine while dining at Verlinde Bar & Relais. Additionally, the most authentic and tempting flavors of authentic cuisines from PRISMA are served with compassion and love to make each guest's fine dining experience truly remarkable.

Enjoy mesmerizing and appealing views while dining outdoors on the lakeshore terrace. Besides, wine cellars and restaurants' inviting interiors and ambiance are relaxing and soothing.

Guests can also relish their taste buds with exceptional dishes at the restaurant Atelier. This 2 Michelin stars restaurant focuses on a wide range of gourmet dishes. Patrick Mahler and his team focus with great attention to detail, delivering a spectacular dining experience.

Spa and Wellness

Park Hotel Vitznau is an exceptional facility if you are willing to spend quality time relaxing and getting rid of your daily chores and frustrations. The spacious spa area comprises a 12-meter-long saltwater aquarium with thirty different fishes swirling and moving through it.

The area also exhibits an artistic look, with black and white color schemes making the environment calmer and more relaxing. Guests can enjoy extended hours, feeling cozy in Kneipp footbaths and an ice grotto.

After massage and spa treatments, you can stay back and rest for a while in quiet rooms and listen to soft music played in the backdrop.

The resort also provides exceptional facilities for health and beauty. Enjoy the best manicures and skin peeling treatments. Guests can also relax and swim in outdoor hot pools and Jacuzzis, whereas others can refresh themselves by undergoing massage treatments at the Finnish sauna.

The masseur and massage treatment center offers guests exceptional services and La Prairie products.


Exceptional amenities include high-class gym facilities on the property. Guests can enjoy their stay by keeping up with their cardio and muscular workout routine. Facilities at the gym have a stepper, running machine, and recumbent bike state-of-the-art technology. In addition, a professional gym trainer can assist you with your workout and exercise.

Additionally, if you are inclined towards practicing and maintaining peace of mind, you can practice Yoga. Besides, there are other relaxing lessons outside in an exemplary outdoor setting. Moreover, gym trainers and cardio specialists are always hospitable and at your disposal to make you feel welcome.

Pool Area

Park Hotel, Vitznau, is a fantastic hotel facility with a 21m long and 9m wide heated infinity outdoor pool for guests in any season and weather. You can relax in the outdoor Jacuzzi beds and indoor whirlpool.

With the hotel's private access, you can dive into Lake Lucerne in the summer. After completing your swimming exercise, you can enjoy the direct heat from the sunshine and the atmosphere sitting in your deck chair. Free complimentary cocktail drinks are also available as refreshments.


In the heart of Switzerland lies a wonderfully inviting resort in a magnificent historic building. The Park Hotel Vitznau offers a delightful living experience to its guests coming to one of the most picturesque destinations in the world. The hotel ticks all the right boxes for a luxurious living experience, fine dining, and 24/7 support. When you like technology integrated into the elegant and luxurious décor, you should visit Park Hotel Vitznau. It is an ideal place to stay with your family and loved ones on your much-awaited holiday to Switzerland.

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Why we love this hotel

  • This 100 year old castle hotel, with only suites, sits between Lake Lucerne and the mountains.
  • Start your day with a morning swim in the lake or the heated outdoor infinity pool!
  • Chef Patrick Mahler oversees the fine dining Focus Atelier. The best choice is the degustation menu with colorful French cuisine.
  • 47
  • Fitness Center
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Sauna
Hotel Style
  • Wellness
  • Culture
  • Romantic
Wheelchair Accessible, Gourmet Restaurant, Connecting Rooms

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