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InterContinental Beppu Resort & Spa

InterContinental Beppu Resort & Spa

ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort & Spa is a lavish oasis of indulgence and self-discovery. Perched in the foothills overlooking Beppu, one of Japan's most renowned hot spring towns, this contemporary resort has a stunning view of lush mountains, an expansive bay, and steam billowing from the city's many natural hot springs. Find yourself at one with the five natural elements and the inspiring culture of Japan.

Escape of unexpected luxury experiences, inspired by Japan's Onsen heritage. Escaping the busyness of everyday life, ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort & Spa introduces a rare combination of Japan's hot spring heritage and international, world-class experience. Trend-setting restaurants and bars will make you want to try more of Chef's unique blend of seasonal creations, spacious rooms, and suites with breathtaking views that will leave you in awe, and the inviting infinity pool, Beppu hot spring water, and rejuvenating spa treatments will soothe your body and soul.

Introducing Beppu - With 120 million liters of onsen water gushing out of 2,217 wells every day, Beppu deserves its reputation as a world leader for onsen bathing. Flowing beneath the city are seven of the 10 types of mineral-rich onsen water in existence, each with its own distinct healing benefits. The rejuvenating properties of Beppu's hot springs have been known for centuries. An ancient Japanese legend speaks of a mythical god, Okuni Nushino Mikoto, who built a pipe to carry the healing onsen water from Beppu to Ehime, more than 150 km away, to cure the ailing god Sukunahiko. In the 13th century, a samurai, Yoriyasu Otomo, built sanatoriums in Beppu for warriors who had been wounded during the Mongolian invasions. True to its status as an onsen destination, many of Beppu's attractions are centered around its hot spring heritage. From more traditional public baths to the high-end onsen at Japanese inns, Beppu boasts more than 200 bathing facilities. Give your skin the chance to experience all the benefits of the various water types in the region.

Rooms & Suites - Your Own Private Sanctuary - Each of the 89 rooms have been planned for optimal relaxation, with calming Japanese-inspired design, modern amenities to meet every need, and impressive views of the natural world surrounding the resort. Would you please choose one of the Club InterContinental Rooms & Suites for an even more elegant stay, each with its own private onsen on the terrace? Guests of these rooms and the resort's suites will use the exclusive Club InterContinental Lounge. Whether staying in a Suite, Club InterContinental Room, or Guest Room, all guests have access to the public onsen, infinity pool, and gym, as well as free WiFi throughout the resort.

Dining - Savour the Seasons - Inspired by Japan's five elements - earth, water, fire, wind, and void - the restaurants, bars, and lounges integrate the essence and the beauty of nature into their dishes, drinks, and décor. On the top floor of the resort, Elements – Atelier & Bar sets a new standard for dining excellence with a range of creative, seasonal dishes using locally sourced ingredients of the highest quality. Divided into a relaxed main dining room, an exclusive counter seating-only atelier, and a stylish bar, each dish and drink served is sure to delight your palate. Health-inspired beverages, seasonal tea and coffee, and various pastries, cakes, and light, refreshing dishes will be served at the resort's two lounges, the pool-side Aqua and the elegant The Lounge. Every culinary experience at ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort & Spa is an opportunity to revel in healthy indulgence and extravagant comfort. World-class dining experiences inspired by the seasons, showcasing the finest local ingredients.

''Atelier'' - An elegant dining experience in Beppu, Atelier is an exclusive, dinner-only venue that gives a taste of the cutting edge in culinary creativity. In its modern open kitchen, the skilled chefs will enthrall guests with exceptional European cuisine. From one of the 21 counter-only seats of the signature dining experience, guests have a view of the eye-catching meat fridge - with prime cuts of Bungo-Gyu, Oita Prefecture's renowned, high-quality beef - and can also look out at the Ogiyama mountains and the steam rising from the rooftops of Beppu. By blending French and International cuisine elements with ingredients native to the region, the chef will drive the guests into a refined culinary experience.

The menu will be designed personally by the chef with the utmost attention to taste and detail. It will constantly change to utilize the freshest seasonal ingredients. As Atelier is certain to become a dining destination, reservations should be made in advance. With a carefully prepared selection of international and Japanese-inspired dishes, Elements offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and an all-day à la carte menu in a casual setting. With chairs of woven bamboo, tables of horse chestnut wood, and floors designed to portray the sun shining through the trees, the natural world surrounds every diner. Or take a meal in one of the 24 seats out on the terrace to be truly enveloped in nature, with a gorgeous view of the Myoban mountain area.

"Elements'' - Along with a generous spread of breakfast options on offer at the buffet counter, enjoy a variety of freshly baked loaves of bread available in the pantry and breakfast classics cooked to order. À la carte breakfast options will also be available on a separate menu. New dishes are introduced each season for lunch and dinner as the chef's ideas continue to evolve. The Oita region's delectable ingredients will feature prominently in many dishes, including local produce and the freshest of seafood. For Lunch and Dinner, guests have the option of Semi Buffet with a choice of Main Course or À la carte menu upon request. Elements' red wine wall houses an expertly chosen world-class selection of wines. Each glass, poured in a special decanting area to ensure optimal quality, will please even the most astute connoisseur. Come and experience the tranquility of being in nature as you savor the dining experience.

''The Bar'' - Savour a unique selection of craft gin, prime whiskeys, and Japanese shochu at Bar. Its rosewood herringbone floor and wood counter create a warm atmosphere, perfect for a nightcap and an intimate conversation. Knowledgeable bartenders are on hand to suggest seasonal cocktails, signature drinks, or anything else that suits your tastes. Sit back and relax in one of the 13 comfortable seats inside or in one of 10 chairs out on the terrace.

''Aqua'' - After soaking in the rejuvenating onsen waters, swimming in the heated infinity pool, or finishing a revitalizing treatment in the spa, relaxation continues at AQUA, the bright pool-side bar overlooking the mountains, the city of Beppu, and the bay. Between trips to the jacuzzi or while lounging in the sun - in one of eight outdoor sofa seats or one of 12 sun loungers - try one of the freshly squeezed juices on offer or choose from an extensive bar menu. Inside, recline in one of AQUA's sofas and flip through a book on well-being from the library, listen to music on the vintage JBL Paragon speaker, or take in the view while sipping on a healthy seasonal beverage.

''The Lounge'' - Serving herbal infusions, an extensive selection of specialty coffee, and teas from the global luxury brand TWG, The Lounge is a hub of relaxation at the center of the resort. Indulge in beautifully arranged afternoon tea, viennoiserie, cake sets, and other light fare inspired by the seasons, or drop by for a drink during the afternoon bar hours. Nature features in The Lounge's décor, with a long wood counter, Beppu stone on the walls, and pillars inspired by the forest. Soak in the calming environment while relaxing in one of the lounge's woven bamboo chairs. Savor the Christmas tradition's afternoon tea interpretation with a unique combination of sweets and savories inspired by the most popular winter festivities. Christmas Fantasia Afternoon Tea will entertain your palate with well-known delicatessens like the bouche de noel, gingerbread man cookie, and a wide range of other tastes. Match the afternoon tea with your favorite TWG branded tea or excellent coffee made by skilled baristas.

SPAcation - Rejuvenation Reimagined - Encounter unparalleled relaxation and rejuvenation in a luxurious, modern setting. The spa experts provide a transformative healing journey like no other. In the hot springs, relax and revitalize through the peaceful yet profound power of Beppu's onsen water. Experience clarity of both body and mind in the elegant infinity pool.

HARNN Heritage Spa - Wander through the void, a long enigmatic corridor leading to a sanctuary of sophisticated relaxation and exceptional serenity. The spacious lounge is a masterpiece of aesthetics, aromas, and textures. Contrasting volcanic stone walls and limestone complement a stunning center table made of tree trunks from the Nagano Prefecture. Washi paper blinds render soft and relaxing sunlight into the five treatment rooms – two single and two couples as well as a foot massage room. Each treatment room is outfitted with a private bathroom and changing room. In addition, the couple's treatment rooms feature intricate bamboo partitions and sliding doors created by their own Beppu artisans with jacuzzis made of Japanese cypress. These attributes, complemented by the therapists' healing hands, deliver the height of relaxation and well-being.

Rejuvenation reimagined - Onsen - Offering a refined, modern take on Japan's rich onsen culture, the resort's two public onsen - one for women and the other for men, alternating daily - are as striking in their design as they are relaxing. Look out over beautiful Beppu Bay while soaking in the warm, healing myoban water of Beppu. Its minerals are said to cleanse and beautify skin. With an unmistakably Japanese atmosphere, the spacious Onsen #1 features granite and Japanese cypress. In addition, it connects to a steam sauna for even greater health and relaxation benefits.

A large rock stands at the center of Onsen #2, water pouring from it like a fountain. With an ambiance that emphasizes the natural, this onsen makes prominent use of Beppu stone. Also, take advantage of the dry sauna, a cold-water plunge pool, and a reclining bath. Both onsens have outdoor baths, and these have been designed to give the impression that you are bathing in the forest. Water in the outdoor baths flows like a stream, and cedar parasol-like shades provide cover and privacy.

Family Onsen - The private onsen rooms give you the same onsen experience, but in your own exclusive space, complete with a lounge area with a day bed and a separate bathroom. These rooms also have outdoor onsen baths that look out over the city of Beppu and its ever-rising steam.

Infinity Pool - Go for a swim in the pristine infinity pool and enjoy an incomparable view of the city of Beppu. After your swim, lie back on the patio in one of the 12 sun loungers, sit on one of the eights sofas in the sunken lounge, or relax in the jacuzzi, each an inviting stop on your journey of relaxation. The pool is maintained at an optimal 27 degrees throughout the winter. Guests can purchase swimwear at the Resort Center if necessary.

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Rooms and Suites at InterContinental Beppu Resort & Spa

From 1,708 USD

Panorama 1 Bedroom Suite ( 1561ft2 )

Indulge in extravagant luxury in the 145 sqm, one-bedroom Panorama Suite, with a breathtaking 270-degree view of the bay, the city, and the mountains....

From 2,563 USD

Panorama 2 Bedroom Suite ( 2282ft2 )

Be immersed in the unparalleled decadence of the 212 sqm, two-bedroom Panorama Suite, with a sweeping 270-degree view of the picturesque Ogiyama mount...

From 534 USD

Intercontinental Room ( 646ft2 - 732ft2 )

The elegant InterContinental Room brings together Japanese craftsmanship and modern design. Guests are soothed by its many natural elements, such as o...

From 788 USD

Club Intercontinental Room ( 732ft2 )

With floor-to-ceiling windows and a captivating view of Beppu Bay, the spacious 68 sqm Club InterContinental King Room is a refuge of extraordinary co...

From 993 USD

Junior Suite ( 1098ft2 )

Experience true resort luxury in the 102 sqm Junior Suite while bathing in the private onsen on the terrace or lounging in the plush sitting room. Jap...

From 915 USD

Premium Suite ( 1033ft2 )

Gaze out on an unforgettable vista from the Premium Suite, with its magnificent 180-degree view of the dazzling Beppu Bay and the awe-inspiring Ogiyam...

From 534 USD

Deluxe Room ( 667ft2 )

Combining traditional Japanese elements with contemporary comfort, the spacious, 62 sqm Deluxe Room envelops you in natural beauty. It has soothing wo...

From 572 USD

Premium Room ( 732ft2 )

The elegant Premium Room brings together Japanese craftsmanship and modern design. While appreciating the room’s natural materials - wood, bamboo, mar...

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