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Wheatleigh Hotel Lenox

Wheatleigh Hotel Lenox

The Wheatleigh Hotel is situated in central Berkshire, United States, in the historic town of Lenox. It is tucked between the mountains and is surrounded by tall green trees. The resort has a rich history. It was initially a regular house when business tycoon Henry Cook bought it in 1893. 

The real estate owner got this magnificent manor built from scratch as a palazzo. He hired several Italian artisans to do the exquisite interior designing of the resort. 

Though the hotel has undergone many infrastructure changes over time, the vintage furnishings and carvings are still an integral part of the property. This factor makes it one of the leading hotels in the world.


Henry Cook originally got this place built to gift it to his daughter, Georgie, at her wedding. The much-acclaimed Peabody and Stearns designed the manor's architecture. The interior design is lovely with Tiffany glass windows, intricately crafted carpets, and historic art pieces. 

The perfect location of the resort is a significant reason why it has one of the best clientele. Wheatleigh hotel is close to Tanglewood, where the Boston Symphony Orchestra performs each summer at the music festival. Guests intending to visit the festival often decide to stay at the nearest resort. 

Moreover, nearby, more tourist resorts like the Gilded Age museum and The Mount, Edith Wharton's home are also present.

Guest Rooms and Suites

The resort accommodates 19 guest rooms and suites, each having mildly different interior designs. All guest rooms and suites share the vintage touch in their infrastructure, which gives off an opulent outlook. 

The furnishings, however, have the same shades and elegance. The room décor is crafted by luxurious high-end brands and is thus heavily appealing to the eye. The décor includes a king-sized mattress, oak-wood bed (and floor), brightly colored sofas, and plush cushions made up of comfortable cashmere material. 

There are also beautiful paintings hanging all around the room. To further add to the magnificence of these chambers', BeoVision 7 Entertainment Systems LCD television adorns the walls to offer you the best experience binging shows. 


The rooms also open out to a small veranda, which provides a pleasant opportunity to enjoy a windy evening in the open air, or look out for stars at night. 

The largest room is 'The Aviary,' which occupies two floors connected through a glass staircase. This room is usually reserved for notable clients who can afford the extensive amenities (such as electric fireplaces and large balconies). 

Attached to each suite/room is a spacious bathroom equipped with all necessities, like shampoo, shower gel, robes, and slippers. You are also given the liberty to have products of your own choice. The fully marbled bathrooms have oversized showers and hot tubs that allow them to enjoy a relaxing time bathing themselves. 

Furthermore, each room and suite has a spectacular view from the glass windows and is also priced accordingly. You have diverse choices like the evergreen gardens having bright popping flowers, the hotel courtyard, and the mountains. 

To add the cherry on top, you also have free access to Wi-Fi at all times during your stay.

Restaurants and Dining

Among the many restaurants at the resort, the most renowned one is 'The Portico' by Jeffrey Thompson. This French restaurant is the signature site at the Wheatleigh Hotel. The restaurant is managed by top chef Jeffrey Thompson, who designs the whole menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

The menu usually includes four to five courses and has heavy dishes like grilled scallops and veal cooked in French-style. On almost all occasions, you are also served fruits and grilled vegetables on the side. The dining hall has a spectacular ambiance with chandeliers and high ceilings. 

The dining room has the main foyer and a deck at the back, enclosed in glass walls (this aspect attracts more guests), and is situated outdoors. 

This deck offers guests to enjoy a more relaxed time if they feel that the main room is too overcrowded. Gardens skirt the back deck, and the scent of flowers is found very soothing by the people. 

The main room and deck's total capacity together is a maximum of 45 guests at a single time. For lighter and more casual meals, customers prefer to head over to the lounge. The lounge serves all kinds of food, ranging from a basic flatbread with jam and beefsteak to prosciutto. 

Additionally, food is also served at the Library, which has a bar for drinks and edibles. Many people are also all praises about the champagne served at the Great Room. If you run into a guest who has been over at the Wheatleigh, you can be sure to hear a lot about The Portico. Jeffrey Thompson has won many critics' hearts, and his excellent reputation continues to attract clients from all across the country. 

Additional Services

Some additional services offered at the resort include a large pool, body massage, sports center, and a well-equipped gym. The swimming pool having temperature-controlled water is snuggled between the gardens and is located right beneath the sun. 

This factor offers guests the opportunity to relax while basking in the sunlight on the sun loungers. The property also has a complete tennis court with proper equipment and training staff. 

Men and women interested in tennis have a great time playing the sport. Though there is no large spa area, a small room is present where a professional masseuse gives massages; however, appointments must be booked prior. 

People with a workout routine can continue to exercise in the fitness center situated in the basement. Those wishing to hold events such as weddings on a grand scale can book the resort to allot space and staff for the purpose.


One of the leading hotels of the world, the Wheatleigh dates back to as early as the 19th century. The historical value of the resort excites interest in many people. 

If you are a person with a taste for vintage furniture and incredibly delicious French food, then this hotel is the one to visit. Like other five-star hotels, Wheatleigh being a luxury hotel is pricey; however, the many amenities offered do full justice to the cost.

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