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Rooms and Suites at Sommerro Hotel Oslo

From 271 USD
Attic Loft Room

Attic Loft Room ( 205ft2 - 269ft2 )

The Attic Loft Room sits at the top of the building, welcoming those traveling with others. It's a loft room, unique for its twin setup.

From 309 USD
Standard Room

Standard Room ( 19ft2 - 26ft2 )

In the heart of Oslo, a Standard Room awaits couples. It offers a perfect starting point for exploring. The room boasts a design by Grecodeco.

From 371 USD
Superior Room

Superior Room ( 24ft2 - 28ft2 )

The Superior Room beckons one into superior comfort, where every corner whispers elegance. The room stretches 24 to 28 square meters, each inch crafted by

From 412 USD
Deluxe Premium Room

Deluxe Premium Room ( 291ft2 - 366ft2 )

Nestled within the hotel's heart lies the Deluxe Premium Room, a haven that blends comfort with elegance. It welcomes guests with a bed that shows

From 437 USD
Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room ( 24ft2 - 34ft2 )

Nestled within the walls of an elegant 1930s townhouse, the Deluxe Room unfolds a scene of timeless grace. It offers a polished birch bed adorned

From 546 USD
Villa Standard Room

Villa Standard Room ( 248ft2 )

The Villa Standard Rooms are a sight to behold. They reflect true craftsmanship. Every corner whispers luxury. The stunning Art Deco wallpaper first greets guests.

From 602 USD
Villa Superior Room

Villa Superior Room ( 269ft2 )

In a Villa Superior Room, guests wake up in a specially designed queen-sized bed. It invites a cozy morning. They plan their day from the

From 649 USD
Villa Deluxe Room

Villa Deluxe Room ( 334ft2 - 366ft2 )

The Villa Deluxe Rooms redefines luxury in every sense. They boast beds from Grecodeco, promising unmatched comfort and elegance. Each room offers a cozy area

From 724 USD
Junior Suite

Junior Suite ( 431ft2 - 484ft2 )

The Junior Suite, known for its magnificence, welcomes guests into unparalleled luxury. A lavish Murano glass chandelier cascades light within its walls over a stately

From 1,340 USD
Heritage Suite

Heritage Suite ( 753ft2 - 1076ft2 )

Stepping into one of the three Heritage Suites, guests are welcomed into a luxury realm stretching 70 to 100 square meters. Designed meticulously by Grecodeco,

From 1,563 USD
Villa Suite

Villa Suite ( 947ft2 )

The Villa Suite unfolds as a sanctuary of elegance and comfort. It spans 88 square meters of meticulously designed space. A dining area awaits at

Sommerro Hotel Oslo

The Sommerro Hotel in Oslo is unique. It mixes modern features with traditional Norwegian charm, making it perfect for travelers who want a cozy stay. In this review, we will look at the hotel's rooms, superb dining, and convenient location near the city's top attractions. This hotel has everything you need for a relaxing and enjoyable stay in the capital of Norway. Let us guide you through all the highlights of this hotel.


Sommerro Hotel Oslo in Norway is a cultural landmark. It combines the past with the present to create a unique experience. This review explores the many facets of the hotel's allure. This includes its historical importance, services, unique amenities, and more. We embark on an exploration of the corridors to discover what makes Sommerro more than just a hotel.

The hotel is in the former headquarters of Oslo Lysverker, the city's original electrical company, constructed during the 1930s. It was a modernist monument lovingly transformed into Sommerro. The building's historic essence is preserved while it's infused with luxury. Preserving its historic features, like its art deco, murals, and overall theme of lighting, was important.

This hotel also has a facade that is a perfect blend of old and new. It invites guests to enjoy the modern conveniences while stepping back into the past. From the restored lighting fixtures to the grand staircase, these features create a blend of the past with the present.

Sommerro's public spaces also have a lot of art. Travelers with an eye for detail will love the Art Deco features of Vestkantbadet. This is one of only a few remaining public baths in Norway. It also boasts a large mosaic mural. Local professionals can be seen working on their laptops in the bars or sipping cocktails. International tourists, couples, and business travelers are also common. Families and large groups can stay in the larger suites.


The hotel's location is in Frogner, Oslo. It is a vibrant neighborhood. It is also an ideal starting point to explore the city and its rich culture. Moreover, the hotel is close to Vigeland Park, the National Museum, and Aker Brygge. This makes it an excellent starting point for those who want to learn about the rich history and natural beauty of Oslo.

Service and Amenities

Sommerro's philosophy of hospitality is based on the belief that a guest-friendly hotel caters to their needs. Its services and amenities reflect this philosophy and provide relaxation and comfort. This hotel boasts a wellness center with the latest technology, including a gym, Spa, and the city's first year-round rooftop pool and sauna. The area also offers breathtaking views and is a quiet escape away from the bustle of urban life.

Moreover, the hotel's meeting facilities come with modern technology. This makes them ideal for both business travelers and event planners. Sustainability is an integral part of the hotel. It features energy-efficient practices and a commitment to local food.


There are 231 guest rooms and suites. Loft Rooms offer a less luxurious option. Under the roof, these rooms offer two large single beds with curtains. They also feature a small view of Oslo. These rooms are ideal for co-workers or children. Some rooms are smaller and others have shower-only bathrooms. However, all of them feature this Norwegian tapestry, which evokes Art Deco style and functionality, lit by chandeliers.

Warm colors are used. Think of reds and woods with burnished finishes. There are also soft rugs and smart lighting. Bluetooth speakers are also available, as well as books and cookery by Sommerro's Frida Roge.


Seven restaurants and bars offer a wide range of choices. There is something to suit everyone. The building is accessible from the street and houses two of Oslo's best-known restaurants. The Thai Restaurant Plah is run by Norway's top Thai chef. It offers an intimate experience. Barramon, on the other hand, is where locals go for Spanish Tapas and wine. To Sostre is the tea room in the hotel. It serves rich, decadent cakes while listening to live music.

Moreover, Ekspedisjonshallen is a restaurant that serves breakfast all day. It's a great place to start the morning with avocado toast. You can also order a steak tartare for lunch. Besides, add caviar to the top if desired. Next, head upstairs to experience the celebrated cuisine of Swedish Chef Frida Ronge. Tak Oslo is the only rooftop restaurant in the capital. Here, you can try Nordic-Japanese cuisine.

Then, stop for drinks at Izakaya on the next floor. You can enjoy street foods such as makis with pumpkins, truffles, seaweed, and mushrooms there.


The Spa has 18 treatment rooms and an area of 15000 square feet. It also features a sauna, a Roman bath, and a plunge pool. A large, original swimming pool with a Per Krohg wall mosaic is next to the renovated public baths of 1932. You can also choose between a wide range of products and treatments. This includes nutritionist workshops and sleep master classes.

Family Friendly

The hotel is also an excellent place for families with children. It is ideal for parents to relax and enjoy themselves. Some suites feature tubs with enough space for two adults.


Sommerro Hotel in Oslo is in the capital city of Norway. It offers a blend of modern amenities and traditional Scandinavian charm. From the moment you step into the lobby, you will be greeted with a warm atmosphere that sets the tone for a truly memorable stay. Expect beautifully appointed rooms, exquisite dining options, and top-notch facilities. Book your stay today and enjoy Sommerro. This place is highly recommended!

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Why we love this hotel

  • The hotel is in Frogner, a district known for its history and greenery. The hotel offers a unique view of the city's past.
  • Reserve a room in the adjoining Villa for added privacy and top-notch service.
  • Try Tak Oslo's exquisite Nordic-Japanese cuisine. It's by Chef Frida Ronge. With every bite, she celebrates Norway's best seasonal produce.
  • 231
  • Fitness Center
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Sauna
Hotel Style
  • Culture
  • City Vibe
Pet Friendly, Wheelchair Accessible, Connecting Rooms

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