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Rooms and Suites at Bürgenstock Waldhotel

From 693 USD
Deluxe Balcony Room

Deluxe Balcony Room ( 431ft2 )

The Deluxe Balcony Room offers a serene escape amidst a green forest. From your own private balcony, you can appreciate the beautiful scenery of lush

From 860 USD
Deluxe Terrace Room

Deluxe Terrace Room ( 431ft2 )

The Deluxe Terrace Room offers a comfortable and cosy atmosphere with its exquisite furnishings and natural materials. Step onto the spacious terrace and enjoy breathtaking

From 1,933 USD
Alpine Suite

Alpine Suite ( 861ft2 )

The Alpine Suite offers a serene and inviting atmosphere with its organic shapes and warm colors. The bedroom and living room are filled with a

From 2,659 USD
Serenity Suite

Serenity Suite ( 1561ft2 )

The Serenity Suite offers a tranquil retreat where nature meets modern elegance. With its contemporary architecture and stylish interior, this suite seamlessly blends the beauty

From 3,050 USD
Vitality Suite

Vitality Suite ( 1625ft2 )

Experience pure grandeur and indulgence in the Vitality Suite, nestled amidst the serene pre-alpine forest and picturesque countryside. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of

Bürgenstock Waldhotel

Bürgenstock Waldhotel is the place to be Set on Lake Lucerne and embrace lush meadows from the surrounding. So if you are all up for second-to-none views of the world's most gorgeous alpines, let this hotel be the master of your stay. This is because it has everything to live up to the international hotel's impeccable reputation.


Tucked on the sunny side, the Waldhotel Bürgenstock is all about nature and serenity. Sitting beautifully on Lake Lucerne, the design and architecture follow the theme of sustainability.

It is also regarded as the world's largest Gabion building. Architect Matteo Thun designs the hotel with wooden pergolas frames, organic shapes, local stones, and natural finishes. Thus, this is not only a hotel but a character that reflects actual class and luxury.

Rooms and Suites

This icon of Bürgenstock Hotel & Alpine Spa is home to 137 breathtaking beautiful guestrooms. Natural light flooding in these spacious bedroom suites and luxe detailing make them grandeur and opulent.

Bürgenstock Waldhotel has bedroom suites featuring lavish furnishings, impressive décor, and natural materials overlooking the Alps with unobstructed panoramic views. Moreover, feel refreshed and rejuvenated by breathing in the fresh air of your private balcony. It gives sweeping views of nature that make it serene to the max.

Restaurant and Bar

If you are a real foodie, know that you will be treated with the best, balanced, and palatable food at Verbena Restaurant, the in-house restaurant of Waldhotel. Their light and the balanced menu is what food lovers dream of.

Chef Martin Stein heads the kitchen. Here, he will satisfy your craving with colorful and healthy cuisine. These include meat, fish, vegetables, and other seasonal specialties. Plus, the herb garden of the restaurant emphasizes healthy and balanced cooking.

Not only that, but all the dishes that Verbena serves are alkaline and are made sans sugar, dairy, and salt. Also, the chef pays immense emphasis on using only the best of the best organic ingredients to prepare all culinary delights. This ensures that the food they serve is suitable for all guests, no matter how health-conscious they are.

Moreover, the design of the restaurant reflects nothing but feel-good vibes. Awarded with 14 GaultMillau points, you'll experience culinary ingenuity at Verbena, complete with unobstructed views of the Alpines. Everything at Verbena is idyllic, from the atmosphere to the service and stunning views to the delicate taste of the food on your plate.


Undoubtedly, the Bürgenstock Waldhotel decks in luxury, and its spa is no different. Boasting woods, Alpine stones, and lush natural surroundings, spending time at Waldhotel Spa will indeed flip your script on the usual relaxation and wellness ideas.

This holistic wellness sanctuary offers a range of massage treatments and skin and beauty treatments. You can also acquaint yourself with various facilities, including saunas, a lap pool, and an outside pool. There is also a hammam, a salt cave, and an ice room.

So, spend some relaxing time in this spa and leave behind all your daily life worries. Instead, take it slowly through a slew of treatments available.


There is also a fitness and consultation center at Bürgenstock Waldhotel. This purpose-built space with modern amenities and facilities is the best place to indulge in workouts, training, and exercise. The hotel also has expert and highly professional consultants onboard. They will guide your fitness needs and then recommend an appropriate program.

Moreover, with their expertise and experience, they know you are safe. The place offers several customized programs catering to your needs, from training sessions to detox. With such scenic views and top-quality equipment, leaving the gym will always make you feel and look your best.

Wellness Center

Bürgenstock Waldhotel - Health & Medical Excellence adopts a holistic approach to enrich guests' experience. As a result, the hotel has a wide array of services that deliver wellness and medical excellence.

This holistic wellness sanctuary is what you need to relax and unwind — it is calming, serene, and heavenly. The area spreads around 45,000 square feet. This facility proves to be medical wellness heaven to recharge yourself from the wear and tear of everyday life. It is also for people recovering from an injury or operation.

The center offers world-class wellness programs and treatments and has competent and highly skillful doctors on its roster. From therapeutic services to a rehabilitation facility and cosmetic procedures to sports medicine, this place has everything related to medical wellness under one roof.

Moreover, cryotherapy is one of the most sought-after treatments. This innovative therapy takes place in the ice lab to boost and improve your immune system. Furthermore, the retreat menu has 11 comprehensive programs.

Pets and Kids

Along with all the beautiful things the Bürgenstock Waldhotel has to offer, what may win your heart is their pet-friendly policy. Plus, the hotel is equally committed to giving the best experience to its young guests.

Other Amenities

Other amenities and facilities at this hotel include a library, a cooking lab, outdoor chess, and an art therapy room. Awaken your intellectual spirit by indulging in a reading session at the library. Also, learn about healthy food and nutrition at the cooking lab or sharpen your brain by playing outdoor chess. Besides, calm your mind by engaging in an artistic activity.

If the views and luxury are not enough, these remarkable facilities will make you feel like you never want to leave.


Bürgenstock Waldhotel is a fantastic place with iconic views to match. In addition, it offers an ultra-luxe experience to its guests. Indeed, this place is the pinnacle of luxury hotels. The property is all the best things combined into breathtaking views, superior services, luxe amenities, wellness, a health journey, and great food.

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Why we love this hotel

  • This wellness hotel and medical Clinic is in the center of Switzerland. The perfect place to relax within beautiful alpine scenery.
  • Relax in the quiet Spa with an indoor and outdoor pool. The full-service Spa offers a wide range of treatments with a medical approach.
  • Chef Martin Stein oversees the Verbena Restaurant. His approach is healthy cuisine on a Michelin Star level.
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