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If you are thinking of escaping from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the GoldenEye is the place to be. Once home to an English author, Ian Fleming, this 52-acre property is all about white sand beaches and kaleidoscopic sunsets. Check into this luxurious resort and get ready to embark on a relaxing journey.


On the north coast of Jamaica in the Oracabessa Bay, GoldenEye is 10 miles away from Ocho Rios in Oracabessa Bay. Ian Fleming penned down James Bond novels, and that's why the place is often called the GoldenEye 007.

Upon arriving at the resort, you'll notice the author's pictures in the reception area. Besides, when on the property, you may expect to see Famke Janssen posters clad in Xenia Onatopp's avatar, but that's not the case. However, you can borrow James bond films and novels while enjoying the overall relaxed and laid-back atmosphere.


Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond novels, purchased this property in 1946. He made this space his sanctuary and named it GoldenEye. In 1976, after the death of Noël Coward, Chris Blackwell, the founder of Island Records, purchased the property and turned it into a resort.

To add to the history, there is even a 1995 series called GoldenEye. It is the seventeenth among the series of James Bond movies. Moreover, there is also the game GoldenEye 007 that was once highly sought-after by many.


From grand villas to cozy beach huts, there's a variety of accommodation options for the guests. Among GoldenEye beach villas, the most popular is the flagship Fleming Villa. These beach villas are super spacious.

The look and feel of these standalone villas are all about getting lost in nature's paradise. Designed by Ann Hodges, each villa features a full kitchen, hardwood floors, and high ceilings. Moreover, decked up with oversized furniture and soft and cool linens, this space exudes nothing but Jamaican beach vibes.

Additionally, the Lagoon Cottages at GoldenEye are also popular. They feature private villas with sun-decks and an outdoor shower. Calming, soothing, inviting, and therapeutic; these cottages tick all the boxes for a getaway on the coastline. Furthermore, each lagoon features its own kayak that allows guests to go beyond and explore the waters.

Enhancing the cozy beach vibes, the huts at the GoldenEye are a big deal. They are on Button Beach near Shabeen bar and Snorkelers cove. Though these are called huts, there's nothing low-key about them. Their architectural design is the epitome of the open plan, meaning you can feel the soothing ocean breeze while relaxing.

Restaurant and Bar

One of the best features of GoldenEye is its tree-house-style gazebo bar. With the fantastic view of both the lagoon and Low Cay beach, the bar is nothing short of magical. Sip on a cocktail while gazing at the fiery sunset. Or, enjoy dinner that ranges from grilled octopus to all Jamaican specialties.

Overlooking the beach, the well-lit Bizot Bar also serves true Jamaican food. Some of the best dishes here are ackee and saltfish, mahi-mahi, and smoked marlin linguine. Moreover, the mesmerizing view of the beach will make the food-waiting time super enjoyable.

Shabeen is another bar at the GoldenEye 007, where rum flows like water. Located next to the Snorkelers cove and freshwater pool, this bar is the place to satisfy all your cocktails and drinking cravings.

Then there is the Bamboo Bar rum bar. Located at Button Beach, the bar offers a breathtaking view of the beach and some freshly grilled fish and Jamaican Jerk BBQ.

In addition to these bars and restaurants, GoldenEye also offers an in-room dining service. However, that's not the typical service — guests can have an experience that they cherish forever. For instance, you can have breakfast on the veranda of your lagoon. Or, if you are staying at the beach villa, you can also ask the hotel staff to set a dinner table at the porch.

Pools & Beaches

People love this resort for two main reasons. Firstly, for its James Bond 007 history and secondly, for its beaches.

Low Cay is the main beach for this hotel. This beach has many wow factors. It has white sand, and the water is incredibly blue, making this spot perfectly gram-worthy.

Button Beach is another beach you must visit as it offers something special for everyone. Moreover, all the water sports happen here, making it the ultimate fun point of the resort.

Field Spa

Nestled on the edge of the lagoon, the Field Spa evokes nature-enabled peace. From massages to scrubs, enjoy everything here with ingredients grown locally and products that are made right on site.

Whether you want to pamper yourself, indulge or recover from the stresses of everyday life, the Field Spa offers everything you'll ever need.


Whether your preference is - swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, or Snorkeling, being around the private beaches brings unlimited possibilities to indulge in. Sitting along the coastline of the beaches and lagoons, GoldenEye naturally offers an overwhelming array of water sports and glass-bottom boat excursions.

However, if you are not into water-based activities, there are still plenty of options available. There's a tennis court to cater to all those with sporty spirits, and there's a Jungle Gym and Yoga deck if you want to opt for some light-mood workout. Also, you can even take part in environmentally-friendly activities such as planting a tree.


The place where James Bond 007 novels were written is now a sanctuary to escape and relax. With umpteen activities, breathtaking scenery, and delectable food options, you can have the time of your life at the GoldenEye. Just a casual walk in the hills, and you'll see trees planted by the likes of Kate Moss, Johnny Depp, and Pierce Brosnan. A celebrity or not, everyone who checks into this breathtaking resort will get to enjoy the same things — nature, peace, and tranquility.

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Rooms and Suites at GoldenEye

From 872 USD

One Bedroom Lagoon Cottage ( 720ft2 )

These 720 sqft (67 sqm) one bedroom cottages feature a king size bed and direct lagoon access.

From 578 USD

One Bedroom Beach Hut ( 425ft2 )

These 425 sq ft (37 sq m) freestanding beach huts feature a king size bed.

One Bedroom Ocean Front Villa ( 1121ft2 )

This 1,121 sq ft (104 sq m) villa features a queen size bed.

From 826 USD

Two Bedroom Beach Hut ( 1050ft2 )

These 1050 sqft (98 sqm) freestanding multi-level huts feature one king bedroom on each level.

From 1,364 USD

One Bedroom Lagoon Villa ( 1100ft2 )

This 1,100 sq ft (102 sq m) villa features a king size bed and direct lagoon access.

From 620 USD

One Bedroom Tall Beach Hut ( 425ft2 )

These 425 sq ft (37 sq m) freestanding 10ft high beach huts feature king size beds.

From 2,790 USD

Three Bedroom Ocean Front Villa ( 2541ft2 )

This 2,541sqft (159sqm) villa is within it's own private compound comprised of four buildings.

From 1,364 USD

One Bedroom Beach Villa ( 1100ft2 )

These 1,100 sq ft (102 sq m) villas feature a king size bed and direct beach access.

From 1,768 USD

Two Bedroom Beach Villa ( 1711ft2 )

These 1,711 sq ft (159 sq m) multi-level beach villas feature two king size bedrooms

From 1,768 USD

Two Bedroom Lagoon Villa ( 1711ft2 )

This 1,711 sq ft (159 sq m) multi-level Lagoon villa features two king size bedrooms

From 638 USD

One Bedroom Beach Hut with Open Air Dune ( 1020ft2 )

These 1020 sq ft (95 sqm) freestanding multi-level huts have a king size bed & outdoor lounge.

From 848 USD

One Bedroom Lagoon Hut ( 595ft2 )

This 595 sq ft (55 sq m) freestanding original beach hut features a king size bed.

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