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Palazzo Margherita

Palazzo Margherita

Palazzo Margherita, built-in 1892 in Bernalda by the Margherita family, is a true 19th-century palazzo. The town was the birthplace and home to Agostino Coppola, Francis Ford Coppola's grandfather, who always referred to it affectionately as "Bernalda Bella." Francis purchased the Palazzo in 2004 with the desire to transform it into a small, luxurious hotel, believing it was time to introduce visitors to this stunning and still undiscovered region.

Nestled between the ancient cities of Metapontum and Matera, the area is rich with history, including haunting primordial cave dwellings called Sassi di Matera (meaning "stones of Matera"), a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Palazzo Margherita is situated in Bernalda. Located in the province of Matera, famous for its ancient cave dwellings, historic houses, and unspoiled villages, Bernalda is relatively unknown to tourists. It is just twenty minutes from numerous pristine, white-sand beaches. While the nearby Puglia region has become popular for sightseeing, Bernalda is a few beautiful towns where the food and wine have remained authentic and untouched by mass tourism.

During the day, the opulent salon is a place for reading, playing cards, enjoying afternoon tea and drinks at night. It becomes a cinema equipped with professional-quality sound and projection and a vast database of movies, including Francis's personally-curated Italian classics collection. Hidden at the gardens' far end, the swimming pool is generously proportioned and intended for family enjoyment, with bathrooms, showers, cabins for changing, and a full bar and food service. One of the Palazzo's most magical features is its large private garden, fully enclosed and maintained, focusing on historic preservation. Built around a baroque fountain, the garden extends through a web of secret pathways, natural arbors, allées of fruit trees, fertile beds of herbs, citrus trees, and organic vegetables that supply the kitchen.

Eat-in Kitchen - In the Palazzo's large, welcoming kitchen, only guests can first experience Basilicata's traditional cooking (also known as Lucania). For keen cooks, their local chef provides hands-on classes demonstrating how to prepare typical regional dishes. Cinecitta Bar - At the Palazzo's front, the Cinecittà Bar is a traditional café and pizzeria that spills out onto Bernalda's main street and looks onto the town square. It is a perfect spot for people-watching, mingling with the local life, and sipping delicious Italian coffee. Family Bar - The Family Bar is an intimate private bar and dining room where only the hotel guests can enjoy coffee or meals throughout the day and pre-dinner cocktails and appetizers in the evenings. Pool Bar - The Pool Bar is located in the garden and offers a selection of wine, cocktails, and other beverages to enjoy while relaxing in the sun. Food from the main kitchen can also be ordered.

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Rooms and Suites at Palazzo Margherita

From 1,296 USD

Suite Five ( 620ft2 )

Classic Italian décor gives Suite Five a warm ambiance with a modern touch. An upstairs loft includes a single bed and seating area, perfect for a thi...

From 1,368 USD

Suite Seven ( 470ft2 )

The eclectic yet elegant Suite Seven has a decidedly international flair with its Art Deco furniture and lighting, an Art Deco inspired bathroom, and...

From 1,695 USD

Suite Nine ( 795ft2 )

Suite Nine is the most spacious suite that integrates subtle elements of Tunisian design - a historical influence in Southern Italy. The motif is mean...

From 1,622 USD

Suite Four ( 670ft2 )

Sofia Suite is delicate, feminine with fresh colors of the hand-painted fresco radiating a poetic winter garden atmosphere. The room has a lavish bath...

From 1,296 USD

Suite Eight ( 780ft2 )

This romantic suite was designed as a gift to Gia Coppola, Francis's first granddaughter. Many years ago, when the Palazzo was still the private home...

From 908 USD

Suite Six ( 590ft2 )

Suite Six, warm and inviting, embodies the comfort of home in its design with classic Italian décor from the early 20th century. Includes a Juliette b...

From 1,041 USD

Garden Suite One ( 550ft2 )

Garden Suite One embodies the simple elegance of Italian country house style—an airy, traditional room that opens directly onto the lush private garde...

From 521 USD

Garden Room Three ( 370ft2 )

Garden Room Three like the other garden room, embodies the simple elegance of Italian country house living. Grand barn-like doors opening onto the inn...

From 460 USD

Garden Room Two ( 30m2 )

An elegant and traditional room that opens directly onto the lush private garden and fountain. It features vaulted ceilings, a large closet, and a wri...

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