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Rooms and Suites at Chable Yucatan

From 1,197 USD

Casita ( 2153ft2 )

Casita King 2,200 Sq. Ft (200 m2) with private pool and private terrace - Spacious Casita set in the Mayan jungle each one perfectly framing nature. T...

From 3,234 USD

Family 2 Bedroom Villa ( 4090ft2 )

Family Villa 4,100 Sq. Ft (380 m2) with two bedrooms, set in the Mayan jungle each one perfectly framing nature. They are contemporary, air-conditione...

From 5,224 USD

Presidential Villa ( 7965ft2 )

Presidential Villa 8,000 Sq. Ft (740 M2) Featuring 3 bedrooms composed of one Master Room with king bed, a second room with king bed and a third with...

From 6,083 USD

Royal Villa ( 10764ft2 )

Royal Villa 10,720 Sq. Ft 1,000 m2 with two Jacuzzis, living dining area, Spa cabin, bathroom. The most luxurious and exclusive Villa at Chablé offeri...

Chable Yucatan

The Chable Yucatan Resort is Mexico's most renowned spa retreat hotel and attracts visitors worldwide. Built on a former sisal factory, the resort is a lush green oasis set at the heart of the jungle. It is an excellent haven for nature-loving folks. Guests will find themselves enraptured by the refreshing beauty, the ethereal views, and revitalizing vibe. The resort takes special care to ensure all your spa needs are extravagantly fulfilled.


The Chablé Yucatán hotel is in an uninhabited area. The closest town, Chochola, is two miles away. Moreover, the city of Medina and the nearest international airport is only at a whopping distance of 27 miles. Regarding tourist attractions, guests at the Chable Yucatan resort have several options. These include the ancient Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza, at a distance of 97 miles. History enthusiasts will enjoy touring.

Additionally, for those feeling up for a beachy adventure, consider heading up to the Celestun. You can also catch flamingos at the Reserva de la Biosfera Ría Celestún, just a short distance away.

Design and Infrastructure

Chable Yucatan has won numerous awards for its unparalleled design and architecture. The luxury hotel's unique infrastructure will leave you in awe or wonder. In addition, the resort features a colorful, refreshing vibe designed by Mexican interior designer Paulina Moran. You'll see this through its modern art pieces, antique tiles, and eye-catching furnishings.

The central hub is a restoration of the 19th-century hacienda. Around the hotel, guests can spot multiple artsy details that further add to the place's aesthetic appeal. The Chable Yucatan also holds unique value for the owners as it was their first passion project.

Furthermore, there is a distinct pleasure in wandering the halls of this luxury hotel at night, traversing the meandering archways and corridors. The gorgeous gardens, with beautiful flowers, effuse a lovely scent that drapes the air. Furthermore, Parota trees dot the gardens. The tiny lanterns hanging from the branches also light up the outdoors with an orange glow at nighttime. So don't miss the opportunity to witness the wildly ethereal beauty of the gardens at dusk, when the sun blazes up the horizon.

Rooms and Suites

Chable Yucatan features a series of casitas, each gloriously built-in vintage style. The 40 guest rooms are engulfed by a swarm of palm trees, shrubs, and ferns. Moreover, the buildings provide extensive views of the green outdoors and allow guests to relish the refreshing feeling of being around nature. The guest rooms also boast a soft palette of colors, primarily beige and dusty brown shades, accented by dark wood furniture.

Additionally, the royal villas are spacious. They include an expansive living room, bedroom, and walk-in closet. There is also an outdoor patio with a hammock and a massive private pool (with temperature-regulated water).

There's also a dining table where families can sit outdoors and enjoy a meal in the breezy weather. Moreover, attached to the bedrooms are elegant bathrooms with marble floors, waterfall showers, and glass sliding doors. They are further stocked with bespoke toiletries to enhance the bathing experience.

Rooms come with air-conditioning facilities and sound and lighting systems that are user-friendly and easy to navigate. Bedside stands include an iPad with built-in Spotify (with preloaded music playlists).

Culinary Experience

Days at the resort kick off in style. First, a healthy, casual breakfast is delivered to the guests' rooms. It typically includes a strong cup of coffee, juicy fruit salad, and oven-fresh Mexican pastries.

Moreover, during the daytime or in the evenings, you can later dine at the alfresco poolside restaurant when you are out for a swim in the pool. The menu covers delicious dishes, and the outdoor restaurant setting accentuates the culinary experience. Lunch is also served at the spa restaurant and primarily includes healthy options.

The Ixi'im restaurant, run under the headship of Chef Jorge Vallejo, is the hotel's formal restaurant that guests often visit for dinner. The menu adopts a clever take and includes dishes that are contemporary spin-offs of local Yucatan dishes. If guests are looking for a dining outlet to try the local flavors, this is the place to visit.

Additionally, the Ki'ol Restaurant features menus inspired by the local Mayan culture and offers the guests an original feel of the village. The soursop cocktails are a guest favorite and always leave guests wanting more. Furthermore, village chef Doña Eneida's dining place is a must-visit. It undoubtedly serves the most succulent and delicious pork (Cochinita pibil) steaks in the whole town.


The freshwater sinkhole features 12 modernly-built treatment rooms. This is where specialists give various massages and facials. The spa is the most relaxing spot on the 750-acre property and features a sauna and steam room. Here, guests can come to spread their limbs, get comforting therapies, and leave with energized spirits.

Its contemporary-style architecture and relaxed setting will further make you feel welcomed. Shamans also hold Temazcal ceremonies at the sweat lodges on the expansive grounds.

Fitness Center

If you are a fitness-conscious individual, the resort is your dream place. Chable Yucatan features an extraordinary fitness center. A trained professional gives fitness classes from as early as seven in the morning to noon.

Fitness regimes primarily include Pilates, yoga, biking, and animal motion. Guests can also work out on their own using high-tech equipment. And, the best bit of all — it's free of charge.

Additional Facilities

The staff at the resort is fluent in Spanish. Therefore, Spanish guests won't face any communication issues due to language barriers. Furthermore, 24/7 room service is available, and housekeeping service deserves appreciation. Moreover, the concierge team is incredibly cooperative and friendly and ensures all guest needs are fulfilled.


Set at the heart of a dense, green oasis, the Chable Yucatan Resort is a heavenly retreat for nature-loving individuals. This is where you can indulge in a luxurious haven to your heart's most total.

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