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Rooms and Suites at The Nautilus Maldives

From 2,401 USD
Ocean Pool House

Ocean Pool House ( 3035ft2 )

You've stumbled upon the Ocean Pool House, an elegant abode nestled in the heart of a Maldivian lagoon. Here, you are cradled by the clear

From 2,689 USD
Beach Pool House

Beach Pool House ( 3326ft2 )

You find yourself learning about a magnificent Beach Pool House. Located on a pristine beach, it boasts a personal infinity pool. From its spacious living

From 2,957 USD
Ocean Pool Residence

Ocean Pool Residence ( 4876ft2 )

Imagine a Maldivian paradise perched atop a lagoon, shimmering under the sun. This Ocean Pool Residence, vast and sprawling at 453 square meters, exudes bohemian

From 3,281 USD
Beach Pool Residence

Beach Pool Residence ( 4467ft2 )

Welcome to the Beach Pool Residence, a true embodiment of luxury and comfort. Nestled by the sea, these two-storey mansions in the Maldives transport you

From 6,203 USD
2 Bedroom Ocean Pool Retreat

2 Bedroom Ocean Pool Retreat ( 5834ft2 )

You're about to dive into a 2 Bedroom Ocean Pool Retreat in the Maldives. Imagine stepping into a vast 542 sqm villa suspended on stilts

From 6,223 USD
2 Bedroom Beach Pool Residence

2 Bedroom Beach Pool Residence ( 6566ft2 )

At The Nautilus, you'll find two beautiful 2 Bedroom Beach Pool Residences tailor-made for families or groups of friends. Imagine stepping into a private beach

From 12,262 USD
3 Bedroom Nautilus Pool Mansion

3 Bedroom Nautilus Pool Mansion ( 9924ft2 )

You're looking at the 3 Bedroom Nautilus Pool Mansion. It's the epitome of luxury in the Maldives. Imagine a private beach home designed to be

The Nautilus Maldives

The Nautilus Maldives is your luxury bohemian hideaway in the Maldives. A highly personalized, immensely private luxury resort in the Maldives with 26 beach and ocean houses where every experience is tailored to you. A compelling slice of freedom in the Maldives' stunning Baa Atoll, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, The Nautilus Maldives 5-star resort offers life unbound. Every visitor to the shores discovers life's rarest treasures. Gifts that money cannot buy - time, freedom, refuge.

This collection of 26 immensely private beach and ocean houses exists beyond time. The private Villas in the Maldives are where nothing is fixed, and anything is possible, where you are free to set your beat. Free to do - and to be - as you please. The Nautilus does not apply all the restrictions usually associated with a luxury resort in the Maldives, such as set times, rigid menus, and services assigned to specific areas.

Space To Call Your Own

That most elusive desire: total privacy, unimpeded. At The Nautilus, only 26 beach and ocean houses line the shores - each a personal sanctum with its separate living room and private pool, infusing the comforts of home with a bohemian whimsy that invites you into the barefoot life.

The Nautilus Exclusives

Your bohemian escape is specially curated for you. Upon the exceedingly intimate Baa atoll retreat, it's well understood that you, the beloved guests, want every facet of your escape to be bespoke beyond belief. That's why they have created the options below for you to ponder. So make The Nautilus your temporary Maldivian hideaway, your exclusive retreat you keep coming back to, your long-lasting escape from the real world, or even your entire island, just yourself. Come alone or with loved ones and witness extraordinary hospitality personalized for you.

A Private Island All to Yourself

An ultra-private island at your command: embrace extraordinary moments and feel pure liberation with those who matter most to you. Free of clocks and unshackled from the pressures of everyday life, The Nautilus is your refuge of wonder.

An ultra-luxe island to yourself - The Nautilus Maldives is an ultra-luxe experience like no other. Embrace extraordinary moments in complete privacy and the ultimate expression of liberation with an entire island at your command. Be the only guest leaving footprints in the sand, with everything running to your schedule and having access to the world's most attentive staff, as well as world-class dining, spa treatments, or diving into the world's largest-known population of manta rays, only a short boat ride away at the world-renowned Hanifaru Bay. Make The Nautilus your secret base for meaningful experiences with your loved ones. It is a place where nothing is fixed, and anything is possible, where you are free to set your beat. Free to do - and to be - as you please. Get ready for an actual once-in-a-lifetime holiday experience and take your upcoming holiday to another level with the two buyout options. Whichever you select, you can ensure that The Nautilus will be entirely private for you and your loved ones.

A Home from Home

With wellbeing and spending time with those who matter to us on the top of everyone's agendas now more than ever, The Nautilus' Home from Home offer allows you to wholly forget about any external stress and focus on the moment. So to enable the world-class team to prepare your Nautilus home just as you like, sit back, and embrace your new Maldivian retreat.

Comforts of Home - That most elusive desire: total privacy, unimpeded. The Nautilus is among the Maldives' best resorts, with 26 beach and ocean houses lining the shores – each a personal sanctum with its separate living room, dedicated butler service, and private pool, infusing the comforts of home with a bohemian whimsy that invites you into the barefoot life at one of the luxury hotels in the Maldives. Perched on silvery sands - The Nautilus is home to 17 houses – nine perched directly on the beach and another eight hovering over the stagnant lagoon. Each is a private sanctum, your personal space to share and enjoy in the turquoise cradle of Baa Atoll.

Liberate Your Palate

Eat when you're hungry, have breakfast for dinner, and drink Champagne in bed. The Nautilus delights in veering off script, crafting bespoke culinary journeys designed just for you. Explore intriguing infusions of Mediterranean and Arabic cuisine at Zeytoun, celebrate simplicity with Japanese and Latin-American creations at Ocaso, or savor an array of global delicacies at Thyme throughout the day at the Maldives restaurant. No opening or closing times; no dress codes. Come as you are, enjoy great company, and indulge in a shared passion for extraordinary cuisine at The Nautilus.

Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Fine Dining – The signature restaurant showcases the Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern flavors – pure olive oils from the Aegean, freshly baked crusty bread, and aromatic Turkish teas. All exquisitely crafted and served in refined comfort.

Ocaso - Alfresco grill on pristine sands - Smoke-laden flavors, infusions from distant shores – the grill embarks on a nightly journey from Latin America to North Asia's reaches, specializing in Japanese, Mexican, and Peruvian.

Thyme - Gourmet bounty in beach-house ambiance. The beachfront all-day dining venue wraps you in a welcoming beach-house atmosphere with a yield of gourmet flavors that bring happiness with every bite.

Naiboli - The ultimate poolside lounge - Bask in the supreme comfort of loungers and cabanas – the ultimate seaside retreat with the refined ambiance of a living room. Complimentary gourmet canapés are available throughout the day.

Experience the Ananda world of creative, healthy cuisine at The Nautilus - Ananda's cuisine philosophy is tailor-made to each dosha or body type, incorporating seasonal variations and local produce. As per Ayurvedic principles. Each dosha - Vata (energy of movement), Pitta (power of metabolism), and Kapha (point of building and lubrication) - has guidelines for food groups and ingredients depending on their balance or imbalance in each individual. Ananda's specially curated menu for The Nautilus incorporates the six basic food tastes of sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter, and astringent and combined with the three macronutrients of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, vital to good health.

Relais & Châteaux

The Nautilus Maldives is delighted to be listed as the only Relais & Châteaux recognized property in the Maldives. Established in 1954, Relais & Châteaux is an association of more than 580 landmark hotels and restaurants operated by independent innkeepers, chefs, and owners who share a passion for their businesses and a desire for authenticity in their relationships with their clientele.

Immerse Yourself in the Island's Energy

Immerse yourself in the energy of a Maldives spa at the island Solasta Spa, a natural wellness haven surrounded by serene and sparkling seas. Solasta Spa specializes in bespoke, designing wellness programs and daily rituals that refresh, relax, pamper, and protect. And the overwater yoga pavilion is a sanctuary of movement, mindfulness, and release.

Come as you are, and in your own time - Solasta Spa is dedicated to subtly transformative moments - to stillness, the release of tension, and the childlike liberation of unfettered movement. A moment to catch your breath, another to expel it. To defiantly dispel fatigue or wholeheartedly embrace it. To revel in the freedom of a quiet mind. All at your own pace, in your way, and at a time that suits your purpose. Free from rigidity and restraint. Three glass-bottomed, over-water treatment pavilions at this hotel in the Maldives await at any hour. Or bring the spa to your house with an in-room treatment. Begin or end your moment in the sauna, steam bath, or open-air bath. Then, surrender to utter bliss in one of the two over-water relaxation lounges. The focus is on natural healing, enhanced by organic products by Maison Caulieres and Omorovicza.

Experiences - Set Your Spirit Free

The Nautilus Maldives offers a vast selection of activities to do in the Maldives that can be tailored to your every whim. Dine anywhere, anytime. Take to the seas in a luxury yacht for a spontaneous adventure. Dive into turquoise waters, immersed in the liberating embrace of the Baa Atoll, or host a private soiree in your own private beach house, complete with loved ones, live music, and seafood grilled to perfection. Or make the most of a private cinema screening on a distant sandbank under starry skies. These shared, intimate moments are the ones you'll remember forever. Your luxury escape in the Maldives awaits.

Adventure Unbound

Imagine treasure hunting in the deep, drifting beside a gentle giant of the sea, or engaging in exhilarating water sports in the Maldives. Baa Atoll, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, lies just outside your door – a kaleidoscopic wonderland of incredible marine life. Marvel at the house reef at the lagoon's edge, or dive into the world-renowned Hanifaru Bay and swim amongst whale sharks and whirling manta rays. With endless ways to explore Baa Atoll, your adventure of discovery can begin the moment you arrive.

Workation From Paradise

Working has never felt so easy with The Nautilus workstation package. Work remotely from paradise in your private beach house. Have the ultimate zoom call background from the castaway sandbank that will be your office for a day. Have a personal PA on hand 24/7 and continue your corporate errands while your children engage in a bespoke educational program by Young Wonderers. Available from seven nights or longer if you decide you can't leave your new paradise office

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Why we love this hotel

  • The Nautilus Maldives is located in the Maldives’ stunning Baa Atoll. A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, with only 26 beach and ocean houses.
  • The Nautilus transcends time. There are no clocks, no schedules, no opening or closing times. Here, every moment is fluid. Boundless freedom finds every guest.
  • Embrace extraordinary moments in complete privacy and in the ultimate expression of liberation. With an entire island at your command.
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  • Fitness Center
  • Pool
  • Spa
Hotel Style
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  • Beach
  • Romantic

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