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Mandarin Oriental Milan

Mandarin Oriental Milan

Italy's top-notch, most favorite resort, Mandarin Oriental Milan, situates in the Montenapoleone district, right at the heart of Mila. It is built in the vintage Milanese style. Moreover, the interior décor blends modern architecture with classical furnishings in an excellent manner, with neutral wall shades and oak wood furniture.

Guests love enjoying a meal at the resort's famous two-Michelin starred restaurant, whose ambiance and setting could not be more fascinating. The resort also offers professional spa treatments inspired by both Western and Eastern styles of therapies.


Mandarin Oriental Milan's location could not be posher. The resort takes you to Italy's most lavish fashion district, with its chain of famous boutiques and stylish outlets. For women, this hotel offers a true paradise. Secluded in a quiet residential area, the resort ensures your stay is not disturbed by perpetual traffic noise from the city life hubbub.

In close vicinity are guests' two favorite touring spots — the La Scala Opera House and Duomo. A short walking distance away, people love visiting these two tourist resorts — Italy's most. Spending your vacations in a luxurious hotel, in a quiet neighborhood, in Milan's most posh areas, is truly something to think about.

This enchanting epitome of luxury and opulence is here carefully considering sustaining Milanese architectural designs' true essence. The resort greets you with its expansive green cloistered courtyard. This leads into a lovely lobby with walls shaded with a cool mellow hue. This opening sight is quite mesmerizing.

As you go inside, prepare for the stunning look of the gorgeous interior décor. Glittering chandeliers hang from tall vaulted ceilings. Also, large glass and gilt-framed windows provide a beautiful view of the starry night sky. Besides, the modern bar's contemporary vibe is gifted with its theme of contrasting black and white.

Additional Services and Facilities

The efficiency of the concierge team at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is highly commendable. They ensure all your requests and demands are considered and instantly taken care of. Moreover, you will receive their contact number if any emergency occurs or they need their assistance.

Their work ethic and social behavior exude politeness, and guests love the warm greeting. The team is there to organize any of your expeditions at the Pinacoteca di Brera. They can also take you along to tour the luxurious boutiques and shops in the Milan fashion district.

For guests on company tours, meeting rooms are available on the ground floor. You can book these to arrange business meetings. Besides, you have the luxury of getting a bedtime massage upon request. Worried about leaving your pet at home? You don't have to! The resort has exclusive accommodation for pets, like dogs and cats.

Spa and Fitness

The spa experience here is, simply put, fascinating. Professionals perform the most effective treatments and therapies from all around the world. What is more, they will ensure that all your necessities are catered for.

As you enter the exclusive Spa Suite, you will stumble upon a massive water fountain. And without a doubt, you will find it soothing. Besides, this spa is unique in its ideology, as it follows the Feng Shui theory. This theory is all about incorporating elements of nature into the spa experience.

The therapies are done under the direction of reputed Chinese specialists and aromatherapy professionals. Moreover, the resort has five spa areas, including the main Spa Suite, a Thai massage room, and couples treatment rooms.

In addition to this, there is a well-designed fitness center. By this, you can keep up with your work routine while even on holiday. It has the Technogym machines and equipment, and also fitness trainers who guide you around.

Furthermore, the resort has a lovely swimming pool and individual saunas for both genders. Finally, those willing to get a haircut can do so from the Hotel's celebrated Milanese hairstylist. Moreover, there is an expert, Massimo Serini, in the hair salon.

Rooms and Suites

The Hotel's extensive number of guest rooms and suites are scattered around five large floors and will give you just the Italian experience. The interior design includes Italian-style furniture, wooden floors, and boiserie. The rooms have a royal color shade, with vibrant hues of purple and crème filling the room. Besides, chairs with silk purple upholstery, linen curtains, and local artwork beautify the chambers.

Most fascinating are the views of respective rooms. Many face Milan's cobbled streets, with its particular scent of luxurious clothes. Also, some are high to give you an extensive view of the beautiful city from the rooftop. Guests who book the expensive cloister suites can reserve the beautiful garden view of the courtyard.

Large marble-floored bathrooms are on the rooms and suites, with big showers and bathtubs. The executive suites (which have private gardens) include specially designed Milanese-style interior décor. The furniture and architecture follow the styling methods of well-known Italian interior designers Piero Fornasetti and Gio Ponti.

Restaurants and Dining

The Seta operates by Italy's famous chef, Antonio Guida, who achieved his Michelin star a short time before the Hotel's inauguration. His restaurant features a diverse range of cuisines, with the unanimous favorites being Italian dishes. Guida's creative take on conventional Italian dishes makes them exceptionally delicious and loved by the people.

For those having a particular taste for Italian cuisines, this is the place you need to visit. Some popular meals include Cucina Povera with miso and yuzu. The restaurant's beautiful ambiance is a plus point, making the overall dining experience unforgettable for the guests.


At the more casual dining room, The Mandarin Bar and Bistrot, you can request typical Italian. Yes, that's right, get to eat pasta and pizza right in Italy. Then, too, the resort has hired reputed mixologists to help you with the perfect cocktails you have ever tasted if this wasn't enough.

The DJ amplifies the atmosphere with lively music from the stereo. For breakfast, the catering is a buffet. This includes fresh fruits, cheese savories, and an assortment of tasty cakes and pastries.

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Rooms and Suites at Mandarin Oriental Milan

From 630 USD
Superior Room

Superior Room ( 377ft2 )

Featuring Italian design with the art of Feng Shui, these rooms own a sophisticated ambiance with a subtle touch of Oriental Elegance. Superior rooms...

From 1,840 USD
Studio Suite

Studio Suite ( 840ft2 )

Featuring beautiful touches such as walnut closets, wooden floors and designer furniture, these generous suites host a master bedroom and a very spaci...

From 3,875 USD
Premier Suite

Premier Suite ( 1130ft2 )

Designed in tribute to the style of designer Giò Ponti, this suite consists of a living area, bedroom, and guest bathroom. Collectable pieces are seen...

From 4,055 USD
Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room ( 431ft2 )

Featuring custom-made furnishings including B&B Italia desks, wood floors and photos by Antonio Salvador, rooms enjoy unique individual layouts. Itali...

From 4,524 USD
Mandarin Room

Mandarin Room ( 484ft2 )

Every one of these rooms enjoys a unique layout, some with a small terrace, others with steps leading up to a bathroom. All rooms feature a contempora...

From 5,802 USD
Junior Suite

Junior Suite ( 538ft2 )

These beautiful suites feature a master bedroom with a living room and large marble bathroom. Providing a calming retreat from the whirl of the city,...

From 5,812 USD
Fornasetti Suite

Fornasetti Suite ( 1130ft2 )

Dedicated to Piero Fornasetti and furnished with numerous original Fornasetti pieces, this unique suite consists of living room, bedroom and guest bat...

From 6,228 USD
Junior Terrace Suite

Junior Terrace Suite ( 592ft2 )

Each comfortable, sophisticated suite has a private terrace and an individual layout. All of these elegant suites feature made-to-measure Italian furn...

From 7,933 USD
Deluxe Junior Suite

Deluxe Junior Suite ( 592ft2 )

Contemporary and stylish, these suites offer more living space than a Junior Suite, with a large master bedroom featuring a very generous living room...

From 8,359 USD
Milano Suite

Milano Suite ( 646ft2 )

These one-bed suites have a living room, wooden floors and custom furniture. Reflecting traditional Milanese design, these spacious one-bedroom suites...

From 8,999 USD
Family 2 Connecting Rooms

Family 2 Connecting Rooms ( 861ft2 )

Featuring two connecting rooms, this unique combination is the ideal choice for families or friends travelling together. Each room has a large bathroo...

From 9,851 USD
Terrace Suite

Terrace Suite ( 646ft2 )

The unique Terrace Suite offers a splendid outside terrace that runs the entire length of the suite. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors lend a luminosity to...

From 12,108 USD
Presidential Suite

Presidential Suite ( 1615ft2 )

High ceilings and glass doors offer fabulous views of via Monte di Pietà. This outstanding suite offers a living area and kitchen.The bathroom has an...

From 12,408 USD
Deluxe Suite

Deluxe Suite ( 861ft2 )

This elegant suite offers a sophisticated setting for entertaining. The large master bedroom is a private retreat, adjacent to which lies a spacious I...

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