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From 216 USD
Bellagio Las Vegas


Bellagio Las Vegas is part of the MGM Resorts Group. Fountains perform a spectacular dance coordinated with music and lights over a Mediterranean-blue...

From 834 USD
Skylofts at MGM Grand


Skylofts at MGM Grand, located on top of MGM Grand, offers 51 two-story Loft´s harmonizing design, decor, ambiance, and unparalleled vistas. Lofts are...

From 209 USD
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas


The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is a unique and luxurious hotel and casino. With private terraces that offer unbelievable views of the Las Vegas skyline,...

From 258 USD
Wynn Las Vegas & Encore


Wynn Las Vegas & Encore are the two best hotels in Las Vegas – a city that itself is an incredible tourist attraction. Located together, these hotels...

From 242 USD
Prestige at the Palazzo


The Prestige at the Palazzo boasts a unique architectural design, a lovely blend of classic and modern style. Its rotunda entrance is the most strikin...

From 319 USD
Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas


In the famous city of Las Vegas, you find the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas, previously the Mandarin Oriental. The urban oasis is a true representation of...

From 821 USD
Aria Sky Suites


ARIA Sky Suites - Indulge your desires at ARIA Sky Suites, a luxurious Forbes Five-Star rated retreat high above the Las Vegas Strip. Experience Unsur...

From 295 USD
Crockfords Las Vegas


Crockfords Las Vegas is a world-class luxury hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. It offers guests a unique and luxurious experience with its state-of-the-...

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Las Vegas

Good to know about Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. With its glitzy casinos, spectacular shows, and endless entertainment options, it's easy to see why. But with so much to do and see, knowing where to start planning your trip can be challenging. That's why we've created this Las Vegas travel guide to help you make the most of your time in Sin City. We'll cover all the essential information you need to know before you go, from the best places to stay and eat to the must-see attractions and activities. So grab your bags, and let's get started!


Las Vegas was known for its extreme offerings back then. Around 300 CE, the Southern Paiute arrived in Las Vegas. They were the first people to settle in this area. Native Americans were hunter-gatherers and made their homes in the mountains and canyons. They were also skilled weavers and basket-makers, hunted for game, and collected plants for their food.

It's not surprising that Nevada's dry climate made water a valuable commodity for the Southern Paiute. However, the Southern Paiute believed that other spirits, including the coyote, lived in the natural world. So they lived peacefully for hundreds of years until the arrival of the first Europeans.

Spanish merchants were the first Europeans to arrive in Nevada today. They traveled from Spain on the road to Los Angeles. The area was named "Las Vegas" by Spanish merchants traveling the road to Los Angeles.

Best Time to Visit 

Vegas is bustling all year, but it's rushing in winter when North America visits Nevada to enjoy its desert heat. The temperatures in spring and autumn are also pleasant. Summer heat can reach 105°F (40°C).

Las Vegas is particularly busy between Christmas Eve and New Years'. It's also busy at the end of January. During college basketball and Spring Break, March is also a little chaotic in Vegas.

Things to Do and Places to See 

Below are some of the best places and things to do in Las Vegas.


Area15 is a combination of an indoor entertainment complex, a performance venue, and a retail center. Events and performances are available (live music, drag shows), as well as DJ-led dance parties. You will also find bars and an arcade inside. Besides, there are many games and activities like ax throwing. It's a vast complex that offers many exciting and unusual activities.

Besides, you can enter the complex for free, but you will have to pay to participate in the activities. Therefore, you will also need to book activities ahead of time to visit the complex on Friday or Saturday after 10 pm.

Grand Canyon

If you choose one of the coach tours, you can combine a Grand Canyon trip with a visit to Hoover Dam. However, because the canyon is not very close to the city, these tours can take up to an entire day. Moreover, a tour of the Canyon or Hoover Dam, which is more than 250 miles (400 km) from the city, can take 14 hours. Therefore, a quick visit to the Canyon and Hoover Dam is worth it.

Shark Reef Aquarium

This is one of the most highly regarded sea-life centers worldwide. Shark Reef Tunnel is designed to look like an ancient sunken shipwreck. It lets you meet over 2,000 species, including giant rays and sharks. Moreover, the aquarium's main tank holds more than 1.3 million gallons. It is located at Mandalay Bay Resort. It is also the largest in North America.

Red Rock Canyon

This is a great place to go hiking if the lights of Vegas are too overwhelming. Moreover, each trailhead has its parking lot, so you can park your car and go hiking before heading to the next one. The Calico Tanks Trail is the most popular. The trail also passes a natural water tank, leading to a peak with a spectacular view of Las Vegas. However, bring plenty of water and a hat.

Mob Museum

The mafia was the first to establish Las Vegas. Then, Bugsy Segel built the Flamingo; since then, the mob has ruled Vegas. Despite having less power these days due to mega-resorts growth, the group still has a lot of influence. However, Vegas would not be the same without the mafia. This museum reveals the rich history of Vegas and the mob. Moreover, the Underground is a distillery underneath the museum. Here, you can enjoy Prohibition-era cocktails. 

Mirage Volcano

This artificial volcano erupts from the water below and emits fireballs and smoke up to 100 feet into the air. The waterfall is then transformed into molten lava. It sits at the Mirage on the Strip and has erupted since its opening in 1989. Nightly, the volcano show takes place at 8 pm-9 pm, 9 pm-10 pm, 10 pm, and 11 pm. Also, this is one of many nightly free shows that the Strip hotels offer to attract and capture visitors.

Boulder City

This suburb is on the route to the Hoover Dam and offers a glimpse into the local culture. Milo's is the most popular restaurant in this area. You can also shop on the main street. Besides, it's a pleasant contrast to Vegas' crowds, even though there aren't many things to do.

Arts Factory

This factory is in the downtown Arts District. It offers a big contrast from the Strip's glitz and glamor. This warehouse is 50 years old and houses gallery studios and live art events such as plays, poetry readings, and more. Although First Friday is the busiest day to visit, you are welcome to visit any time. Besides, there's always something happening at the exhibitions. For the most current schedule, visit their website.

Culture & Customs 

Las Vegas residents are known for their smiles. It's not unusual for Americans to smile at strangers. However, making eye contact with strangers is embarrassing, so people smile to help ease this awkward situation.

The residents also adhere to a personal space rule. It would be best if you were not near others waiting in line. Also, everyone must follow the rules. One anti-manner habit that locals have is their strange habit of licking their fingers when eating at home and even in public places.

Vegas is home to stag parties, high-rollers, and lovebirds eloping with drunken partygoers. Moreover, Sin City is a city that feels like an endless festival. 

What to Eat 

Las Vegas is a haven for celebrity chefs. Besides, almost every central hotel has a restaurant named after one of these chefs. These chefs can make whatever they like. Sin City is where Insta-worthy, gluttonous bites and fine dining meet. Here's a list of popular foods to eat.

Trash Can Nachos at Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Bar

Fieri's nachos are a lot like other restaurants' loaded chips. But the way they get to your table makes them stand out. Servers in a small metal box deliver them. You will slowly open the mini metal bin and find corn tortilla chips filled with cheese sauce, pork, pico verde Gallo, and more.

Sage Fried Chicken and Waffles at Hash House a Go Go 

Until you take out the vast steak knife that holds the tower together, you won't fully understand what's happening at this eatery. So instead, two huge fried chicken breasts and four waffles with bacon will be on the plate. Because this dish isn't holding back, Hash House A Go Go adds maple syrup.

L.A. Lasagna at Cafe Hollywood 

Cafe Hollywood lists these lasagna tubes as an app. However, they could easily be counted as a meal for two. Each order includes four deep-fried noodles filled with ricotta and bolognese and the best-roasted garlic sauce. But if you aren't sure what the rest will be like, you can choose tomato basil sauce.

Mac Con Queso at Chica

The Peruvian corn kernels act as the "noodle" for this mac and cheese. They are also larger and chewier than American ones. They are baked in a gratin with hearts of spinach and palm. A favorite side dish of many is Mac Con Queso.

Beef Wellington at Hell's Kitchen 

Ramsay's beef dish is his favorite, and it was a big hit during Hell's Kitchen. Ramsay serves it at almost every restaurant that he owns. This version, a tender filet mignon cut stuffed with a mushroom paste and wrapped in puff pastry, is one of his best.

Spicy Korean BBQ Wings at Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer 

Black Tap's spicy Korean wings make it easy to stand out amongst the Freakshakes or mile-high hamburgers. Moreover, Buttermilk-dill dressing adds a nice touch to the fiery chicken.

#HouseDog at Dirt Dog

Dirt Dog opens when a line of hungry customers is lining up around the block. #HouseDogs are bacon-wrapped hot dogs with Thousand Island dressing, roasted chilies, cream cheese, and onions. They are also more popular than any other food.

Where to Stay 

Below are some of the best areas to stay in Las Vegas. Either you want a hotel on the strip with floor-to-ceiling windows or one of the resorts in Las Vegas with a beach club. Visit Las Vegas - you will love the Vegas hotels!

The Strip 

Tourists flock to the Strip and want a hotel on the Strip. Walking to all the sights, including the Bellagio fountains and High Roller wheel, is easy. You can also see half-size replicas of the Eiffel Tower and Mirage's volcano erupting. Besides, the bright lights, video screens, and marquees lit at night make them a unique attraction. The Forum shops are a great place to spend some money.


Downtown offers flexibility when it comes to casinos. The El Cortez offers some of the best terms and conditions for players in town. They have low minimums, 3-2 single- and double-deck blackjack, and more. You'll still find penny slots in the Fremont Street Experience, but they have mostly vanished from the Strip. Finally, the D is the last place you will find the Sigma Derby. This is a retro game where miniature mechanic horses race around the track.

Henderson and Summerlin 

Las Vegas is home to one of the most rapidly-growing housing markets in America. Although Henderson may seem like the southeast corner, it is the second-largest city in Nevada. Summerlin is a master-planned community on the west side. Both areas offer a variety of amenities, including walking trails, shopping centers, and restaurants. There are also many home options, from modestly priced to luxurious luxury estates.

The Suburbs 

It is a well-kept fact that Las Vegas is a great place to start exploring southern Nevada's natural wonders. People get too caught up in the Strip's artificial glamor that they forget to see the beauty around them.

You can enjoy the best of the suburbs and the planned communities that makeup Las Vegas. Moreover, each Las Vegas suburb has its unique character. For example, affluent Henderson is close to the Strip, the Hoover Dam, and many malls and casinos. Furthermore, Summerlin is known for its Tivoli Village and Red Rock Resort shopping area.

Boulder City is also a great place to visit Lake Mead. However, if you are looking for more Nevada than Las Vegas or have young children, staying in the suburbs is a great idea.

How to Get Around 

Tunnels and walkways connect the majority of the Strip. However, if it gets too hot, the monorail can be a great option to get around. The monorail stops at seven points along the Vegas Strip.

The Deuce is the name of Vegas' bus system. It is also one of the most convenient ways to travel between the Strip and downtown. The main routes are The Deuce on the Strip or the SDX. You can purchase tickets on the bus, vending machines, or ride RTC, Lyft, and Uber apps.

Besides, a free shuttle bus service stops at most of the city's main attractions and districts. The Las Vegas Downtown Loop operates Monday through Thursday from 11 am-6 pm and Fridays and Saturdays between 3 pm-10 pm.

Many taxis will charge a processing fee if you do not pay cash. There is also a surcharge if you take a taxi to the airport. Moreover, there is a fixed rate for taxis from the airport per zone. Furthermore, Lyft and Uber are more affordable than taxis. They are also the most convenient way to travel around the city without paying for a cab or taking the bus.

How to Stay Safe 

Las Vegas is safe for solo travelers and solo female travelers. But, although violent attacks are sporadic, it is essential to be cautious wherever you travel. There may also be gang violence in Vegas, but you won't be in direct contact with it if you are on the Strip or Fremont Street.

Also, do not walk alone at night in dark places. Keep your valuables safe at all costs. Keep your wallet close at hand when you are in large groups on Fremont Street or riding public transport.

Avoid street vendors as well. This is especially true when it comes to event tickets. Single female travelers will feel comfortable here. However, you should follow the usual precautions: never leave your drink unattended, never walk home alone, and so forth.

Additionally, bring along sunscreen when you go hiking. It can get boiling! Not leaving valuables behind if you rent a vehicle is also essential.

For emergency assistance, dial 911. Always trust your gut instinct. Also, keep a copy of all your documents, including your ID and passport. Send your itinerary to family members so they can see where you are.