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Rooms and Suites at Masseria Torre Maizza

From 1,155 USD
Superior Room

Superior Room ( 334ft2 )

The elegant Superior Rooms effortlessly blend local features, from hand-embroidered linens to warm timber accents, with contemporary amenities. All of...

From 1,338 USD
Deluxe Room with Terrace and Garden

Deluxe Room with Terrace and Garden ( 334ft2 )

The generous Deluxe Rooms elegantly marry contemporary sophistication and Italian style, with hand-embroidered linens on the sumptuous super king-size...

From 1,576 USD
Junior Suite with Terrace and Garden

Junior Suite with Terrace and Garden ( 452ft2 )

The spacious Junior Suites elegantly marry the masseria’s original features, including a stunning vaulted ceiling, with contemporary design accents. D...

From 2,065 USD
Grand Suite with Terrace Garden & Private Plunge Pool

Grand Suite with Terrace Garden & Private Plunge Pool ( 667ft2 )

From the hand-embroidered linens and stylish cane furniture to locally sourced timber accents, the beauty of Puglia is stylishly woven throughout the...

From 2,079 USD
Deluxe Junior Suite with Terrace and Garden

Deluxe Junior Suite with Terrace and Garden ( 592ft2 )

Spacious and refined, the Deluxe Junior Suites with Terrace and Garden feature stunning heritage accents preserved from the original masseria, includi...

From 2,349 USD
Deluxe Suite with Plunge Pool

Deluxe Suite with Plunge Pool ( 592ft2 )

The chic Deluxe Suites with Plunge Pools, decorated in a serene palette of natural shades with stunning Puglian objects d’art, feature stylish design...

From 2,758 USD
Torre Suite

Torre Suite ( 861ft2 )

Found on the top floor of the masseria’s tower, the Torre Suite is Torre Maizza’s most impressive accommodation. This magnificent two-bedroom residenc...

Family Room

Family Room ( 818ft2 )

Wake up to your choice of picturesque views; winding olive groves, the deep green hues of the spectacular golf course or the hypnotising ocean-scape o...

Alberobello Wing

Alberobello Wing ( 3111ft2 )

Step into your private Puglian palace in the Alberobello Wing, comprising two Grand suites replete with private plunge pools, and three Deluxe Junior...

Masseria Torre Maizza

In Puglia, Italy, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, a cluster of ancient olive trees surrounds Masseria Torre Maizza. The local farmers who have descended from these olive trees have pressed the precious liquid gold from this area that has been so well known for many centuries.

In addition to fruit orchards, vineyards, fields, and all sorts of flower gardens, it has the most exquisite scent and jaw-dropping natural beauty.


From the 16th century to today, Masseria Torre Maizza has acted as a military garrison in the lines defending Puglia's southern regions. Also, it served as a medieval watchtower for protection against attacks by Ottoman and Saracen Turks. Finally, it was also a shelter for pilgrims during invasions.

Over time, the house has acted as a beacon of refuge and shelter for those who join it. Thus, developing into a working farm by the new century.

Many trees over one thousand years old are present in the olive grove that is on the farm. Despite the Masseria Torre Maizza grove being harvested and pressed today, it is still part of Puglia's globally-renowned exports of olive oil.

The history of Rocco Forte Masseria Torre Maizza will continue to live on. Formerly, pilgrims were handled as royalty while staying at one of Rocco Forte's Hotels. However, now all visitors get top-notch hospitality.

The old olive mill is now a world-class spa. A 16th-century farmhouse that has recently been restored still includes the mezzanine. This is where local cheese and salami usually come from. Masseria Torre Maizza, acquired in 2018, is now a member of the Rocco Forte Hotels chain. Since the past, current, and future concerns Masseria Torre Maizza, it has an exciting story to share.

Rooms and Suites

The beautiful rooms and suites by Olga Polizzi capture the luxury feeling of living in Italy. To that end, modern contemporary style and a beautifully selected selection of local features and antiques combine harmoniously to shape each room's arrangement.

Moreover, the lavish rooms have sumptuous king-sized beds. Besides, there are bathroom floors of marble and all kinds of state-of-the-art facilities. The suites also contribute to the luxury atmosphere of wood-burning fireplaces, private rooftop terraces, and private gardens.

The remodeled presidential suite is also in the tower of the 16th-century Masseria. It provides sensational views of the sweeping immensity of the Puglian countryside and magnificent views of the Adriatic Sea.

Restaurant and Bars

Masseria Torre Maizza's bar and restaurant are just as notable as their dining destinations regarding fine Italian cuisine. The private terrace is lavish with ivy and aromatic flowers. It's also a great place to share a meal with your loved ones. Besides, eat incredible meals cooked using local Puglian ingredients and engage in conversations.

Meanwhile, the rooftop bar is the best venue for sundowners. Guests can drink expertly-made drinks while enjoying spectacular views of the countryside. The cozy seafood restaurant is further accentuated by the vaulted ceiling, giving the room a romantic feeling. Moreover, the poolside terraces and the pool bar provide fun and relaxing places for families to chill throughout the day.

Spa and Beauty

Come in and walk into the Torre Maizza Spa. Here you will feel the smell of the sea replaced by the scent of orange blossom. Moreover, the clink of Italian handmade bells and Puglian ceramics' shimmering radiance provide an enticing, authentic atmosphere. All are geared at satisfying your spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being.

Pamper yourself with a relaxing full-body Irene Forte Skincare Treatment. This treatment uses scented infusions of the sun-kissed flora of the area. Besides, there is the revitalizing scrub of apricot and sea salt to polish the skin from head to toe.

If you're missing comfort, a great makeup massage is for you, as is an exclusive Pilate session in which you can enjoy pampering while training your mind and body. You can even join the unique dance therapy workshop. This incorporates both Italian folk music and dancing. Discover your Puglian paradise.

Suppose you think of Italy as a boot and Puglia as a well-lit heel. Puglia is a famous luxury travel destination due to its exceptional architectural elegance. Surrounding pristine landscapes dotted with citrus and olive trees, acres of verdant vineyards and the Adriatic coastline engulf the area.

After reaching the Torre Maizza Spa, the sea's scents will give way to the warm glimmer of Italian handmade bells. These create a friendly and authentic environment for physical, emotional, and cultural well-being. Besides, invite yourself to a Skincare Massage, a private treatment where you can relax while the doctor pampers your skin with herbal infusions from the area's lush flora.

Start the journey with one of the lavish makeup-decadent beauty treatments. You can also find harmony in your body and mind by taking advantage of the opportunity for solitude with a private yoga session.

Friendly Fraternity

Staying in the area has a massive influence on how you view it. If you're on a quick trip and want to chill, Torre Maizza Masseria is an excellent place to stop for a few days. But if you're on holiday for a more extended time, we suggest staying here for at least a week.

Besides, the perfect way to relax is to let the tension dissipate by the beach, play nine holes of golf, do wine tasting or a cooking class, and have a massage. Then, as the evening continues, move out into the vicinity towns to have a great dinner and a night in the town.


At the 16th century Masseria Torre Maizza, the locals are welcoming, polite, and excited about welcoming tourists to explore what the area offers. The Adriatic Coast and Puglia are ideal places to relax and calm down while exploring all of Puglia's beauty.

It is also great to spend time in the private beach club and appreciate the local cuisine. While visiting the countryside, you will learn about the ancient olive groves over a century old.

Your Member Benefits

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Why we love this hotel

  • This Masseria sits in the middle of olive trees in the landscape of Puglia.

  • The resort features a 9-hole golf course, a private beach club, and an indulgent Spa.

  • In the evening and with a glass of Aperol Spritz - listen to the piano man Carmelo Padellaro.

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