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Rooms and Suites at San Ysidro Ranch

From 2,851 USD
Daisy Cottage

Daisy Cottage ( 775ft2 )

Daisy Cottage is a charming 775-square-foot cottage with a gated entrance and a private deck. The cottage is adorned with beautiful blooming plants all year

From 2,966 USD
Magnolia Cottage

Magnolia Cottage ( 1550ft2 )

Magnolia Cottage is a charming 1,150-square-foot retreat nestled amidst beautiful gardens. As you enter through a private gate, you'll find a cozy terrace with inviting

From 2,966 USD
Tulip Cottage

Tulip Cottage ( 1150ft2 )

Tulip Cottage is a charming 1,150-square-foot retreat situated at the forefront of the property, enveloped by beautifully manicured gardens. As you enter, a gated terrace

From 2,966 USD
Fig Cottage

Fig Cottage ( 1250ft2 )

Fig Cottage is a cozy and elegant 1,250 sq. ft. cottage surrounded by a beautiful courtyard. Inside, guests will find a charming room adorned with

From 2,966 USD
Hydrangea Cottage

Hydrangea Cottage ( 1050ft2 )

Hydrangea Cottage is a charming dwelling on the property, measuring 1,050 sq. ft. It takes pride of place with its own private gated terrace, surrounded

From 2,966 USD
Rosemary Cottage

Rosemary Cottage ( 1150ft2 )

Rosemary Cottage, a charming dwelling spanning 1,150 square feet, takes pride of place on the property, enveloped by manicured gardens. As you enter, a gated

From 2,966 USD
Lotus Cottage

Lotus Cottage ( 1150ft2 )

Lotus Cottage is a charming 1,150-square-foot cottage nestled in beautiful landscaped gardens. As you enter through a private gated terrace, you'll find a spacious room

From 3,080 USD
Lantana Cottage

Lantana Cottage ( 1500ft2 )

Lantana Cottage is a 1,500-square-foot retreat nestled within beautiful gardens. The cottage boasts a welcoming private terrace with comfy outdoor seating, leading into a spacious

From 3,308 USD
Honeysuckle Cottage

Honeysuckle Cottage ( 1350ft2 )

Honeysuckle Cottage is a charming 1,350-square-foot retreat nestled near San Ysidro Creek. Surrounded by picturesque gardens, this cottage boasts a private gated entry. Inside, the

From 3,308 USD
Iris Cottage

Iris Cottage ( 1350ft2 )

Iris Cottage is a delightful retreat nestled alongside the serene San Ysidro Creek, enveloped by meticulously landscaped gardens. Upon entering the private gated entrance, guests

From 3,308 USD
Lavender Cottage

Lavender Cottage ( 1350ft2 )

Lavender Cottage, a charming 1,350-square-foot retreat, sits beside a peaceful creek on the property. Immerse yourself in the lush gardens that envelop this cozy haven.

From 3,366 USD
Jasmine Cottage

Jasmine Cottage ( 800ft2 )

Jasmine Cottage, an enchanting 800-square-foot dwelling, sits beside the San Ysidro Creek, encircled by exquisite gardens. The cozy interior boasts a delightful assortment of hand-picked

From 3,423 USD
Pepper Cottage

Pepper Cottage ( 1350ft2 )

Pepper Cottage is a charming 1,350-square-foot retreat nestled near San Ysidro Creek. Its delightful surroundings include picturesque gardens. As you enter through a private gated

From 3,537 USD
Geranium Cottage

Geranium Cottage ( 1450ft2 )

Geranium Cottage is a charming cottage surrounded by beautiful gardens. It spans 1,450 square feet and offers a private gated terrace with outdoor seating. Inside,

From 3,537 USD
Sycamore Cottage

Sycamore Cottage ( 1850ft2 )

Sycamore Cottage is a charming 1,850-square-foot cottage located by the San Ysidro Creek. It boasts a picturesque setting with well-maintained gardens. As you enter through

From 3,537 USD
Lily Cottage

Lily Cottage ( 1350ft2 )

Lily Cottage is a charming 1,350 sq. ft. retreat tucked among oak trees and enchanting gardens. As you enter through a private entrance, a spacious

From 3,537 USD
Rose Cottage

Rose Cottage ( 1450ft2 )

Rose Cottage is a charming 1,450-square-foot retreat surrounded by stunning gardens. Upon entering through the private gated terrace, guests are welcomed into a beautifully furnished

From 3,651 USD
Citrus Cottage

Citrus Cottage ( 1350ft2 )

Citrus Cottage is a charming 1,350-square-foot retreat that provides breathtaking views of the gardens, citrus grove, Pacific Ocean, and Channel Islands. The cottage boasts a

From 3,766 USD
Tangerine Cottage

Tangerine Cottage ( 1350ft2 )

Tangerine Cottage is a charming 1,350-square-foot retreat nestled amidst picturesque gardens and citrus groves, offering breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and Channel Islands. Upon

From 3,823 USD
Acacia Cottage

Acacia Cottage ( 1450ft2 )

Acacia Cottage is a charming 1,450-square-foot retreat nestled amidst beautifully landscaped gardens. Opening to a private terrace, the cottage boasts a spacious living room adorned

From 3,880 USD
Ivy Cottage

Ivy Cottage ( 1450ft2 )

Ivy Cottage is a cozy 1,450 sq. ft. home surrounded by a beautiful courtyard. It offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. As you enter,

From 3,880 USD
Cypress Cottage

Cypress Cottage ( 1450ft2 )

Cypress Cottage, a charming 1,450 sq. ft. retreat, resides amidst a beautifully landscaped courtyard that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Inside, a private gated terrace invites

From 4,109 USD
Creek Cottage

Creek Cottage ( 1550ft2 )

This cozy Creek Cottage, measuring 1,550 square feet, is nestled by the San Ysidro Creek, enveloped by picturesque gardens. A secluded gated patio welcomes guests

From 4,337 USD
Olive Cottage

Olive Cottage ( 1450ft2 )

Olive Cottage is a charming retreat spanning 1,450 square feet, nestled amidst stunning landscaped gardens. With captivating views of the Pacific Ocean and Channel Islands,

From 4,337 USD
Willow Cottage

Willow Cottage ( 1900ft2 )

Willow Cottage, a charming retreat, resides amidst oak trees and scenic gardens. Overlooking the San Ysidro Creek, it offers tranquility and seclusion. As you enter

From 4,337 USD
Laurel Cottage

Laurel Cottage ( 1550ft2 )

Laurel Cottage is a charming retreat spanning 1,550 square feet, nestled by San Ysidro Creek and enveloped by picturesque gardens. As you enter through the

From 4,909 USD
Wisteria Cottage

Wisteria Cottage ( 1900ft2 )

Wisteria Cottage, a charming retreat spanning 1,900 square feet, rests amidst a serene grove of oak trees and lush gardens, providing a picturesque view of

From 4,909 USD
Oak Cottage

Oak Cottage ( 2200ft2 )

The Oak Cottage is a 2,200-square-foot retreat nestled in beautiful gardens. It offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and Channel Islands. As you enter

From 5,252 USD
Oak Grove Cottage

Oak Grove Cottage ( 1550ft2 )

The Oak Grove Cottage is a charming retreat, spanning 1,550 sq. ft. Nestled beside the tranquil San Ysidro Creek, it is surrounded by enchanting gardens.

From 5,252 USD
Gardenia Cottage

Gardenia Cottage ( 1750ft2 )

Gardenia Cottage is a charming retreat nestled in the Ranch's heart. It offers a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean and picturesque gardens. The cottage

From 6,052 USD
Lilac Cottage

Lilac Cottage ( 1750ft2 )

Lilac Cottage, a charming 1,750-square-foot retreat, awaits by San Ysidro Creek. Surrounded by picturesque gardens, this haven beckons with its serene atmosphere. As you enter

From 6,052 USD
Eucalyptus Cottage

Eucalyptus Cottage ( 1750ft2 )

Eucalyptus Cottage is a serene and spacious retreat nestled by San Ysidro Creek. The stunning gardens encompass this 1,750-square-foot haven. Upon entering the private gated

From 6,052 USD
2 Bedroom Hibiscus Cottage

2 Bedroom Hibiscus Cottage ( 2150ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom Hibiscus Cottage is a charming retreat with two bedrooms. It spans 2,150 square feet and is situated in a beautifully landscaped courtyard.

From 6,052 USD
2 Bedroom Orange Ocean View Cottage

2 Bedroom Orange Ocean View Cottage ( 2150ft2 )

Introducing the 2 Bedroom Orange Ocean View Cottage, a delightful two-bedroom retreat. This charming cottage spans 2,150 square feet and offers breathtaking views of the

From 6,223 USD
2 Bedroom Terrace Ocean View Cottage

2 Bedroom Terrace Ocean View Cottage ( 2150ft2 )

Introducing the 2 Bedroom Terrace Ocean View Cottage, a delightful retreat offering breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and Channel Islands. This charming cottage spans

From 6,286 USD
Churchill Cottage

Churchill Cottage ( 1450ft2 )

Nestled amidst beautiful gardens, Churchill Cottage is a historic retreat spanning 1,450 square feet. This charming abode once served as Winston Churchill's writing sanctuary, where

From 9,715 USD
2 Bedroom Kennedy Cottage

2 Bedroom Kennedy Cottage ( 2700ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom Kennedy Cottage holds historical significance as the place where John and Jackie Kennedy spent their honeymoon in 1953. This retreat spans 2,700

From 11,430 USD
2 Bedroom Warner Cottage

2 Bedroom Warner Cottage ( 6000ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom Warner Cottage is a magnificent 6,000-square-foot hideaway, the most prestigious accommodation at the Ranch. Reminiscent of an elegant European residence, its impressive

Hibiscus Hideaway

Hibiscus Hideaway ( 900ft2 )

Hibiscus Hideaway is a spacious retreat of 900 sq. ft. It is elegantly furnished with carefully chosen antiques and Persian rugs. The polished oak floors

San Ysidro Ranch

For more than a century, San Ysidro Ranch, located in the foothills of the Santa Ynez Mountains, has served as a calm retreat. For a memorable stay, cozy cottages weave through gardens bursting with lavender and rosemary under the shade of eucalyptus and sycamore trees.

Guests may use a broad range of services and facilities at San Ysidro Ranch. To make your stay even more memorable, the staff can help you arrange anything. From relaxing poolside refreshments to pampering spa services, it's there. You can also set a chauffeured day excursion to the Santa Ynez wine area or explore the hiking trails in the hills above the Ranch.


Nestled in the Montecito foothills of southern California, the property overlooks the Pacific. Moreover, the area is frequented by celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey. It takes 20 minutes to get into downtown Santa Barbara. This is Santa Barbara's most affluent neighborhood.


In 1883, Col. Bradbury Dinsmore sold the San Ysidro Ranch to Harleigh Johnston and Taylor Goodrich for a profit. The Johnston Fruit Company gathered around 300,000 oranges and 100,000 lemons a year from the San Ysidro Citrus Ranch. Later, a large sandstone packing building, the Stonehouse restaurant, was constructed in 1889 to manage the citrus crop. The Hacienda was erected in 1892 on the site of a ranch home. Also, architectural designs for a modest hotel were drawn up in 1893.

Before long, the Ranch gained recognition. It also accommodated Winston Churchill and his family for the winter of 1912. Churchill was so taken with the experience that he wrote, "It is impossible for one acclimated to the Eastern Climate to conceive a more wonderful position."

The Johnston family sold their hotel to avoid going bankrupt during World War II. Instead, they sold it to Ronald Colman and Alvin Carl Weingand, a hotelier who had previously served as a senator. They turned it into a star-studded hotspot. People rapidly recognized its gorgeous environment, impeccable service, and commitment to guest privacy.

Some notable visitors included Audrey Hepburn, Lucille Ball, Bing Crosby, Groucho Marx, and Sinclair Lewis. Additionally, the Ranch served as the venue for the wedding of Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier. John and Jackie Kennedy honeymooning in the home now known as the 'Kennedy Cottage' is a memory. Furthermore, John Huston spent three months writing the screenplay for African Queen there.


41 charming bungalow-style cottages dot the lush hillside gardens and meandering San Ysidro Creek. Each offers a unique outlook and setting. The resort features Private patios, hot tubs, private entrances, and parking. Moreover, tastefully appointed interiors with fine antiques and artwork from across the globe are other home features.

Restaurant and Bar

In addition to its two award-winning restaurants, the San Ysidro Ranch has a world-class wine cellar. It has a diverse selection of wines sure to please even the most discriminating palate. Visit Stonehouse, one of Open Table's most excellent restaurants in the United States. There is also Plow & Angel for a relaxed and friendly experience.

Additionally, organic creativity meets culinary skills at "The Stonehouse" in Newmarket. The Stonehouse, housed in a 19th-century citrus packing house, has a lounge with a full bar. It also has a dining room with a crackling fireplace and views of the creek. Moreover, the terrace with ocean views has twinkling lights, a wood-burning fireplace, and heated stone flooring. This makes it a lovely location to dine year-round.

Furthermore, the organic chef's garden provides fresh herbs and vegetables harvested for Stonehouse's regional cuisine.

San Ysidro Ranch has an extensive wine cellar and got the wine spectator grand award.

Plow & Angel

Cozy ambiance, award-winning cuisine. Evenings at the Plow & Angel are much better, with delectable comfort cuisine available. Enjoy the legendary mac and cheese or melt-in-your-mouth ribs. Moreover, you can have the Ranch specialty blood orange margarita while eating behind stained-glass windows and creative artwork.

Artwork such as a dedication to the property's namesake, Saint Isidore, hanging over the fireplace. However, at Plow & Angel, visitors are welcome on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, the restaurant does not take reservations.

Service and Facilities

The customer service is excellent. They have helpful and pleasant people ready to meet your every need at the drop of a hat. There is a distinct lack of stiffness and robotics in the service at this hotel, in contrast to many others of the same caliber. In your room, you'll find personalized San Ysidro Ranch-themed notepaper with your name. The name of your cottage is also engraved on it.

On a hillside lawn with lemon trees, the hotel includes an intimate Spa with a wide range of spa treatments and a gorgeous pool. Additionally, there is a small but well-equipped fitness center with equipment both inside and outside.


Santa Barbara, California's "American Riviera," is about 90 miles north of Los Angeles. It sits between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Moreover, it has long been a haven for those seeking tranquility and leisure. Santa Barbara is also a year-round destination with many things to do.

From walking around the local Farmer's Market to enjoying the history of the Santa Barbara Mission, you will not feel bored. Furthermore, minutes from miles of Santa Barbara beaches with dog-friendly areas, surfing and other leisure activities await you at San Ysidro Ranch.

A Ty Warner Property

When Ty Warner became the Ranch owner in 2000, it became part of the Ty Warner Hotel and Resorts portfolio. Warner oversaw the Ranch's transformation into one of the world's most enchanting hideaways. Additionally, Ty Warner traveled the globe collecting one-of-a-kind antiques for this historic mansion.


San Ysidro Ranch offers a peaceful retreat for discerning tourists. Natural beauty, romantic legacy, and classic luxury combine perfectly at this Santa Barbara retreat. As such, it attracted a slew of high-profile visitors over the years. Furthermore, hummingbirds and honeybees provide a soothing soundtrack of peace as myth and history merge in the lovely gardens. So make your reservation and enjoy this tranquil vacation destination.

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  • This is just a fantastic escape for the weekend. Parking is complimentary; a 2-night stay is requested.
  • The Stonehouse restaurant has an impressive wine cellar with 12.000 bottles of wine. You have the complete choice of Chateau Petrus from 1945 to the present.
  • Choose from 17 miles of hiking trails around the resort.
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