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Rooms and Suites at 1 Hotel South Beach

From 662 USD
City View Room

City View Room ( 700ft2 )

Step into the City View Room and experience the perfect blend of comfort and style. This spacious South Beach retreat spans over 700 square feet

From 817 USD
City View Studio Suite

City View Studio Suite ( 700ft2 )

Step into the City View Studio Suite and experience pure comfort. This spacious Miami retreat measures 700 square feet and offers everything you need for

From 817 USD
City View Balcony Junior Suite

City View Balcony Junior Suite ( 650ft2 )

Welcome to the City View Balcony Junior Suite! This spacious room, covering an area of 650 square feet (about 60 square meters), has some delightful

From 894 USD
City View Balcony Studio Suite

City View Balcony Studio Suite ( 650ft2 )

Experience a peaceful escape in a spacious South Beach studio suite, measuring 650 square feet. This inviting retreat offers a stunning city view from its

From 938 USD
City View Balcony Room

City View Balcony Room ( 650ft2 - 700ft2 )

Escape to relaxation in a spacious and cozy South Beach king room with a breathtaking city view from your very own private balcony. This room

From 938 USD
City View Suite

City View Suite ( 1000ft2 )

Step into the City View Suite and experience pure comfort. This spacious retreat spans an impressive 1000 square feet, providing ample room for relaxation. The

From 1,012 USD
City View Balcony Suite

City View Balcony Suite ( 950ft2 )

The City View Balcony Suite is a cozy and spacious place for you to stay in South Beach. It's like having your own home, covering

From 1,309 USD
Ocean View Junior Balcony Suite

Ocean View Junior Balcony Suite ( 650ft2 )

Step into the Ocean View Junior Balcony Suite and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. This spacious room spans 650 square feet (60 square

From 1,383 USD
Skyline View Home

Skyline View Home ( 1050ft2 )

Welcome to the Skyline View Home! This cozy South Beach suite offers everything you need for a comfortable stay. With 1,050 square feet of space,

From 1,531 USD
Ocean View Balcony Suite

Ocean View Balcony Suite ( 1000ft2 )

Step into your spacious Miami suite and experience true luxury. This incredible Ocean View Balcony Suite offers everything you need for a relaxing retreat. Picture

From 1,531 USD
Ocean View Home

Ocean View Home ( 950ft2 )

Welcome to your cozy one-bedroom home with a stunning view of the ocean! This beautiful space spans 950 square feet and has everything you need

From 2,198 USD
Ocean Front Balcony Suite

Ocean Front Balcony Suite ( 1000ft2 )

Step into luxury and relaxation with the Ocean Front Balcony Suite. This spacious one-bedroom suite spans 1000 square feet, providing you with ample room to

From 2,833 USD
2 Bedroom Skyline View Balcony Home

2 Bedroom Skyline View Balcony Home ( 1302ft2 )

Welcome to the 2 Bedroom Skyline View Balcony Home! This cozy retreat offers you a comfortable stay with breathtaking views. Inside, you'll find a spacious

From 3,069 USD
2 Bedroom Ocean Front Balcony Suite

2 Bedroom Ocean Front Balcony Suite ( 1700ft2 )

Experience pure relaxation in a spacious 2-bedroom suite with stunning ocean views. This suite is suitable for the beach, allowing you to unwind in a

From 5,162 USD
3 Bedroom Ocean View Balcony Home

3 Bedroom Ocean View Balcony Home ( 1920ft2 )

Welcome to a stunning 3-bedroom home with a balcony that overlooks the ocean. This spacious 1,920-square-foot residence offers two rooms with king-size beds and one

From 6,805 USD
3 Bedroom Ocean View Balcony Penthouse

3 Bedroom Ocean View Balcony Penthouse ( 2548ft2 )

Welcome to the 3 Bedroom Ocean View Balcony Penthouse! This luxurious retreat offers 2,548 square feet of space, perfect for you and your loved ones.

From 8,835 USD
2 Bedroom Ocean View Balcony Home

2 Bedroom Ocean View Balcony Home ( 23142ft2 )

Indulge in the luxury of a beautiful 2 Bedroom Ocean View Balcony Home. Step into your spacious 2,150 square feet retreats to admire the partial

From 11,058 USD
2 Bedroom Ocean View Balcony Penthouse

2 Bedroom Ocean View Balcony Penthouse ( 1740ft2 )

This amazing penthouse is perfect for a relaxing getaway. It has two bedrooms and a spacious balcony to admire the beautiful ocean view. The penthouse

From 45,176 USD
5 Bedroom Oceanfront Balcony Penthouse

5 Bedroom Oceanfront Balcony Penthouse ( 3200ft2 )

Introducing the stunning 5 Bedroom Oceanfront Balcony Penthouse, a spacious and luxurious getaway. Inside this 3,200-square-foot penthouse, you'll find gleaming polished stone surfaces and modern

Ocean View Room

Ocean View Room ( 750ft2 )

Step into a cozy and spacious room that overlooks the beautiful ocean. This South Beach king room covers an area of 750 square feet, providing

2 Bedroom Skyline View Balcony Penthouse

2 Bedroom Skyline View Balcony Penthouse ( 1485ft2 )

Welcome to the 2 Bedroom Skyline View Balcony Penthouse! This luxurious retreat in South Beach is perfect for your vacation. Step inside and discover a

1 Hotel South Beach

Located in South Beach, Miami, Florida, 1 Hotel South Beach is one of the most famous and sought-after vacation destinations in Miami, United States. Known for Miami's top vacation spots, the resort is hands down the perfect place for a relaxing vacation close to Ocean Drive.

Add the hotel's décor, amenities, beach access, and, most importantly, the staff's hospitality; the living experience at 1 Hotel South Beach is a dream come true.


The 1 Hotel South Beach opened its doors in 2015. Since then, it has built a cult following its exemplary services, hospitality, and ambiance. This no doubt makes your stay at the hotel a memorable one. Travelers have left satisfied and have come back to re-experience this fantastic facility.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to call the resort a home away from home. So many travelers return year after year to enjoy a luxury experience at this outstanding facility. The stunning views, beach extravaganza, and luxury amenities make the 1 Hotel South Beach a wonderful place to enjoy quality time with loved ones.

The resort is also one of the few establishments focusing on reducing its carbon footprint. As a result, they have opted for greener tactics to accommodate their guests and make their stay memorable and comforting.

The resort has taken great care to incorporate its eco-friendly stance in every nook and cranny daily, from white rechargeable Teslas docked in their charging stations to reclaimed wood and driftwood furniture to the organic bed sheets setup in the hotel.

Prime Location

The 1 Hotel South Beach sits on a complete block of Collins Avenue. This luxurious spot is parallel to an entire city block and presents ocean views and access to the beach.

Surrounded by two of the natural beaches of Miami, the hotel offers scenic views of both. To the south is the South Beach, and to the North is the Mid-Beach. Both offer striking views to tourists.

By itself, the property occupies 600 feet of pristine Miami-front beach. Moreover, this scenic location gives the hotel an advantage where travelers can enjoy everything from views to Miami's vacation life.

Rooms and Suites

The beachfront resort has some of the most oversized suites. 426 suites are ready to welcome guests from across the globe. Additionally, space reflects comfort and calmness personified in its interior décor. It is done beautifully by the renowned interior designer Meyer Davis. She has given the touch of deep blue water, pristine white sandy beaches, and corals to make the interiors at the resort bold and attractive.

Besides the décor of the guest rooms, the accompanying furniture and beddings come with an equally comfortable feel. While the Zen-like ambiance is a constant in all 426 rooms covering an area of 700 square feet, some come with separate balconies for taking in the breathtaking views.

Moreover, the beach's scenic views remain visible from the beach-facing windows throughout the 1 Hotel South Beach. Also, all the hotel's suites and rooms offer a personalized and secluded feel. As a result, guests get to enjoy a spectacular living experience that tailors to meet their expectations.

From luxury bedding and premium bathing materials to state-of-the-art amenities and infotainment options, the suites at the 1 Hotel South Beach leave no stone unturned in ensuring the convenience and satisfaction of the esteemed guest.

What Makes the 1 Hotel South Beach Special?

Miami is a beautiful city in the south of Florida, known for being a premier vacation destination with its pristine sandy beaches, ocean views, and playful activity hub. Adding to the resort's amenities and premium appeal, it is a unique vacation place.

There is available access to Tesla house cars within a 3-mile radius of the resort (complementary and during select hours). The hotel also features a Spa and Wellness center occupying 18,000 square feet. Moreover, this spa offers all the essential services to rejuvenate your soul.

Exceptional Culinary Experience

The exceptional hospitality is never-ending and displayed mainly through their gourmet culinary experience. The hotel offers multiple dining experiences ranging from high-end to healthy eateries. Habitat by local chef Jose Mendin, Rooftop Restaurant "Watr," and Lobby bar Café. The Juice bar "Nativ Made," the Sandbox, Steakhouse "STK," and Poolside Vegan Restaurant by California Chef Matthew Kenney.

The cuisine is exemplary and adds to the guest's comfort while enjoying an exotic stay at the hotel. The ingredients are also local and are farm fresh. Besides, fresh juices and other beverages are offered and provided throughout the day for a refreshing stay. Overall, the culinary experience is joyful and satisfying.

SPA and Wellness Centre

The 1 Hotel South Beach is no doubt a state-of-the-art luxury hotel. It offers all the modern-day amenities you can expect from a premium hotel. One of these facilities includes a well-maintained SPA that relieves the guests of the stress accumulated due to a long flight or an expeditious day with friends. The SPA also offers the ultimate place to unwind and get relaxed.

In addition to the exotic SPA, the hotel hosts a dynamic fitness center. Therefore, it is an ideal facility for guests who do not want to compromise on their fitness routines even when they are on a leisure trip with their loved ones.


The 1 Hotel South Beach offers a beautiful experience in Miami. It provides an all-in-one place for tourists looking to spend quality time on a much-awaited family and friends' getaway. Besides, the warm and hospitable staff spectacularly welcomes the guests. This makes them feel comfortable as soon as they enter the premium facility.

Moreover, the ambiance is such that it makes people visit again and again. Furthermore, its luxury appeal has been accentuated by its premium amenities like the rooftop pool and top-of-the-line entertainment features. You will not regret staying here!

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Why we love this hotel

  • This eco-chic beachfront hotel sits between South Beach and Mid Beach on Collins Avenue. Lincoln Road is a 15-minute walk away.
  • Staying active is easy here. The well-equipped Spartan Gym is open 24 hours and offers fitness classes and boot camps.
  • Use the electric hotel cars for a complimentary lift within 3 miles!
  • 426
  • Fitness Center
  • Pool
  • Spa
Hotel Style
  • Wellness
  • Beach
Pet Friendly

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