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Hotel Byron

Hotel Byron

Immersed in a setting in which there is a story behind every detail, the villa, now home to Hotel Byron, was built as the backdrop both for unforgettable summers and for the invention of a whole new style of living, by the will of Jose "Pepito" Ceferino Canevaro, Duke of Zoagli, a man of great sophistication. This style lives on at Hotel Byron for guests looking to enjoy the beauties of life in the privacy of a luxurious Art Nouveau setting.

At La Magnolia, Hotel Byron's Michelin-starred restaurant, guests will find the same balance of tradition and modernity in a menu that makes the hotel unique. Fresh ingredients, treated with care by Chef Cristoforo Trapani and his team, take diners on a voyage of flavor from Piano di Sorrento, the birthplace of Chef Trapani, to Tuscany.

Like a home treated with the most loving care, every detail is a feast for the eyes. Byron offers a cherished experience for all the guests - the joys of a holiday in Forte dei Marmi with the sensation of being at home.

Designed and furnished with care, each room establishes the bond of time with those who reside within. Colors, materials, and style in every detail create their own, unique harmony. And this style lives on for guests looking to enjoy the beauties of life in the privacy of a luxurious Art Nouveau setting.

Forte dei Marmi is a small bijoux resort, a fishing village that has become a fashionable high-end resort with beautiful mountains behind and lovely sandy beaches. Visitors to Forte dei Marmi experience a special thrill, that of staying in a place of unparalleled elegance - complete with luxurious shops, beautiful golf courses, and the nightlife of legendary locales - while at the same time being in the perfect spot to discover some of the many wonders of Italy.

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Rooms and Suites at Hotel Byron

From 2,179 USD

Penthouse Suite ( 150m2 )

This one-of-a-kind, recently redecorated penthouse has already become famous for its magnificent views of the beach and the sea below from its ample p...

From 848 USD

Superior Suite ( 25m2 - 30m2 )

Experience the rewarding luxury of Hotel Byron’s Superior Suites, oases of light and relaxation in which modernity meets an appreciation for elegance...

From 1,029 USD

Deluxe Suite ( 40m2 )

The Deluxe suites at Hotel Bryon have their own, unmistakable style and personality. Spacious and bright, they feature a harmony of classical and mode...

From 1,150 USD

Duplex Suite ( 40m2 )

Ample and airy, Hotel Byron’s Duplex suites are two-story apartments with a living area on the first floor and bedroom on the upper floor. They all fe...

From 605 USD

Deluxe Room ( 25m2 )

One of the most important features of the 5-star boutique hotel in Forte dei Marmi is being able to immerse the guest in an atmosphere that traces bac...

From 726 USD

Junior Suite ( 30m2 )

Pure elegance, with modern styles evoked by the forms, furnishings and chromatic choices. The Junior Suite of the Hotel Byron in Forte dei Marmi is a...

From 363 USD

Classic Room ( 18m2 )

The Classic room of Hotel Byron is a mix of innovation and tradition, elegance and comfort, classic and modern. Available in different colours and sha...

From 490 USD

Superior Room ( 20m2 )

Spacious and bright, the Superior rooms win guests over with a stunning variety of sophisticated details. Their soft, fresh hues and elegant materials...

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