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Rooms and Suites at Soneva Fushi

From 1,426 USD
Crusoe Pool Villa

Crusoe Pool Villa ( 2530ft2 )

Experience the Crusoe Pool Villa, perched above a private pool surrounded by trees. You can immerse yourself in the cool waters or explore the underwater

From 1,426 USD
Soneva Fushi Pool Villa Suite

Soneva Fushi Pool Villa Suite ( 6394ft2 )

The Soneva Fushi Pool Villa Suite offers a romantic escape, with a living room, outdoor bathroom, and private pool. It is designed for 2 adults,

From 1,667 USD
Soneva Fushi Family Villa Suite

Soneva Fushi Family Villa Suite ( 3165ft2 )

The Soneva Fushi Family Villa Suite is designed for couples or small families, featuring a separate children's room that is perfect for a teenager or

From 1,960 USD
2 Bedroom Soneva Fushi Family Pool Villa Suite

2 Bedroom Soneva Fushi Family Pool Villa Suite ( 3875ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom Soneva Fushi Family Pool Villa Suite is an ideal retreat for couples or small families. It features a separate children's room, perfect

From 1,960 USD
Crusoe Pool Suite

Crusoe Pool Suite ( 2842ft2 )

The Crusoe Pool Suite is a spacious villa with various amenities. It features a children's room, a living room, an outdoor bathroom, a walk-in mini-bar,

From 2,448 USD
Water Slide Retreat

Water Slide Retreat ( 6297ft2 )

Welcome to the Water Slide Retreat, where you can enjoy breathtaking views from every angle. This overwater hideaway offers a stunning double-storey villa with a

From 2,837 USD
2 Bedroom Soneva Fushi Pool Villa

2 Bedroom Soneva Fushi Pool Villa ( 4252ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom Soneva Fushi Pool Villa is a spacious, two-storey villa that offers a private pool, outdoor bathroom, and an upstairs terrace. It features

From 2,837 USD
2 Bedroom Soneva Fushi Pool Villa Suite

2 Bedroom Soneva Fushi Pool Villa Suite ( 3068ft2 )

Welcome to the 2 Bedroom Soneva Fushi Pool Villa Suite, a lavish two-storey villa with two bedrooms. Indulge in the luxurious amenities it offers, such

From 3,909 USD
2 Bedroom Crusoe Pool Villa

2 Bedroom Crusoe Pool Villa ( 4252ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom Crusoe Pool Villa offers a spacious and comfortable two-storey accommodation. It features two bedrooms with king size beds and en suite bathrooms.

From 4,104 USD
2 Bedroom Crusoe Pool Suite

2 Bedroom Crusoe Pool Suite ( 6986ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom Crusoe Pool Suite is a delightful villa suite spread across two floors. It features an outdoor bathroom, a wine fridge, an upper

From 4,104 USD
2 Bedroom Crusoe Pool Residence

2 Bedroom Crusoe Pool Residence ( 3552ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom Crusoe Pool Residence is a beachfront villa featuring a private pool, expansive decks, an upstairs sun deck, and a library. With a

From 4,591 USD
3 Bedroom Duplex Bungalow Sunrise Retreat

3 Bedroom Duplex Bungalow Sunrise Retreat ( 9515ft2 )

The 3 Bedroom Duplex Bungalow Sunrise Retreat comprises three duplex bungalows. It features open-air bathrooms, a wine cellar, a kitchen, a dining pavilion, a gym,

From 4,591 USD
3 Bedroom Crusoe Pool Villa Suite

3 Bedroom Crusoe Pool Villa Suite ( 6727ft2 )

The 3 Bedroom Crusoe Pool Villa Suite is a secluded haven in the Maldives, perfect for families or friends seeking privacy. Witness breathtaking sunsets from

From 5,371 USD
3 Bedroom Beach Pool Retreat

3 Bedroom Beach Pool Retreat ( 6092ft2 )

Introducing the 3 Bedroom Beach Pool Retreat. This inviting villa is designed for families or groups of friends seeking an unforgettable getaway. On the ground

From 6,248 USD
2 Bedroom Water Slide Retreat

2 Bedroom Water Slide Retreat ( 9225ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom Water Slide Retreat is a breathtaking villa perched over the water, seamlessly blending with the surrounding ocean. It features luxurious interiors and

From 7,125 USD
4 Bedroom Soneva Fushi Pool Villa Suite

4 Bedroom Soneva Fushi Pool Villa Suite ( 6534ft2 )

The 4 Bedroom Soneva Fushi Pool Villa Suite offers a dream-like escape. The villa is meticulously prepared with a thatched roof, sturdy beams, and a

From 8,196 USD
3 Bedroom Villa One

3 Bedroom Villa One ( 15069ft2 )

The 3 Bedroom Villa One is a highly esteemed retreat adored by visitors. It features three lavish bedrooms adorned with sustainable bamboo and thatched roofs.

From 8,196 USD
3 Bedroom Villa 14

3 Bedroom Villa 14 ( 19375ft2 )

The 3 Bedroom Villa 14 invites guests to experience a rustic-chic residential style villa in paradise. Constructed with thatch, bamboo, and sustainable woods, this spacious

From 8,196 USD
3 Bedroom Villa 41

3 Bedroom Villa 41 ( 18083ft2 )

Welcome to 3 Bedroom Villa 41, an extraordinary haven that offers a truly indulgent experience. This stunning villa showcases three spacious bedrooms, with two of

From 9,950 USD
4 Bedroom Villa 15

4 Bedroom Villa 15 ( 25564ft2 )

Introducing the 4 Bedroom Villa 15, a spacious and inviting retreat that boasts a remarkable hallway adorned with a magnificent jungle tree. This plush residence

From 9,950 USD
4 Bedroom Jungle Reserve

4 Bedroom Jungle Reserve ( 18514ft2 )

Discover the exquisite 4 Bedroom Jungle Reserve, a remarkable villa embraced by lush greenery. Immerse yourself in nature's embrace while enjoying the opulent spaces within.

From 9,950 USD
4 Bedroom Private Residence Villa 38

4 Bedroom Private Residence Villa 38 ( 15360ft2 )

Introducing the 4 Bedroom Private Residence Villa 38, a stunning villa featuring a gracefully curved swimming pool that embraces the front. The master bedroom and

From 10,015 USD
Soneva In Aqua

Soneva In Aqua

Soneva In Aqua presents an extraordinary and exclusive experience aboard a magnificent yacht. The sense of privacy and exclusivity is unmatched, ensuring an unforgettable retreat.

From 11,704 USD
5 Bedroom Residence Villa 37

5 Bedroom Residence Villa 37 ( 19633ft2 )

Welcome to a luxurious 5 Bedroom Residence Villa 37, where you can experience a range of incredible amenities. Explore the magnificent 11-meter tall viewing tower

From 13,556 USD
6 Bedroom Villa 42

6 Bedroom Villa 42 ( 24219ft2 )

The 6 Bedroom Villa 42 offers a serene and inviting space nestled in the midst of a tropical island paradise. On the ground floor, the

From 15,212 USD
6 Bedroom Reserve Sunset Reserve

6 Bedroom Reserve Sunset Reserve ( 24047ft2 )

The 6 Bedroom Reserve Sunset Reserve is a beachfront villa composed of six separate structures connected by spacious wooden decks. Standing tall amidst the trees,

From 18,817 USD
9 Bedroom Private Reserve Villa 11

9 Bedroom Private Reserve Villa 11 ( 59632ft2 )

Welcome to the 9 Bedroom Private Reserve Villa 11, a grand oceanic retreat that embodies the essence of a playful deserted-island mansion. Step into a

3 Bedroom Soneva Fushi Pool Villa Suite

3 Bedroom Soneva Fushi Pool Villa Suite ( 6727ft2 )

Experience the luxurious 3 Bedroom Soneva Fushi Pool Villa Suite. The thatched roof and wooden beams create a cozy atmosphere. Your private swimming pool, resembling

Soneva Fushi Family Pool Villa Suite

Soneva Fushi Family Pool Villa Suite ( 6824ft2 )

The Soneva Fushi Family Pool Villa Suite is a haven designed for couples or small families seeking an extraordinary retreat. It presents an exclusive children's

2 Bedroom Crusoe Pool Villa Suite

2 Bedroom Crusoe Pool Villa Suite ( 6986ft2 )

Experience the thrill of the 2 Bedroom Crusoe Pool Villa Suite. This luxurious suite offers two bedrooms, both upstairs and downstairs, along with various seating

2 Bedroom Sunset Retreat

2 Bedroom Sunset Retreat ( 13885ft2 )

Discover the captivating allure of witnessing sunrise over the ocean from the remarkable 2 Bedroom Sunset Retreat. This extraordinary sanctuary comprises three bungalows, each spanning

Soneva Fushi Villa

Soneva Fushi Villa ( 4252ft2 )

The Soneva Fushi Villa welcomes guests with its remarkable features. A highlight of this villa is the exquisite garden bathroom, which boasts a spacious bathtub

Soneva Fushi

Soneva Fushi is a luxury hotel in the Maldives that offers stunning views of the Indian Ocean. It has a wide range of facilities and amenities. These include a spa, a fitness center, and a kids' club. Guests can also enjoy various activities, such as snorkeling, windsurfing, and kayaking. This is a great place to enjoy the natural beauty of the Maldives.


Soneva Fushi is hidden among dense foliage. It is also within easy reach of a UNESCO-protected Biosphere Reserve. It inspires imagination. This award-winning resort combines Robinson Crusoe simplicity with barefoot luxury. The nature-inspired architecture reflects the resort's down-to-earth personality. The philosophy behind the resort's magical experiences is simple: no news, no shoes.

Kunfunadhoo Island is one of the largest islands in the Maldives. It is accessible by seaplane from Male International Airport. You can also get there by speedboat at Dharavandhoo Airport in a 12-minute trip. The hotel also offers a private lounge at the seaplane terminal.

Also, every villa has a Mr. or Ms. Friday butler who caters to every need and wants. This resort is known as the place where everyone knows your name. You will never be bored with stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking.


Soneva Fushi is on its island, Kunfunadhoo. It is about 115 km northwest of Male, Baa Atoll. But, to reach the resort, you will need to take a 30-minute seaplane ride from Male International Airport. Kunfunadhoo is the largest resort island in the Maldives.

It takes approximately 10 minutes to cycle a bicycle around the island. Baa Atoll is also a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Besides, it has some of the most diverse marine life in the Maldives. By speedboat, Hanifaru Bay is only 15 minutes from the resort. This bay is also home to giant mantas rays and whale sharks.


There are 63 beachfront villas and eight water retreats. The rooms have a solid natural theme. Wi-Fi is also available for free. Villas have a variety of decor options. These include white stucco and wood walls, brightly cushioned sofas, and vaulted thatched roofs. There are also earthy-looking light fixtures. All four-poster and canopy beds come with mosquito nets.

There are many sizes and shapes of villas. They can be single-story, one-bedroom villas up to massive, 60,000-square-foot units with nine bedrooms, private pools, sunken lounges, mini-gyms, saunas, and kitchens. The Family Villa Suite with Pool and Crusoe Villa is very popular. Besides, the Private Reserve has nine bedrooms. It is suitable for 18 adults.

All villas offer direct beach access, a hammock, and loungers. Many villas also have small private pools. Only a few overwater units are available, but they all have slides that allow access to the private infinity pool, ocean, and rooftop lounges.

Minibars and bottled water are included as standard. Villa TVs have preloaded iPods with music and movies. The indoor-outdoor bathrooms are also large and attractive. There is ample counter space, glass walk-in rain showers, and large soaking tubs. The villas also include a 24-hour butler on call.


Explore all the restaurants and experiences on Soneva Fushi and the unspoiled islands in the Maldives. The hosts are available to personalize each experience for any occasion.

You can dine high above the gardens and enjoy the aroma of the herbs. You can also enjoy front-row seats at the action in the central open kitchen. Besides, guests can choose to sit either under cover or underneath the stars.

Out of the Blue

You can enjoy Japanese, Vietnamese, and Indonesian food here. There are also salads, grilled meats, and seafood. You will also find So Hot. This is a robata and josper grill and a pizza area. So Guilty are the ice cream and chocolate parlors. And So Cheesy is the cheese room.

Once Upon a Table

The culinary theater showcases some of the most prominent names in fine dining. However, the show's main focus is the chef's creativity and skill. Besides, there is no set menu and all vegetables grow fresh in the garden.

So Hands-On

Behind the sake-polished Japanese pine countertop or the "hinoki" sushi counter, you will find some of the best sushi chefs in the world. You will also see the chef's fine skills up close. This sushi counter seats five.

Mihiree Mithaa

You can choose from a variety of fresh fruits and baked goods. There is also a salad area and wood-fired pizzas. Besides, there are Soneva's famous ice cream and chocolate shops.

The Bar and Cellar

Choose what you want from the beverage dictionary. This includes a selection of over 200 wines. There are also a variety of beers, juices, and teas.


Learn from a team made up of experts in glassblowing. Then, create your masterpiece to take home. Soneva Glass Studio uses recycled bottles from Soneva Fushi and other luxury resorts to make all of its pieces. On request, a personalized tour of the Soneva Art Gallery or Boutique can be arranged.

The Den is where younger guests can let their imaginations and passions run wild. You can explore the pirate ship and take mocktail or cooking classes. A separate pool is also available for toddlers. Plus, there is a particular area to accommodate teenagers.

Guests can also snorkel at Hanifaru Bay with Manta Rays or the house reef. This is the home to one of the most diverse populations of mantas rays in the world. If conditions and season permit, you can watch hundreds of mantas eating plankton. The Marine Biologist will also guide you to another spot if there aren't any Mantas. Soneva in Aqua luxury yacht is also worth exploring.

Water Sports

Soneva Fushi offers a variety of non-motorized water activities. These include kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding. There is also windsurfing and catamaran sailing. But, they charge an hourly fee for private tuition.

Enjoy the ocean in complete freedom. With a SEABOB, you can glide, dive, and skim. You can also learn to swim in the water, both below the waves and on the surface. The SEABOB is eco-friendly. It can also move powerfully but almost silently.

eFoils utilize an advanced battery to power an electric motor. This is mounted on a carbon-fiber hydrofoil. A wireless Bluetooth controller controls the engine. Regardless of their level of skill, riders can fly up to 40km/h at speeds up to 40 km/h,

An eSurf board can be ordered with a carbon fiber body. It is stable and hydrodynamic. You can also control the throttle using the handheld throttle. You can reach speeds up to 56 km/h with the eSurf.

Diving - The Soleni Dive Center offers world-class diving experiences with multilingual PADI instructors and small groups. You can choose from several courses, and you can rent equipment.

Six Senses Spa

You are welcome to try a variety of sensory treatments, from soothing scrubs to Tibetan hot rocks. The spa also has a rotating residency of visiting experts who add to its collection of treatments.


Soneva Fushi is one of two Soneva resorts in the Maldives. The other is Soneva Jani. This resort is a place to stay that will make all your dreams come true. This desert island resort is on an exclusive private island. But, it also offers everything you could want in a vacation spot. From luxurious accommodations to pristine beaches, you'll be in paradise from the moment you arrive.

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  • Soneva Fushi was the first and original barefoot retreat in the Maldives!
  • This eco-friendly retreat is just a 30-minute seaplane flight from Male.
  • You enjoy the Mr or Ms. Friday butler service throughout your stay as a guest.
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