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Rooms and Suites at Amangiri

From 4,124 USD
Desert View Suite

Desert View Suite ( 1000ft2 )

The Desert View Suite, spanning 93m2 (1,000 sq.ft), presents breathtaking vistas of the desert and the distant Grand Staircase-Escalante National Park. As you step into

From 4,340 USD
Mesa View Suite

Mesa View Suite ( 1000ft2 )

The Mesa View Suite is a stunning 93m2 (1,000 sq.ft) space with breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mesas, especially enchanting at dusk. As you

From 4,626 USD
Orchard Suite

Orchard Suite ( 1001ft2 )

The Orchard Suite is a spacious retreat measuring 93 square meters (1,000 square feet). It grants guests their own secluded spot on the mountain ridge,

From 5,159 USD
Terrace Suite

Terrace Suite ( 1152ft2 )

The Terrace Suite, spanning 107 square meters (1,152 square feet), offers breathtaking views of the mountain ridge and rock escarpment. Its main highlight is a

From 5,170 USD
Desert Pool Suite

Desert Pool Suite ( 1614ft2 )

The Desert Pool Suite is a spacious and luxurious accommodation measuring 150m2 (1,614 sq.ft). It features a large private plunge pool perfect for refreshing dips,

From 5,416 USD
Mesa Pool Suite

Mesa Pool Suite ( 1572ft2 )

The Mesa Pool Suite is a spacious room measuring 146m2 (1,572 sq.ft). It offers a delightful private plunge pool and a sky terrace that offers

From 6,019 USD
Mesa Pavilion

Mesa Pavilion ( 1991ft2 )

The Mesa Pavilion is a spacious and elegant structure with a ceiling made of canvas. It offers separate areas for sleeping, bathing, and living. Positioned

From 6,264 USD
Sunset Pavilion

Sunset Pavilion ( 1991ft2 )

The Sunset Pavilion is a luxurious retreat with captivating desert views. It boasts a generously sized bedroom that includes a private ensuite. The outdoor terrace

From 6,633 USD
Private Canyon Pavilion

Private Canyon Pavilion ( 1991ft2 )

The Private Canyon Pavilion offers a secluded and exclusive experience. It features a private plunge pool and Jacuzzi on its outdoor terrace, providing stunning views

From 6,817 USD
Girijaala Suite

Girijaala Suite ( 3734ft2 )

The Girijaala Suite is a spacious and luxurious room measuring 347m2 (3,735 sq.ft). It offers exclusive amenities and breathtaking views. Guests can enjoy a large

From 7,186 USD
The Amangiri Suite

The Amangiri Suite ( 3472ft2 )

The Amangiri Suite is a spacious and luxurious room spanning 347 square meters (3,735 square feet). It offers stunning desert views and an array of

From 8,537 USD
2 Bedroom Mesa Pavilion

2 Bedroom Mesa Pavilion ( 2939ft2 )

This two-bedroom Mesa Pavilion offers a luxurious and comfortable stay. The spacious bedrooms, covered with canvas, have their own en suites. The elegant living and

From 9,028 USD
2 Bedroom Grand View Pavilion

2 Bedroom Grand View Pavilion ( 2939ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom Grand View Pavilion offers stunning desert sunset views from its front porch and a magnificent panorama of the eastern mesa from its

From 14,740 USD
4 Bedroom Mesa Home

4 Bedroom Mesa Home ( 62431ft2 )

The 4-Bedroom Mesa Home is a modern-style residence with a minimalist design and soft color scheme. It boasts a beautiful stone terrace along with a


Covering 600 acres in Canyon Point, Southern Utah, Amangiri is a real luxury hotel. It is concealed in a protected valley, providing a bird's-eye view of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Staircase-Escalante is known for its spectacular geology of mahogany in the morning, lovely nectarine by midday, and beautiful coral at dusk.

Surrounded by grand canyons and towering plateaus, the resort blends perfectly into the countless miles of its red rock country. It is also known as the 'Mountain of Peace,' cradled by many national parks in the United States.

The modernist-style suites and the tented pavilions of Amangiri offer a heartening welcome and a unique undisturbed setting. Along with this, its Spa offers several luxurious services.

Camp Sarika Tented Pavilions

A collection of elegant and spacious pavilions elevate the wilderness and offer incomparable comfort and privacy. A short drive across the mountain via a peripatetic road descending into a lowland will lead you to the central pavilion.

The resort centers around a central swimming pool with a mesmerizing view. The pavilion embraces an impressive escarpment, and the interiors have commendatory clean lines. The Aman Resort interiors proportions generously. It accommodates a living room, gallery, library, dining room, private dining room, and cellar.

The resort offers various style pavilions, including two bed-room grand pavilion, a one-bedroom sunset pavilion, and one bed-room mesa pavilion. Besides, there is a one-bedroom private canyon pavilion and a two-bedroom mesa pavilion. Moreover, each pavilion has ample housing room and exhilarating views.


Two accommodation wings lead to the desert from the pavilion, and each branch has its number of suites. Sixteen suites are within the North wing. Another sixteen are located together with the Aman Spa within the South Wing. Besides, the resort provides spectacular outward views of the untouched valley surrounded by sky-scraping buffs.

The Amangiri Resort, which means peaceful mountain, offers about thirty-four suites - 13 desert view suites, fourteen mesa view suites, and two pool suites. Additionally, there are two terrace pool suites, one terrace suite, and the Girijaala and the Amangiri suites. Moreover, the suite reflects the surrounding Utah desert with spacious and clean lines and a natural material palette.

Design and Aesthetics

The suite's accommodation design consists of concrete walls with white stone floors, natural timbers, and fittings in dark steel.

While some suites feature a private pool or a roof terrace, every suite has its outdoor lounge and a fireplace offering a widespread desert view. Additionally, all suites provide air-conditioning for summer and under-floor heating during the year's cooler months.

Entry to the suites is via a private courtyard featuring a Douglas fir timber screen. This includes a dining table with two chairs and a concocted light form. Moreover, a central door in the glass walls opens into a combined bedroom and living area. These comprise a writing desk and a king-sized bed.

Sitting Area

The bed is a sitting area featuring a low-set sofa, a coffee table, a side table, and reading chairs. An aerial timber cabinet housing a television and a CD/DVD player partitions the bedroom and living area from the dressing room.

The sitting area's corrugated glass doors open into a spacious desert lounge that frames a natural landscape panorama. The lounge comprises a central fireplace and a platform with resting mattresses.

Dressing Room

Adjacent to the lounge is a sky-incandescent dressing room extending the suite's full length and features a highly sought-after wardrobe. The wardrobe offers a personal, safe, open dressing area with twin vanities summiting a stone pedestal.

A separate toilet room occupies one end of the dressing room, and the other is occupied by a large bathroom lined with sage green tiles.


The bathrooms feature twin rain showers and a pleasant soaking tub with endless landscape views. The layout finish includes white stone floors and concrete walls. The walls create an echo of the natural landscape.

The furniture's material palette comprises rawhide, natural timber, and fittings in darkened steel, whereas the light-colored cushions and soft upholstery add complimentary warmth to the environment.

Luxurious Dining

Amangiri dining is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The dining room features full-length glass doors that open into the outdoor terrace providing an overview of the swimming pool.

Its focal point is the open kitchen with a wood-fired oven. The oven imparts a unique flavor and rustic atavism to the cuisine.

Amangiri's menu changes frequently and is driven by locally sourced cyclical ingredients. These seasonal products incorporate into modern dishes by epicurean cultures. Offering the ambiance of a private residence, the dining room is equipped with well-informed and attentive service.

The venues suit all sorts of events, from bosom events to grand-scale celebrations. Whether organizing a dinner in a private dining room or an outdoor burlesque, Aman resort's team can oversee significant events down to minor details.

Swimming Pools

A pavilion and a rock bluff frame the sunken courtyard where the swimming pool has been set. The pool wraps around the escarpment and finishes with a hot tub at the rock wall base. Also, the lounging terrace of the pool has king-sized day beds and pairs of sun-recliners.

Aman Spa

The Aman spa of Amangiri is a mighty complex of water features, stone, and light streams. The resort also offers unique treatment venues like the water pavilion, floatation pavilion, and watsu pool. Besides, it covers up to two thousand three hundred and twenty-two square meters of area.

The water pavilion supplies guests with various hydrotherapy treatments. Additionally, the floatation pavilion will give you color therapy-enhanced floatation health sessions. Also, the Watsu pool provides a unique sort of water shiatsu.

Aman Spa offers single and double treatment rooms. It also provides outdoor treatment terraces that provide mesmerizing mesa views.

Activities and Adventures

The mesas and canyons are irresistible invitations for adventures. Besides, the activities offered by Amangiri include trek, biking, guided hikes, boating trips, and rock climbing. In addition, there are archeological tours, hot-air ballooning, fixed-wing flights, equestrian adventures, and many others.

The lake's glassy waters are ideal for kayak trips. Moreover, guests can see the Utah desert's spectacular geology in the baskets of hot air balloons.


A sensation and a hotel masterstroke, Amangiri is not only stunning but an accomplishment of concrete and architectural lines. Moreover, the location in the American Southwest offers a phenomenal experience as you bump along the road. Besides, you will witness the orange promontories as tall as skyscrapers. But, above all, you will see the barren stretches of the 180 million-year-old desert.

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Why we love this hotel

  • This spectacular luxury hotel is in the desert of Utah and is surrounded by sandstone rocks.
  • The main pool is unique, as it meanders around a rock. It is the perfect place to spend the day and relax.
  • Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Monument Valley, and Bryce Canyon. All these National Parks can be reached with a day trip.
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