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Rooms and Suites at Miraval Berkshires Resort & Spa

From 1,599 USD
Dreamcatcher Room

Dreamcatcher Room ( 256ft2 - 367ft2 )

Sink into a bed as comfortable as floating on clouds, surrounded by soothing features. The Dreamcatcher Room offers a choice of one king bed or

From 1,660 USD
Blossom Hill Room

Blossom Hill Room ( 350ft2 )

Experience relaxation and rejuvenation in the Blossom Hill Room. This inviting space features a comfortable king bed adorned with Miraval's Signature Cloud-Like, Down Bedding, providing

From 1,769 USD
Wharton Mansion Room

Wharton Mansion Room ( 432ft2 )

Experience the exquisite Wharton Mansion Room, a homage to the renowned American novelist. Step into this elegant 432-square-foot retreat on the mansion's second floor, offering

From 1,782 USD
Frost Mansion Room

Frost Mansion Room ( 494ft2 )

Discover the charm of a bygone era in the Frost Mansion Room. Adorned with elegant 19th-century furnishings, this 494-square-foot space pays homage to a renowned

From 1,782 USD
Emerson Mansion Room

Emerson Mansion Room ( 592ft2 )

Experience the cozy ambiance of the Emerson Mansion Room. This spacious 592-square-foot retreat, located on the mansion's third floor, invites you to relax under sloped

From 1,782 USD
Hawthorne Mansion Room

Hawthorne Mansion Room ( 502ft2 )

The Hawthorne Mansion Room offers a cozy atmosphere under sloped ceilings. This spacious 592-square-foot room, located on the third floor of the historic mansion, combines

From 1,782 USD
Maple Junior Suite

Maple Junior Suite ( 500ft2 )

The Maple Junior Suite welcomes guests with two queen beds and a cozy living area. Inside this spacious 500 sqft suite, they will discover the

From 1,782 USD
Blossom Hill Balcony Room

Blossom Hill Balcony Room ( 350ft2 )

Unwind in the Blossom Hill Balcony Room, a cozy space with a king bed adorned in Miraval's Signature Cloud-Like, Down Bedding. Step out onto your

From 1,965 USD
Carriage Suite

Carriage Suite ( 545ft2 )

The Carriage Suite is a peaceful hideaway located on the ground floor of a separate building. With modern furnishings, this 545-square-foot suite offers a comfortable

From 2,087 USD
Thoreau Mansion Suite

Thoreau Mansion Suite ( 685ft2 )

The Thoreau Mansion Suite, located on the second floor of the historic mansion, offers a spacious and elegant retreat. Admire the beautifully carved mantel of

From 2,087 USD
Rockwell Mansion Suite

Rockwell Mansion Suite ( 618ft2 )

The Rockwell Mansion Suite is a spacious 618-square-foot room on the second floor of a historic mansion. It is named after a famous artist and

From 2,146 USD
Melville Mansion Suite

Melville Mansion Suite ( 752ft2 )

Experience tranquility in the Melville Mansion Suite, a spacious 752-square-foot retreat located on the second floor of the historic mansion. Take in the breathtaking mountain

From 2,149 USD
Olmstead Mansion Suite

Olmstead Mansion Suite ( 854ft2 )

The Olmstead Mansion Suite awaits on the second floor of the historic mansion, offering 854 square feet of natural light-filled space. Inside, a generously sized

From 2,210 USD
Evergreen Suite

Evergreen Suite ( 550ft2 - 600ft2 )

Step inside the Evergreen Suite and find two comfortable queen beds adorned with Miraval's signature bedding. The suite also boasts a cozy living area and

From 2,210 USD
Hemlock Suite

Hemlock Suite ( 550ft2 )

The Hemlock Suite offers a regal sleeping experience with its king bed, featuring luxurious Miraval's Signature Cloud-Like, Down bedding. It also includes a separate living

From 2,210 USD
Accessible Miraval Suite

Accessible Miraval Suite ( 600ft2 )

Rest easy in the Accessible Miraval Suite, designed for comfort and accessibility. This suite offers a spacious area with a king bed, a roll-in shower,

From 2,454 USD
Ginkgo Balcony Suite

Ginkgo Balcony Suite ( 600ft2 )

The Ginkgo Balcony Suite is a luxurious and spacious retreat. It offers a comfortable king bed with Miraval's Signature Cloud-Like, Down Bedding. In addition to

From 2,454 USD
Vanderbilt Mansion Suite

Vanderbilt Mansion Suite ( 1056ft2 )

Experience the opulence of the Gilded Age in the Vanderbilt Mansion Suite. This magnificent suite, spanning 1,056 square feet, offers a regal king bedroom. Admire

From 2,481 USD
Dickinson Mansion Room

Dickinson Mansion Room ( 532ft2 )

The Dickinson Mansion Room awaits on the third floor of the historic mansion. It offers a spacious area of 532 square feet where guests can

Miraval Berkshires Resort & Spa

Welcome to Miraval Berkshires Resort & Spa - the inspired sanctuary atop 380 protected acres in the Berkshires countryside. Here, you'll embark on a per wellbeing-being journey with various mindful offerings and insightful experiences to guide you to a balanced life.

Miraval's Life in Balance Philosophy

The Miraval journey is about creating a life in balance, healing the whole self, and engaging in the present moment. The energy that flows through the body reflects and responds to the internal and external world. Life can manifest as physical or emotional pain when out of balance. Observe how you manage the many layers of your life: personal, professional, emotional, or physical. Make thoughtful choices by investing in yourself – with knowledge, compassion, and patience.


The Berkshires sanctuary provides a wide range of cottage-style rooms and suites that offer comfort and calm. The entire resort is interconnected via heated passageways, allowing you to stay in your robe for mindful indoor exploration. Each Miraval guestroom features Miraval's signature, cloud-like bedding collection, a Tibetan singing bowl, a meditation cushion, and guided meditation channels - so you can practice mindfulness anytime. Featuring a color palette of warm cranberry, amber, navy, and greyish blues and materials, including shirting plaids, woven wools, mattress ticking cotton, and cozy throws, the rooms at Miraval Berkshires evoke memories of sitting fireside in a warm knit sweater or breathing in pine-scented air on a brisk fall hike.

Balance is Not Something You Find. It is Something You Create. Life In Balance - Life is filled with choices, stress, and judgment. So how do we clear our minds to ensure we are paving the path we are meant to journey? How do we become balanced and mindful while maximizing the best qualities and supporting the weaknesses? Escape the noise. Calm your mind. Feed your soul. Indulge, challenge, improve, and renew. At Miraval Berkshires, your intentions become theirs.

The Seasonal Sanctuary - The Philosophy - The Experts

Existing in harmony with the surrounding natural landscape, the award-winning spa captures the spirit of the Berkshires. Designed to awaken the senses and serve as a catalyst for change, it encourages mindfulness, conscious living, and actual well-being. Wellbeing the changing seasons, Miraval Berkshires offers seasonal innovation that embraces tradition in life-enhancing services that reflect the deep level of mindfulness and nurturing - integrating the best modalities from Tibet, India, Europe, China, and more to deliver a comprehensive mind and wellness transformation program.

Miraval Berkshire's therapists are students of their craft - constantly learning and evolving to bring you the most informed, indulgent treatments available. The specialists work in concert to help you live your best self and find your internal glow. Activities to help you harness the seasons' transformational energy. Nurture and restore in the winter, rejuvenate and renew in the spring, connect and create in the summer, and reflect and reset in the fall. The programming is designed to mirror the seasons of life.


Whether it's an adventure, relaxation, or healing you crave, the vast life-enriching programming can help put you on a transformative path to well-being. Wellbeing creative side with workshops that take a fun and imaginative approach to art and photography, step outside of your comfort zone on the Meadowview Challenge Course, expand your horizons with the inspired mindful offerings, nourish your body with the healthy culinary activities in the Life in Balance Culinary Kitchen, and indulge your senses with the innovative spa treatments. Your personalized journey awaits. You are guided to explore the possibilities. A full menu of daily classes, lectures, and workshops is offered, many of which are complimentary. It is also a delight to customize an itinerary of private experiences.

Miraval Berkshires Specialists - Bring Out the Best You

Healers. Masters. Pioneers. The elite specialists illuminate your path toward a better you - engaging your unique spark to be brighter than ever. They listen closely and speak from life experience, guiding an inspired journey that breaks down barriers and allows your best self to shine through. Farmers, beekeepers, artists, spiritual masters, nutritionists, yogis, and well-being. They create and curate an array of lectures, workshops, and private sessions. And they give you unprecedented access in support of your Miraval Berkshires journey.

Culinary & Nutrition

Savor the flavors of Miraval Berkshires with interactive workshops guided by the celebrated chefs, tasting events, special dinners, cocktail gatherings, and other unique experiences. And because healthy dining should not require compromise, the Conscious Cooking philosophy, and educational activities focus on pleasing the palate while respecting the body.

Dining / Healthy Eating, Elevated - Because eating is meant to be enjoyed, the menu at Miraval Berkshires raises the bar on healthy dining. The culinary philosophy is based on the Conscious Cooking approach. Beyond just pleasing the palate, the chefs focus on creating menus constantly changing to utilize locally grown menus. As a result, dining and thoughtfully sourced ingredients are at the peak of freshness. Harvest Moon, the main restaurant, is located in the Great Hall and serves healthy and nourishing breakfast, lunch, and dinner offerings. Dining shouldn't involve sacrifice or deprivation as an integral part of the path to a balanced life. Instead, it should include savoring healthy and nutrient-rich food that satisfies all your cravings. The chefs' mindful approach will redefine how you view food by relying on fresh ingredients from the garden and hives.

Free of Distractions. Free To Be Mindful

Miraval Berkshires' inclusive, no-tipping environment was created to relieve pressure, allowing you to select from complimentary activities, lectures, and classes daily. Perhaps most importantly, digital devices are limited to designated common areas and guest rooms - minimizing the distraction of phones and personal electronics. We're always connected to technology in our everyday lives; Miraval Berkshires is about connecting in more fulfilling ways. No matter your intent, welcoming you to a transformative place of imagination, authenticity, and meaning. Release. Create balance. Find mindful presence. Ready to be your guide?

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  • A stay at the Miraval sets you on a journey about creating a life in balance. In healing the whole self, and engaging in the present moment.
  • The Miraval is a digital device-free environment. To support you with the most rewarding and inspiring experience.
  • Enjoy seasonal menus and cooking lessons. It is created with immersive workshops with tips for pleasing the palate.
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