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Aman Tokyo

Aman Tokyo

Situated in the commercial hub of the modern-day Japanese capital, Aman Tokyo, is a prepossessing blend of modern-day aesthetics. It also entails urban dynamism and cultural sensibility. Moreover, out of thirty-eight floors, the hotel occupies the top six floors of the Otemachi Tower. This offers a mesmerizing view of the Imperial Palace Gardens and the Tokyo Skyline. 

Plus, if you are lucky, you can also enjoy the awe-inspiring view of Mount Fuji standing tall against the clear blue sky on a clear day. Furthermore, with its numerous services that include aboding, swimming pool, spa, and fitness center, this luxury hotel is akin to an exquisite sanctuary up in the sky.

What to Expect

Amidst the hustle-bustle of Tokyo's busy downtown area, the Aman offers a serene escape into a world of grand foyers and spacious expanses. Structures reflecting such space and dimensions are not a common sight in busy metropolitan cities such as Tokyo. 

The hotel encompasses large open spaces for you to relax and unwind from the chaos of routine life. A cozy and welcoming environment, accompanied by scenic views of the Tokyo skyline, makes the resort a state-of-the-art social hub. It is also a beautiful addition to the luxury hotels of Tokyo.

The resort sits in the metropolitan city of Tokyo. Besides, this city is a globally famous tourist spot, just like New York and London. Tokyo is also a lively destination with various tourist attractions. These attractions include the Senso-Ji temple, the Imperial Palace, and the National Museum of Nature and Science. There is also the Tokyo National Museum, Meiji Shrine, as well as Ueno Park.

Tokyo's streets hold out a fusion of sky-bound skyscrapers standing parallel to quaint palaces from the 19th century. 

A Unique Blend

The streets have restaurants and bars that offer traditional and contemporary Japanese cuisines; sushi, ramen, and yakitori are the highlights. With its blend of historical buildings and state-of-the-art shopping centers, Tokyo is an exciting and vibrant city. 

The resort connects to the Otemachi subway channel. This further connects the hotel to all of the famous tourist spots in the city, including the Ginza shopping market. 

Adding to the scenic beauty and ambiance of the property is the Otemachi forest. It sits at the foothills of the Otemachi Tower. Moreover, this orchard of green offers the perfect opportunity to retreat from the busy metropolitan life. You can also relish the beauty and tranquility of nature.

The resort offers a perfect blend of traditional Japanese culture and modern-day infrastructure. The incorporation of Engawa platforms beautifully and seamlessly merges the indoors with the outdoors while simultaneously adding the traditional Japanese seasoning to the infrastructure. 

Similarly, Ikebana displays play their part as embellishments for the corridors and lobbies. 

The Lobby

Upon entering the Aman, you are welcomed by the Grand lobby, on the ceiling of which hangs a massive Shoji lantern made out of washi rice paper. The lobby is home to meditative rock gardens and a reflective water pond. 

On one side of the lobby are the expansive dining hall and the wine cellar. This area is a lively and buzzing spot. However, on the other side of the lobby is the library and the cigar room, for those of us who find our tranquility in books.


Adjacent to the exquisite lobby, the Aman restaurant  — Arva — has a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Arva specializes in Italian cuisine, prepared using inventive Italian cooking techniques. Like the hotel itself, the dining hall is an expansively lit space with a view of the live kitchen. 

The restaurant offers dishes prepared in all types of meat, including seafood and vegetarian dishes, prepared using Italy's finest quality ingredients. Breakfast is also served in this restaurant, which itself is a multi-course served to-order. 

Separate from the dining hall is the Café by Aman, located on the ground floor, which offers French cuisine. Like most cafes, Café Aman focuses on snacks and tea-time side dishes.

Rooms and Suites

The hotel offers 84 luxurious rooms and suites - each decorated with Japanese culture-inspired furnishings. You will also witness a spectacular view of the Tokyo skyline, including the Tokyo Skytree. Moreover, the premier room setup incorporates a spacious lobby leading to the bedroom. The bed sits in the middle of the room.

The beds are lined with fine fabrics of magnificent quality, which adds to the room's already royal ambiance. Adding to the luxurious outlook of the room are the elegant Shoji screens. Washi paper makes these, putting the cultural element to the room decor.

The attached bathrooms are centrally heated and include a heated toilet seat, a shower, and a bathtub that imitates the natural hot-spring bath setup, which is customary in Japanese culture. The amiable setup and the comfort offered here make it hard to leave your room at all.


If you finally decide to step out of your room, the Aman Spa will welcome you. It spreads over two floors of the building. Besides, it offers eight rooms designated for treatments, all of which are equipped with shower areas and relaxation areas. Inspired by Japanese therapies, the spa also offers various treatments such as skin treatments, body massages, and steam baths.

Drawing upon the traditional methods of therapy used under the Onsen therapy system, the luxury spa offers therapies and treatments to soothe the mind and the body, all at one time. For these therapies and treatments, the spa uses all-natural herbal ingredients.

The spa also consists of a 30-meter-long and heated swimming pool lined with basalt. The swimming pool is surrounded by lay-down couches that allow you to gaze down on the hustle and bustle of downtown Tokyo. 


The Aman also offers an inbuilt facility of Gym. It includes the latest machinery relating to cardiovascular and weight lifting exercises. There are also treadmills, spinning bikes, and total body resistance trainers. Additionally, the gym offers Pilates and Yoga lessons.

Your Member Benefits

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Why we love this hotel

  • A sanctuary amidst Tokyo's busy downtown area, the Aman Tokyo offers a serene escape from the chaos of routine life.

  • Indulge in the spectacular views of the city and nature in perfect balance, of the Imperial Gardens, Mount Fuji and skyscrapers.

  • Fine dining at Arva, Aman's Italian restaurant concept, is complemented by a 1,200-bottle wine cellar, as well as the hotel’s signature sake.

Rooms and Suites at Aman Tokyo

From 1,085 USD

Deluxe Room ( 764ft2 )

Deluxe Rooms are the largest entry-level rooms in the city, offering space and privacy at 71m2 (764 sq.ft) overlooking the Imperial Palace Gardens. Vi...

From 1,267 USD

Deluxe Palace Garden View ( 764ft2 )

The 71m2 (764 sq.ft) Deluxe Palace Garden View Rooms are situated on Aman Tokyo's highest floor and offer spectacular view of Tokyo skyline and Imperi...

From 1,386 USD

Premier Room ( 861ft2 )

The 80m2 (861 sq.ft) Premier Rooms include a larger foyer and an expansive bathroom. Panoramic city views, Living area, Spacious foyer, Expansive bath...

From 2,169 USD

Suite ( 1517ft2 )

Spread over a minimum of 141m2 (1517 sq.ft), Suites offer panoramic city views and include an expansive living room with a writing desk. Panoramic cit...

From 2,290 USD

Corner Suite ( 1302ft2 )

Uniquely positioned and completely private, Corner Suites are a minimum of 121m2 (1302 sq.ft) and offer some of the finest views in the building. Spec...

From 3,374 USD

Aman Suite ( 1689ft2 )

Positioned in the northwest corner of the building, Aman Suites are Aman Tokyo’s largest at 157m2 (1689 sq.ft). Each offers a separate bedroom and a l...

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