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Rooms and Suites at The Mark Hotel

From 1,192 USD
Madison Room

Madison Room ( 450ft2 )

In the heart of New York City’s upscale neighborhood, you'll find the Madison Room, a secluded gem. Its elegance is unmatched with furnishings made from

From 1,328 USD
Superior Courtyard Room

Superior Courtyard Room ( 450ft2 )

You find yourself enveloped in the rich ambiance of the Superior Courtyard Room. This room, nestled in New York City's most posh district, becomes your

From 1,443 USD
Seventy Seven Room

Seventy Seven Room ( 500ft2 )

Imagine stepping into the Seventy Seven Room, a chic hideaway in New York City's poshest enclave. The room welcomes you with furnishings crafted from ebony,

From 1,927 USD
Courtyard Junior Suite

Courtyard Junior Suite ( 700ft2 )

In the heart of New York City's most sophisticated district, there's a hideaway called the Courtyard Junior Suite. You would be welcomed by its chic

From 2,157 USD
Seventy Seven Junior Suite

Seventy Seven Junior Suite ( 800ft2 )

In the heart of New York City’s elite district, you find the Seventy Seven Junior Suite, an epitome of luxury. Its interiors are adorned with

From 2,616 USD
Park Studio

Park Studio ( 800ft2 )

You're stepping into the Park Studio in the heart of New York City's elite neighborhood. Imagine walking into a room where everything screams luxury and

From 2,845 USD
Manhattan Suite

Manhattan Suite ( 855ft2 )

The Manhattan Suite is classy and stylish. It is in the posh area of New York City. Every element reflects premium taste and luxury. Its

From 3,077 USD
Garden Suite

Garden Suite ( 890ft2 )

Welcome to the Garden Suite, an intimate escape in New York City's most upscale district. The suite boasts elegant ebony, sycamore, and nickel furnishings, presenting

From 3,765 USD
Mark Premier Suite

Mark Premier Suite ( 1000ft2 )

As soon as you enter the Mark Premier Suite, you'll be surrounded by luxurious ebony, sycamore, and nickel furnishings. Imagine running your fingers over fine

From 3,993 USD
Madison Suite

Madison Suite ( 1100ft2 )

The Madison Suite sits right in New York City's poshest district. It’s a stylish, secluded escape amidst the city's hustle and bustle. When you step

From 5,947 USD
2 Bedroom Mark Suite

2 Bedroom Mark Suite ( 1544ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom Mark Suite is a stylish and private oasis in New York City's elegant neighborhood. They adorned the suite with ebony, sycamore, and

From 7,095 USD
2 Bedroom Mark Premier Suite

2 Bedroom Mark Premier Suite ( 1640ft2 )

In the heart of New York City's most refined neighborhood lies the 2 Bedroom Mark Premier Suite, a haven of sophistication and luxury. As soon

From 13,770 USD
2 Bedroom Grand Suite

2 Bedroom Grand Suite ( 2122ft2 )

In the heart of New York City's most refined district, you'll discover the 2 Bedroom Grand Suite, a stylish and secluded sanctuary. The suite boasts

From 13,782 USD
3 Bedroom Prestige Suite

3 Bedroom Prestige Suite ( 2122ft2 )

You are about to embark on a journey through the 3 Bedroom Prestige Suite. This chic suite is a private sanctuary in New York City's

From 32,142 USD
3 Bedroom Mark Terrace Suite

3 Bedroom Mark Terrace Suite ( 3789ft2 )

Imagine stepping into the chic and private oasis of the 3 Bedroom Mark Terrace Suite in the heart of New York City's most sophisticated district.

From 41,310 USD
5 Bedroom Mark Terrace Suite

5 Bedroom Mark Terrace Suite ( 4788ft2 )

Imagine a chic and private retreat called the 5 Bedroom Mark Terrace Suite in the heart of New York City's poshest neighborhood. It's an impressive

The Mark Hotel

The corner of Madison Avenue and East 77th Street is where The Mark Hotel is. It is a beautiful 1927 landmark building. However, on the inside, the hotel has been completely rethought and given a new life and identity for the 21st century. A five-star luxury hotel that has just been reborn has old-world comfort, cutting-edge design, and the latest technology. In addition, there is a level of personal service never seen before in a five-star hotel in New York.

Jacques Grange and Olivier Lordonnois, the hotel's general manager, were two of the most influential people who helped in the renewal. As a result, the Mark Hotel symbolizes the best of both worlds: high French style and cutting-edge American technology and comfort. In the hotel, there are both bold and quiet things to enjoy. The graphic lobby is bright and cheerful and full of unique art that surprises and intrigues.


In New York City, The Mark Hotel is on the Upper East Side, near Madison Ave. It is less than a block from Central Park. Moreover, in a few minutes, you can be in the middle of a group of high-end shops like Vera Wang, Missoni, and Christian Louboutin. A modern art branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art called the Met Breuer is three minutes away from the hotel.

Additionally, the museum's main building is less than five minutes away. People who want to go uptown and downtown can take the six subway train two streets east of the hotel. However, the only metro close by is the one that runs through the city. Taxis and buses work just as well as other ways to get around.

Style and Character

Make sure you're ready for old-world glamor when you walk into the lobby. This massive space has black and white marble flooring and a grand staircase. Moreover, a small reception desk is off to the side, giving guests much room to move around.

Additionally, sconce-lit walls, mirrored lift doors, plush furniture, and bold, abstract art make the Upper East Side feel sleek and modern. This isn't what you'd expect from the neighborhood. When it comes to design, the chic restaurant and bar with mood lighting and chairs that you can sink into have to be one of the best places. You'll think you were taken to Paris for the night.


When The Mark wanted to build a grand hotel in the United States, they hired well-known French designer Jacques Grange. Grange has worked with some of the world's best and most demanding style-makers. Yves St. Laurent and Valentino are two of his clients. So Grange was the perfect person to change the design of the hotel. It helped the hotel feature in the Condé Nast Traveler. He could make big, modern rooms with a dramatic effect and small, quiet rooms that felt like private retreats.

Additionally, Pierre Passebon, a Parisian design gallerist, helped him choose and design custom furnishings for the hotel. He also worked with Ron Arad, Vladimir Kagan, and Mattia Bonetti. They commissioned many objet d'art furniture and lighting fixtures made just for the hotel.

Rooms and Suites

The 152 oversized rooms and suites show calm and are a little less flashy than the public areas. People can choose from a Madison Queen to a three- or five-bedroom suite with a full kitchen and bathrooms. There is also The Mark Penthouse with a private balcony. They all have a lot of space.

There are also ebony, oak, and nickel furniture in them. Quagliotti also makes Italian linens. There are black and white stripes on the bathtubs, too. Crestron panels easily control your home's lighting, temperature, and shades. Furthermore, there is enough room to store things and hang clothes in the rooms. Plus, there are also Sub-Zero fridges. They are a pleasant surprise on the first night of your stay.

Restaurants and Bars

At The Mark Hotel, there's always a good thing to go with everything. World-renowned chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten is behind this hotel's restaurants and in-room dining options. Check-in The Mark Restaurant by Jean Georges. It has a mind-blowing design and a tempting menu made by New York City's best chef, Jean-Georges Vongerichten. During Summer, the hotel also has a hot dog stand exclusively for guests.

The Mark Bar

The Mark Bar is the most stylish place to meet on Madison Avenue. It was designed by Jacques Grange and had furniture made by Vladimir Kagan and Guy de Rougemont. It's great for meeting after work, before dinner, or after going to the theater. Besides, the drinks at this famous New York City bar are made by hand and include classic and unique cocktails.

The Frédéric Fekkai Salon

Guests at the hotel can get the full range of services that made Fekkai famous. This includes his unique approach to hair and beauty and the high level of pampering. There are also massages and the high-quality products that he made famous. You just need to call the Concierge.

Bergdorf Goodman

All rooms at this hotel have a door that goes to Bergdorf Goodman. At The Mark Hotel, they think of luxury as getting your hands on the things and services that so many people can't reach. Well-trained staff knows that even seasoned travelers who travel a few times a year sometimes need extra help. Whether it's to make dreams come true, find the perfect fit for a hard-to-find table, or get your hands on a well-curated collection.

Guests at The Mark Hotel will be able to shop with personal shoppers. But, thanks to the store's partnership with the hotel, they can also get advice from Bergdorf Goodman's staff. A simple call to the Concierge will give you access to a wide range of goods and services from Bergdorf Goodman, like clothes and shoes.


It's in the middle of the Upper East Side, so stay at this fancy hotel near Central Park. People who stay at the Mark Hotel will have a lot of space to spread out and a lot of nice things to look at. There is a Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurant where the rich and stylish eat and drink. There is also free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. At the front desk, people are friendly and polite during check-in and check-out. The restaurant staff and housekeeping have a lot of nice things to say and something to talk about.

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Why we love this hotel

  • The French designer Jacques Grange designed this Upper East Side hotel. The hotel is steps away from Madison Avenue shopping and the Museums.
  • Reserve a table at The Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges Vongerichten. American cuisine with Asian touches is waiting for you!
  • During summer, do not miss the picnic in Central Park. The hotel will prepare your basket, and you can enjoy this experience.
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Pet Friendly, Wheelchair Accessible, Connecting Rooms

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