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Rooms and Suites at Roku Kyoto

From 495 USD
Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room ( 538ft2 )

The Deluxe Room greets guests with a panoramic view of the Takagamine mountains. It embodies Japanese minimalism across 50㎡ of space. Its walls are adorned

From 521 USD
Takagamine Deluxe Room

Takagamine Deluxe Room ( 538ft2 )

The Takagamine Deluxe Room envelops its guests in serenity and comfort. Its sizeable floor-to-ceiling glass windows reveal the breathtaking scenery of the Takagamine mountains. Every

From 537 USD
Panorama Deluxe Room

Panorama Deluxe Room ( 538ft2 )

The Panorama Deluxe Room offers a breathtaking escape. It features panoramic views of the Takagamine foothills and the majestic mountain pass. Each window in the

From 586 USD
Premier Deluxe Room

Premier Deluxe Room ( 538ft2 )

The Premier Deluxe Room awaits its guests on the top floor. It promises comfort and a scenic view of the mountains. The room spreads over

From 639 USD
Onsen Garden Room

Onsen Garden Room ( 538ft2 )

The Onsen Garden Room welcomes guests into a world of calm. It promises a retreat from the everyday rush. Every corner of the room whispers

From 737 USD
Poolside Deluxe Room

Poolside Deluxe Room ( 527ft2 )

The Poolside Deluxe Room is a serene sanctuary. A soothing outdoor thermal pool nestles it. Guests are only steps away from refreshing dips. The room

From 1,813 USD
Peak Suite

Peak Suite ( 1076ft2 )

The Peak Suite offers a breathtaking view of the Takagamine mountains. It is perched on the fourth floor. The suite spans a generous 100㎡. That's

From 1,813 USD
Roku Suite

Roku Suite ( 1076ft2 )

The Roku Suite is located on the fourth floor. It looks out over the Takagamine foothills. The Tenjin River can also be seen. This suite

Roku Kyoto

Roku Kyoto is a hotel that offers visitors a traditional Japanese experience. It is located in a quiet corner of Kyoto. The rooms are decorated with traditional Japanese elements, and the staff is attentive and polite. This is a great place to stay if you want to experience the best of Japan.


Roku Kyoto has redefined luxury escape in Japan's most culturally and historically significant cities. Discover bespoke experiences woven seamlessly into an area of stunning natural seclusion. Explore a world of unique experiences hidden in the Takagamine Mountains. Take a walk through the lush forested surroundings.

You can also listen to the Tenjin River's gentle murmur. After a long day, relax under the stars at the onsen thermal pool. You will find a tranquil sanctuary where you can reconnect with the extraordinary spirit of Kyoto. This region has inspired Japanese artisans and nobles since the 15th century.


Roku Kyoto is LXR Hotels & Resorts. It sits in a tranquil area near Takagamine Mountain in Kyoto, Japan. This Kyoto hotel is in a natural solitude away from the city's hustle and bustle. It also offers resort accommodation that will immerse guests in the charms of Kyoto. Moreover, you can reach Osaka International Airport in 30 minutes. Kyoto Station is also 30 minutes away.


This quiet, green corner of Kyoto was where the Rinpa School was established. That was 400 years before the advent of the great artist Hon'ami Koetsu. His 17th-century home, and the artist village he created alongside it, are now a small scenic temple.

Moreover, the ten-minute bike ride up the mountain from the hotel is well worth it. This is the first Asia Pacific Hilton hotel. It's a relaxing retreat that is both elegant and sedate. This is evident in the beautifully-dressed couples who enjoy swimming laps in the hot spring onsen outdoors pool. Or reading art books while sipping specialized tea blends in the Wabi-sabi teahouse.

Rooms and Suites

It is hard not to feel relaxed when you step into one of the 114 guest rooms. They have serene neutrals, modern lines, and crafted touches. Moreover, the walls of windows frame beautiful mountain views. Contemporary spaces are also enhanced by the addition of woven headboards with abstract designs. There are also large amounts of decorative woodblock printed papers and wooden lattice partitions. Additionally, there are many treats in-room. You can also enjoy Kyoto-made snacks and drinks in your minibar.

One of the five types of rooms available, the Garden Deluxe room is a favorite. These rooms open onto a private Japanese-style Garden with stones and moss. Here, natural hot spring onsen waters gush from the tap. They go along with the hotel's aromatic hinoki cedar wood bath salts.

Another famous room is the Poolside Deluxe Rooms. These are airy, white retreats with private terraces outside that open onto the thermal poolside. Some rooms also have indoor natural hot springs. Furthermore, there is free Wi-Fi in public spaces and rooms.

Restaurants and Bar

The Roku Kyoto LXR Hotels & Resorts heartbeat is the restaurant Tenjin. It is named after the river, which flows right past the outdoor terrace. It is also lined with motheriji maple trees. Autumn is a magical time to visit. With its sleek seating and glass walls, the restaurant looks like a modern temple in Kyoto gastronomy.

There are two zones: the All-Day dining area and the buffet. This is where you can enjoy a relaxed breakfast, a light lunch, or a full-course dinner. The Chef's Table is the cherry on top. Akira Taniguchi, the talented Chef de Cuisine, and his team sit at a black counter with 13 seats under a huge tiered paper lighting setup. They perform "Rinpa Reflection." This is a dramatic culinary performance. It involves ten contemporary courses using a variety of sculptural ceramics.

The latest spring highlights include bamboo, scampi, and sakura Shrimp. In addition, it has local wild boar, wasabi leaf, and the Vegetable Garden.

The Bar is a cozy space featuring the signature drink Hana Monogatari. A beautiful bunch of seasonal flowers are soaked in a gin-based cocktail and poured into a glass decanter. Moreover, you can enjoy a selection of Kyoto tea blends in the Tea House. These are made with ingredients like ginger, rose, and cinnamon.

Spa and Fitness

The Roku Spa helps to rejuvenate the body and mind. Enjoy unforgettable workouts, whether you're looking for a new fitness routine or want to take in the beautiful natural scenery while working out.

Area and Activities

The hotel's curated programs will stimulate your senses. They will also spark curiosity about Japan's cultural history and traditional traditions.

There are plenty of places to explore right outside. Shozan Resort Kyoto, a large expanse in the shadows of Takagamine Mountain, has gardens and a string of winding walkways. There are also several restaurants and a Bonsai Shop. Guests can also enjoy Meditation Walks with the spa staff. Finally, wander through the beautiful Japanese gardens close to the hotel. These are famous for their Kitayama cedar tree clusters that shoot up to the heavens.

The hotel can also arrange for electric bicycle rentals. This makes it easy to explore the nearby temples. Moreover, Kinkakuji is a short ride away. The smaller Koetsuji Temple, dedicated to Hon'ami Koetsu's artist, is also close. You could also hop in a taxi and visit some downtown tourist attractions.


Although the hotel has a peaceful ambiance that feels grown-up, they emphasize that children of all ages can enjoy the hotel. The Thermal Pools are available to children, but only during certain hours of the day. Guests may also choose the Poolside Deluxe Rooms for families. Family-friendly amenities include children's menus.

There are also in-room amenities such as toothbrushes and pajamas. Plus, young guests can enjoy activities like the Roku Kyoto Backstage Tour. This is a kid-friendly concierge-led tour behind-the-scenes of the hotel. There is also the Roku Treasure Hunting event at Shozan Resort Kyoto.


Nestled deep within the viridescent foothills of the ancient capital's northwestern mountain range, Roku Kyoto is a beautiful hotel in Japan. It offers excellent views of the city and its surroundings. Plus, there are a variety of amenities and services for its guests. Enjoy the pinnacle of luxurious escape in Japan — one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Discover historically and culturally revered cities beneath the panorama of the Takagamine Mountains.

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Why we love this hotel

  • Roku Kyoto is nestled on the quiet side of Kyoto. The city center is easily accessible, and you will be happy to return to your oasis after a busy day.
  • If you are there to relax, book a Poolside Deluxe Room, which gives you unlimited access to the outside pool.
  • Do not miss a dinner at Tenjn´s Chef table - a culinary journey with French influence will await you.
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