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Rooms and Suites at Hotel Emma

From 755 USD
Classic Brewhouse Room

Classic Brewhouse Room ( 300ft2 - 320ft2 )

The Classic Brewhouse Room welcomes guests with vintage architectural details. It offers a concrete floor with an area rug. One can sleep in luxurious Frette

From 785 USD
Classic River Cellar Room

Classic River Cellar Room ( 350ft2 )

The Classic River Cellar King Room is a special place. It's filled with luxurious Frette Linens. It offers a beautiful view of the city. The

From 832 USD
Landmark River Cellar Room

Landmark River Cellar Room ( 440ft2 )

The Landmark River Cellar King Room overlooks the San Antonio River. It offers breathtaking views of Pearl Springs Park. Floor-to-ceiling windows enhance the scenery. Luxurious

From 832 USD
Landmark Brewhouse Room

Landmark Brewhouse Room ( 400ft2 )

The Landmark Brewhouse has a special room. This room has two Queen or King beds. It has vintage architectural details. The concrete floor has an

From 883 USD
Artesian Brewhouse Room

Artesian Brewhouse Room ( 520ft2 )

The Artesian Brewhouse Room is vast. It boasts luxury with Frette Linens. Vintage architecture gives character. A concrete floor is covered by an area rug.

From 892 USD
Artesian River Cellar Room

Artesian River Cellar Room ( 440ft2 )

The Artesian River Cellar King Room offers a spacious stay. It has luxurious Frette Linens. The guest can see the river or pool. The bathroom

From 999 USD
Terrace River Cellar Room

Terrace River Cellar Room ( 410ft2 )

The Terrace River Cellar King Room has a king bed with special linens. It's 80 square feet and looks out at the San Antonio Riverwalk.

From 1,058 USD
Garret Studio Suite

Garret Studio Suite ( 661ft2 )

The Garret is found at the top of the Historic Brewhouse. It's a studio suite with a king bed. There is a sitting area with

From 1,453 USD
River Suite

River Suite ( 525ft2 )

The River Suite is in the River Cellar Building. It has one king bed. There is a separate living room. It has a leather settee.

From 1,710 USD
Plaza Suite

Plaza Suite ( 680ft2 )

The Plaza Suite is located in the Historic Brewhouse Building. It has one king bed. There's a separate living room with a leather settee. It

From 2,378 USD
Billmeier Suite

Billmeier Suite ( 1205ft2 )

The Billmeier Suite is a two-story suite in the original Brewhouse. On the first level, there's a full wet bar. A dining area with an

From 2,973 USD
Otto Koehler Suite

Otto Koehler Suite ( 1258ft2 )

The Otto Koehler Suite is a tribute to the brewery founder, Otto Koehler. It's a two-story suite with grand proportions. The west-facing suite offers a

From 3,626 USD
Maritzen Suite

Maritzen Suite ( 1205ft2 )

Martizen Suite is a two-story suite that sits at the top of the original Brewhouse. On the first level, there is a 250-square-foot terrace. It

Emma Koehler Suite

Emma Koehler Suite ( 1643ft2 )

Welcome to the Emma Koehler Suite, a room designed to make one feel like a president, or perhaps a "madam president." It offers a luxurious

Hotel Emma

Located in San Antonio, Hotel Emma is an award-winning boutique hotel that offers guests a unique and luxurious experience. Its unique blend of modern design and historical charm has quickly become one of the city's most popular destinations. From its stunning suites and on-site restaurant to its convenient location and superior service, Hotel Emma is the perfect place to stay for business or pleasure. In this review, we will provide an in-depth look at all the features and amenities that make it a top choice for San Antonio travelers.


Hotel Emma is a historic hotel that's authentic and warm. It was a 19th century Brewhouse. It's now a remarkable riverfront hotel with 146 rooms. It is also the hub of Pearl's cultural and culinary community. Pearl's Hotel Emma will allow you to enjoy San Antonio, like staying in a home full of exciting friends. There are also delightful surprises unique to the area and the hotel.

The hotel's name honors Emma Koehler, a significant figure in Pearl's history. After Otto Koehler died in 1914, Emma managed the brewery. Her genius as a CEO kept the brewery running during Prohibition. Emma kept her entire staff employed even though other breweries were closing down. In 1933, she handed over the company to her nephew. However, Emma remained a strong presence there until she died in 1943.


The Hotel Emma sits in the 1894 Pearl Brewery brewhouse. It was once the Pearl district's flagship. It is approximately 2 miles from The Alamo. Besides, the airport is 7 miles away. You can also hire a River Taxi or rent a bicycle to get around the tourist hot spots of downtown. There are also many restaurants in the Pearl district. These include a restaurant that offers cooking classes, pubs, bakeries, and coffee shops. The Pearl district also hosts regular events and a farmers' market. You can also explore Pearl Plaza.


The original Pearl's Brewhouse was the building that became the hotel. It was built in 1894 and has been a San Antonio landmark since. August Maritzen, a Chicago architect, designed the building in the Second Empire style. Maritzen was a brewery specialist and designed over 80 in the USA, South Africa, and Canada.

Due to Emma Koehler's wise leadership in the difficult Prohibition years, Pearl was the only San Antonio brewery that survived Prohibition. Over the following six decades, the brewery's fortunes fluctuated until it closed in 2001. Silver Ventures bought the property in 2002. They began the meticulous renovation process leading to today's Pearl, a vibrant cultural and culinary village.

Service and Facilities

The staff is friendly and eager to help. Check-in and reception are also lovely. There is also a rooftop pool and a 24-hour fitness center. Not to mention the Sternewirth Bar. The hotel Emma also has more than 6,000 sq. feet of event space. You can use this as a catering area as well. Also, guests can use the complimentary Electra Cruiser Bicycles. However, the hotel does not have a spa, but Hiatus Spa & Retreat is just a few minutes away. There are also dry cleaning and in-room services available.

Rooms and Suites

There are 146 guestrooms. You will find a variety of comforts in the rooms. Each stay here is a delight. From the unique rooms of the Brewhouse Tower to the refined luxuries found in the River Cellars. Moreover, Roman and Williams' design celebrates the juxtapositions of South Texas' nuance and industrial history. This creates an atmosphere that encourages delight.

The bathroom features Frette towels, a clawfoot tub, and handmade Spanish porcelain tiles. Your room will be greeted by a La Babia Margarita, while your In-Room Pantry and Ice Box offer South Texas treats.

Hotel Emma believes that your stay should leave an unforgettable impression. With a variety of amenities, including private dining areas and vaulted ceilings, the suites are full of surprises and delights. As you spend time here, you will feel at home with the original art and custom-designed furniture. Also, be sure to check out the plaza suite.


Hotel Emma is the Pearl culinary hub's flagship hotel. It is a center of excellence in food and service. The hotel is a culinary revolution that reflects the flavors of San Antonio's culture and history.

Supper American Eatery

The American tradition of getting together to enjoy good food at a favorite restaurant is a great way to bond. Chef John Brand at Supper gets creative. He uses season, flavor, and what makes a table feel good. Supper is part farm table and part bistro table. It's on the banks of the San Antonio River. Brand's Midwestern roots are infused with South Texas' multi-cultural foodways. The bounty of local producers enhances them.

Larder Fine Groceries & Prepared Foods

The LARDER is hidden away in the hotel's old fermentation cellars. It stocks wine, local groceries, and beer. There are also baked goods and freshly prepared foods for take-out or in-house. The South Texas food store has a soupcon full of Euro-sophistication. Guests and locals can also shop for all the culinary necessities at the Brewmeisters' alley.

Sternewirth Tavern 1883

This is the hotel's tavern and club room. The dramatic 25-foot high vaulted ceiling rises above intimate groups of easy chairs and sofas. You can enjoy a refreshing cocktail. There is also fine wine and solid craft beer.

In-Room Dining

Pearl's most renowned culinary destination is Hotel Emma. In-room dining is under Chef John Brand's guidance. He also offers the same culinary education as at Chef's table at Dinner or on the patio at Larder.

Hiatus Spa & Retreat

The Spa is highly regarded and has 13 treatment rooms. There's also a hydrotherapy room with a relaxation room, Vichy shower treatments, and a nail therapy area. The Spa is a popular choice for spa services, so please let the concierge know if you would like to have them in your room or at the Spa. Hiatus Spa and Retreat also provide a variety of services in your room. You will feel refreshed and recharged.


This hotel offers guests a truly luxurious and memorable experience. From its stunning lobby, the front desk, to its cozy guest rooms and suites, it is a place like no other. So book your stay at Hotel Emma and find out why it is one of the most sought-after destinations in the city.

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Why we love this hotel

  • This San Antonio luxury hotel is named after Emma Koehler and is in a former factory building.
  • Try the La Babia Margarita at the Libary bar!
  • The hotel has its own library with nearly 4000 books to choose from.
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