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Rooms and Suites at Miami Beach Edition

From 783 USD
Standard Room

Standard Room ( 377ft2 - 431ft2 )

In the heart of Miami, you find a Standard Room that offers both comfort and style. Nestled on a low floor, the limited view still

From 828 USD
City View Room

City View Room ( 377ft2 - 452ft2 )

In the city's heart, there's a City View Room with a breathtaking view of Miami's skyline. As you step inside, you're greeted by a luxurious

From 840 USD
Ocean View Room

Ocean View Room ( 366ft2 - 409ft2 )

The Ocean View Room awaits you with a breathtaking vista. Imagine gazing out at the expansive ocean, its waves crashing, all while gentle breezes rustle

From 942 USD
Deluxe City View Room

Deluxe City View Room ( 624ft2 )

The Deluxe City View Room is a sight to behold. You'll find yourself in a spacious 640 square foot sanctuary, cooled by modern air conditioning.

From 1,125 USD
Oceanfront Balcony Room

Oceanfront Balcony Room ( 420ft2 - 452ft2 )

The Oceanfront Balcony Room sits right on the oceanfront, allowing guests to savor the sweeping views of the majestic Atlantic Ocean. Whether one chooses a

From 1,125 USD
Bungalow Pool View Room

Bungalow Pool View Room ( 388ft2 - 431ft2 )

Step inside the Bungalow Pool View Room of a luxury hotel in Miami Beach, where every detail speaks of sophistication. You'll be greeted by the

From 1,467 USD
Oceanfront Bungalow

Oceanfront Bungalow ( 753ft2 )

Imagine being in an Oceanfront Bungalow that stands majestically on Miami Beach. You'd find yourself in a spacious room spanning 780 square feet, bathed in

From 1,866 USD
Oceanfront Suite

Oceanfront Suite ( 764ft2 )

The Oceanfront Suite offers an elegant escape by the sea. Nestled within the suite is a plush king-sized bed, where one can expect to find

From 1,980 USD
Bungalow Suite

Bungalow Suite ( 678ft2 )

The Bungalow Suite is a luxurious haven nestled in a tranquil setting. It boasts a spacious area of 697 square feet, giving one a sense

From 2,094 USD
Deluxe Ocean View Suite

Deluxe Ocean View Suite ( 1098ft2 )

Imagine yourself stepping into a luxurious Deluxe Ocean View Suite with a pristine view of the endless ocean stretching beyond the horizon. The suite boasts

From 2,208 USD
Bungalow Loft Ocean View Bi Level Suite

Bungalow Loft Ocean View Bi Level Suite ( 1539ft2 )

You're introduced to the Bungalow Loft Ocean View Suite, a marvel situated in the Miami Beach hotel. It's not just any suite; it boasts a

From 2,265 USD
Bungalow Pool View Suite

Bungalow Pool View Suite ( 1572ft2 )

When you step into the Bungalow Pool View Suite, the first thing you notice is the spaciousness; it boasts an impressive 1627 square feet. It’s

From 3,576 USD
Premier Bungalow Ocean View Suite

Premier Bungalow Ocean View Suite ( 764ft2 )

The Premier Bungalow Ocean View Suite is truly exceptional. Nestled in the Miami Beach hotel, it's a two-story, ocean-view bungalow that offers a luxurious experience

From 7,566 USD
Oceanfront Penthouse Suite

Oceanfront Penthouse Suite ( 2217ft2 )

You find yourself reading about an Oceanfront Penthouse Suite that's nothing short of spectacular. Picture a suite that gives you panoramic ocean views from not

From 10,986 USD
Bungalow Oceanfront Penthouse Suite

Bungalow Oceanfront Penthouse Suite ( 2508ft2 )

Imagine yourself stepping into the Bungalow Oceanfront Penthouse Suite. It's a bi-level haven with its private elevator, taking you up to a space spanning 2588

Miami Beach Edition

The Miami Beach Edition is a luxury 5-star hotel in the oceanfront setting, offering an ideal escape from everyday fuss. The property resides by the Atlantic Ocean on Collins Avenue. The boutique hotel also offers a great retreat away from all the hustle and bustle of the busy city.

Numerous entertainment spots and other facilities surround it. The resort displays magnificent glamour through all modern-day services. Moreover, experience one-of-a-kind luxury with its iconic Ian Schrager design and social space.


The Miami Beach Edition at 2901 Collins Avenue is slightly far from the noise and hassle of the south beach. Instead, it is close to the Atlantic Ocean on Collins Avenue. The location is quite impressive in Mid Beach, also known as the heart of Miami Beach. Besides, it is near the south and north beaches, providing easy access to the beaches and their amenities. The property spreads to a 3.5-acre private enclave that stretches from Collins Avenue to the ocean shoreline.

This Miami Beach hotel is not limited to a boutique theme but also houses complex structures, peaceful spaces and settings, and much more. All these factors combined provide a whole new kind of exquisite luxury experience to the guests.


Miami Beach Edition combines traditional boutique hotels and luxury beach resorts. It is known for its amazingly peaceful atmosphere, far from the noisy city. Additionally, the hotel provides luxury and hip accommodation in the mid-beach area of Collins Avenue. It comprises 294 stylish and separate rooms built with light wood and white fabric to enhance the tranquility of your stay. Guests also have top-of-the-line modern amenities, from daily life facilities to entertainment and relaxation.

The resort has a beachfront spread on a wide area with umbrellas, chairs, and other beach essentials. Miami Beach Edition is a luxury hotel offering two separate outdoor plunge pools. Moreover, this place has a world-class spa for ultimate relaxation and wellness and multiple fine-dining restaurants. There are also many entertainment spots like nightclubs, bowling alley, ice skating rinks, etc.

Moreover, the resort owns an elegant design with spacious rooms. The interior designs are implemented to give a calming art deco feel. The rooms are decorated with light oak-paneled walls, and the bathrooms are separated by sliding glass doors. Besides, the bathroom flooring is of porcelain slab tiles.

This place is an ideal retreat for solo travelers, couples, families, and groups alike. It also offers customized services to the guests.

Rooms and Suites

The 294 guest rooms and suites have modern furniture and exquisite detailing. They are built with attention to every detail, making your stay at the hotel more luxurious. Moreover, the rooms are pet-friendly and spacious, with large sliding glass doors, minibars, and windows that provide a soothing view of the city, beach, outdoor pools, or the ocean.

Most guestrooms have separate terraces with a beautiful and direct view of the beach and the far-reaching Atlantic Ocean. The Terrace also contains unique lounge chairs and ceramic side tables.

Marble bathrooms with rainforest showers will also improve the quality of your stay. 24-hour room service is also available to comfort the guests. Additionally, suites are elegantly modern, providing separate living and sleeping areas. Moreover, each suite comprises a separate balcony for scenic ocean views and connecting rooms.


This hotel in Miami also houses individual bungalows that guarantee complete privacy for guests. Furthermore, bungalows feature mesmerizing views of the city. You can also choose from a one-level or two-level. Two-level bungalows have a separate roofing area with a private plunge pool.

Restaurant and Bar

This resort is home to some of the finest restaurants in the city. Market at Edition is a hall similar to food courts, inspired by the idea of renowned chef Jean Georges Vongerichten. It serves different cuisines at multiple counters. You can get anything from juices to wines and delicious pizzas. Moreover, enjoy your meal and drink with amazing views of Collins Avenue.

Matador Room is the most famous eating spot on the property and features a 1940s theme. This restaurant serves its guests Spanish, Caribbean, and South American cuisine. Experience an overwhelmingly creative and enjoyable experience at Matador Room.

Relating to the Matador Room is the Matador Bar. The walls of this unique bar are decorated with paintings and photographs from America's well-known artists. In addition, the bar provides a classical cocktail experience along with numerous wine choices.

Furthermore, the Lobby Bar follows the glamour of the 1950s. Witness an eye-catching interior design with mesmerizing views of the ocean. This place serves champagne, wine, cocktails, and mojitos.

Spa and Fitness

Miami Beach Edition offers its guests a luxury spa to make their vacation more relaxing than ever. This spa has various choices to match your moods, like seating areas, solo, sleeping, and social areas. Here, you can have some private time and rest your body to feel fresh and energized. Moreover, different massages and treatments are used to remove travel stress.

The fitness center also provides gym facilities to the guests for strength training, weight loss, and cardio. Besides, you can indulge in unforgettable yoga experiences and boot camps.

Other Amenities

The Miami Beach Edition offers guests additional amenities. For example, guests can avail of free Wi-Fi internet 24 hours a day. In addition, there is no need to worry about finding a suitable parking space for your vehicle and its security as the valet parking takes care of your car.

Moreover, there are multiple kids and family entertainment spots within the premises. Guests can also opt for the non-smoking areas exclusively available for them.


Located along the Atlantic Oceanfront, Miami Beach Edition, United States, showcases luxury and glamour in a new way. This hotel is a good choice if you wish to take a break from everyday life's fuss and escape to a peaceful, modern, and tranquil environment. Enjoy all the amenities, food and drinks, and a fulfilling sense of comfort and peace.

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Why we love this hotel

  • This trendy luxury hotel sits in Miami´s Mid-Beach. Hip restaurants & bars surround it. Lincoln Road is a 5-minute drive away.
  • During the day, enjoy one of the nicest pools in Miami or the long beach just in front of the hotel.
  • Have dinner at the Matador Room. This fine dining restaurant has a sunken dining room and a charming outdoor terrace. The grouper tacos should be noticed!
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Hotel Style
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