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Rooms and Suites at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

From 409 USD
Fairmont Room

Fairmont Room ( 226ft2 )

Fairmont guest rooms at the luxurious Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise resort provide a comfortable stay for individuals or a couple. Overlooking the Cha...

From 425 USD
Fairmont Mountain View Room

Fairmont Mountain View Room ( 226ft2 )

Featuring beautiful views of the Bow Valley mountain range and the Lake Louise ski resort area, these guest rooms provide absolute comfort and include...

From 495 USD
Deluxe Mount Temple Room

Deluxe Mount Temple Room ( 441ft2 )

These spacious and luxurious 445 sq ft guest rooms are located in the Mount Temple Wing. The Deluxe Mt. Temple rooms are equipped with air conditionin...

From 495 USD
Fairmont Lakeview Room

Fairmont Lakeview Room ( 226ft2 )

Featuring the most spectacular views of Lake Louise and the Victoria Glacier, Fairmont Lakeview guest rooms provide absolute comfort and include all t...

From 578 USD
Deluxe Lakeview Room

Deluxe Lakeview Room ( 366ft2 )

Enjoy the spacious layout and spectacular views of Lake Louise and the Victoria Glacier offered from the Deluxe Lakeview guest rooms. These popular gu...

From 590 USD
Junior Suite

Junior Suite ( 420ft2 )

Luxurious Junior Suites at The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise resort feature an open concept layout, an opulent bathroom, as well as stunning views. Clo...

From 619 USD
Fairmont Gold Room

Fairmont Gold Room ( 215ft2 )

Fairmont Gold guest rooms at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise provide the luxury of Fairmont Gold services and amenities while reflecting the nature and t...

From 633 USD
Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room ( 366ft2 )

Enjoy the spacious layout and beautiful views from the Deluxe guest rooms. These popular guest rooms are ideal for executive travelers and guests seek...

From 659 USD
1 Bedroom Suite

1 Bedroom Suite ( 700ft2 )

As a guest in the One Bedroom Suites you are entitled to many exclusive amenities and services such as a dedicated suite concierge along with complime...

From 692 USD
Fairmont Gold Lakeview Room

Fairmont Gold Lakeview Room ( 215ft2 )

Fairmont Gold Lakeview Rooms at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise provide the luxury of Fairmont Gold services and amenities while impressing guests with t...

From 711 USD
Junior Suite Lakeview

Junior Suite Lakeview ( 420ft2 )

The awe-inspiring Junior Lakeview Suites at The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise feature a comfortable and spacious bedroom and sitting area, an opulent...

From 734 USD
Fairmont Gold Junior Suite

Fairmont Gold Junior Suite ( 355ft2 )

The Fairmont Gold Junior Suites at The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise provide an open concept layout, an opulent bathroom, as well as stunning views fro...

From 793 USD
Fairmont Gold 1 Bedroom Suite

Fairmont Gold 1 Bedroom Suite ( 700ft2 )

The Fairmont Gold One Bedroom Suite provides additional living space including a comfortable sitting area, within the luxurious surroundings of Fairmo...

From 1,193 USD
 2 Bedroom Suite

2 Bedroom Suite ( 904ft2 )

The impressive Two Bedroom Suites grant you access to a dedicated suite concierge and include complimentary breakfast and parking. These luxurious sui...

From 1,356 USD
Fairmont Gold Junior Lakeview Suite

Fairmont Gold Junior Lakeview Suite ( 484ft2 )

From the moment the sun rises over the serenity of the mountain peaks lighting the Victoria Glacier in rich hues of pink and orange, to the first twin...

From 1,587 USD
1 Bedroom Lakeview Suite

1 Bedroom Lakeview Suite ( 700ft2 )

The popular One Bedroom Lakeview Suites offer you exclusive services and amenities including; a dedicated suite concierge, complimentary breakfast, pa...

From 1,836 USD
Whitehorn Suite

Whitehorn Suite ( 635ft2 )

Part of the signature suite collection, the outstanding two-storey Whitehorn Suite features a spacious living area and private balcony. The dining are...

From 1,933 USD
Belvedere Suite

Belvedere Suite ( 872ft2 )

The impressive two-level Belvedere Suite features a spacious and relaxing living area with over 1100 sq. ft. including the balconies. The dining area...

From 2,183 USD
Tom Wilson Suite

Tom Wilson Suite ( 850ft2 )

Pure mountain luxury awaits you in the Tom Wilson Suite. Located on the third floor and named after Tom Wilson, the first non-native to visit Lake Lou...

From 2,183 USD
Fairview Suite

Fairview Suite ( 872ft2 )

The two-level Fairview Suite features a spacious and relaxing living area with over 800 sq. ft. including 2 balconies. The dining area and powder room...

From 2,514 USD
Glacier Suite

Glacier Suite ( 635ft2 )

The Glacier Suite defines luxury in a serene location. The elegant two storey Glacier Suite features a spacious living area with more than 700 sq. ft....

From 3,515 USD
Fairmont Gold 2 Bedroom Lakeview Suite

Fairmont Gold 2 Bedroom Lakeview Suite ( 1033ft2 )

Newly renovated Two Bedroom Suite with 1 king bed in master bedroom & 2 queen beds in second bedroom. Large living area with sofabed & two bathrooms....

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Constructed in 1890, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Hotel holds great historical value. Over the years, renovations have introduced contemporary touches to this famous resort; however, its vintage essence remains intact to date. The antique infrastructure especially resonates with this aspect.

Double swinging doors lead into vaulted lobbies embellished with classical furnishings and ancient artwork. Moreover, glimmering chandeliers hang from high ceilings, and porcelain busts line the corridors. Besides, as much as the interior, the exterior of the Hotel is equally fascinating.

Green, dense forests surround this world-class resort amidst a beautiful natural landscape. The range of tourist resorts is partly why it attracts so many visitors in the holidays.


Located on Lake Louise's shore, the Hotel is a short drive from the Lake Louise Ski Lodge. In close vicinity is the Fairmont Banff Springs Town, which is a refreshing sight in spring. To the south of Banff are the Tunnel Mountains, which tourists frequently visit.

However, the airport is a significant distance from the resort, and guests have to make a long journey before being within the warm confines of the Hotel.

Rooms and Suites

Fairmont Chateau accommodates a total of 539 guest rooms and several luxury suites. The interior design of the spacious rooms is carefully done to sustain the resort's vintage spirit. And its rich history is a testament to its classical infrastructure.

The lovely aspect of Fairmont Chateau is the mesmerizing views it offers. Rooms that face the snow-capped mountains are deeply adored by the guests, as the landscape looks exceptionally fantastic. The interior décor of the guest rooms' features chestnut-brown furniture and tan carpets.

Besides, wallpapers are mostly of neutral shades, and bedsides include elegant glassware. A king-size bed features the room, with contrast-hued pillows and silk sheets. Attached to the chambers are spacious bathrooms with massive hot tubs and showers and walls with large mirrors. They are stocked with comfortable robes and all the necessary toiletries.

The one with a complete view of Lake Louise is most cherished among the luxury suites. The resort's signature suite, the Belvedere suite, is the largest, occupying two entire floors, and has a beautiful private balcony. Though costly, this lake view suite lives up to the guests' expectations with its extensive amenities and fascinating interior décor.

Furthermore, the chambers are magnificent. Additional amenities include complimentary Wi-Fi and electronic gadgets like video games. A large television hangs right across the bed. Guests can also brew coffee and tea using the automated machines available at the suite's food bar.

The resort also offers exclusive services for guests having a gold membership. These members have access to guest rooms and suites on the seventh floor of the resort. The rooms are equipped with posh luxurious furnishings to serve Fairmont's Gold members' satisfaction.

Moreover, additional facilities include a private lounge, breakfast buffet, conveyance, and reservations for dinner. They also have the luxury of visiting the honor bar and relishing excellent cocktails.

Restaurants and Dining

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Hotel has a wide array of options when it comes to restaurants and dining. These include an informal gastropub (Alpine Social) for light meals and drinks, a breakfast buffet at The Poppy Brasserie, and several luxurious restaurants.

Breakfast at The Poppy Brasserie serves healthy meals like greens, salads, and egg sandwiches. The menu (which is a la carte) also accommodates food for young children and babies, with special discounts on prices.

For lunch and evening snacks, guests usually visit The Lakeview Lounge, which offers various savory and dessert options. The ambiance here is also spectacular. Overlooking the mesmerizing Lake Louise, the lounge has a lovely soothing vibe that ensures guests always have an excellent time.

Especially at dusk, people love relishing a delicious meal while watching the gorgeous sunset. Moreover, afternoon tea is also available for guests who make special requests.

If you wish to enjoy a formal dinner with your partner in an exuberant setting, then 'The Fairview' would be fabulous. This restaurant chiefly serves Canadian dishes, and the guests relish its fine-quality wine. Similar in style and menu is 'Walliser Stube,' which introduces Alpine-inspired dishes and drinks.

The resort has an Italian restaurant, Lago, specializing in Italian meals and dishes for Italian cuisine lovers. However, the restaurant is only in business during summers when customers' rush to the Hotel is in full swing.

Additional Services and Facilities

The concierge team at the resort is incredibly good at their work. So if you are an adventurer who wants to do a sleigh ride, ice skate, or go hiking in the Canadian Rocky Mountains (for an exciting mountain adventure) that eclipse the Hotel, let the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise team know! They will make all arrangements for your expeditions around the resort and ensure that your transportation issue is also fixed.

In summers, people love boating, while skiing is a popular activity at the Hotel in the colder seasons. In addition to these, arrangements are also there to accommodate young children in these activities while ensuring their safety at the same time.

A well-equipped fitness center is available for guests who want to maintain their workout routine on vacation. Also, fitness trainers will guide you around the place and throw in valuable tips on shaping your body better. Machines and fitness equipment make the experience even more productive.

Guests love relaxing in the massive swimming pools and steam rooms. There is also a spa for both men and women. Professionals at the Spa are skilled in many therapies and treatments to ensure that your needs and requirements are aptly met. For women, hair salons are open during the day, offering services like pedicures, manicures, facials, and hairstyling.


If you are on a business tour and wish to organize meetings with your colleagues, don't fret! The resort has a massive meeting area that can be booked to arrange business conferences.

Furthermore, you can also book the luxurious Fairmont Hotel for weddings and celebratory events. People from all around the world love this lodging house. Most of all, the Banff National Park's beautiful landscape that surrounds the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is a bonus point.

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Why we love this hotel

  • Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is located in the heart of pristine Banff National Park, and within a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Relive the experiences of early adventurers year round with the award winning guided Mountain Heritage program.

  • Offering activities such as hiking, canoeing, horseback riding, fishing, mountain biking and rafting, including world-class skiing.

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