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Rooms and Suites at Villa Agrippina Gran Melia

From 649 USD
Premium Room

Premium Room ( 291ft2 - 323ft2 )

The Premium Room is a spacious and elegant double room that measures between 27 and 30 square meters. It has been meticulously designed to provide

From 670 USD
Classic Room

Classic Room ( 226ft2 - 248ft2 )

Welcome to the Classic Room, an elegant and spacious double room ranging from 21 to 23 square meters. Step into a Spanish-Italian ambiance where guests

From 812 USD
Grand Premium Room

Grand Premium Room ( 280ft2 - 388ft2 )

The Grand Premium Room is a sophisticated double room, offering a generous space ranging from 26 to 36 square meters. Designed for individuals seeking spacious

From 965 USD
RedLevel Junior Suite

RedLevel Junior Suite ( 388ft2 - 495ft2 )

The RedLevel Junior Suite offers a spacious and modern space, ranging from 36 to 46 m2. It provides two elegant areas for enhanced comfort and

From 1,128 USD
RedLevel Duplex Junior Suite

RedLevel Duplex Junior Suite ( 388ft2 - 474ft2 )

The RedLevel Duplex Junior Suite, located on the hotel's top floor, is one of the most luxurious guestrooms. With a size ranging from 36 to

From 1,237 USD
Redlevel Garden Studio Apartment

Redlevel Garden Studio Apartment ( 700ft2 )

The Redlevel Garden Studio Apartment offers a spacious and modern retreat, perfect for travelers seeking a blend of Rome's vibrant atmosphere and peaceful relaxation. With

From 1,433 USD
Redlevel Supreme Terrace Room

Redlevel Supreme Terrace Room ( 312ft2 - 366ft2 )

The Redlevel Supreme Terrace Room is a bright and spacious double room, ranging from 29 to 34 m2. It boasts an elegant interior design inspired

From 1,542 USD
Redlevel Master Suite

Redlevel Master Suite ( 538ft2 )

The Redlevel Master Suite is an elegant and spacious room measuring 50 m2. It consists of a refined bedroom, a modern lounge, and a luxurious

From 1,728 USD
2 Bedroom RedLevel Master Suite

2 Bedroom RedLevel Master Suite ( 753ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom RedLevel Master Suite is a new, elegant suite spanning 70 m2. It offers two refined bedrooms and a separate, modern lounge decorated

From 1,891 USD
RedLevel Renaissance Suite

RedLevel Renaissance Suite ( 538ft2 )

The RedLevel Renaissance Suite offers a romantic experience in a 50 m2 suite. It includes a private terrace with captivating views of the Vatican walls.

From 2,763 USD
Redlevel Vatican Suite

Redlevel Vatican Suite ( 1345ft2 )

The Redlevel Vatican Suite offers stunning views of St. Peter's Basilica and Michelangelo's iconic Dome. This 70 m2 suite is a captivating and beautiful place

From 2,981 USD
Redlevel Panoramic Suite

Redlevel Panoramic Suite ( 1195ft2 )

The Redlevel Panoramic Suite offers an unparalleled view of the magnificent Eternal City, making it one of the most coveted accommodations for a romantic stay

From 3,635 USD
RedLevel Emperor Nero Master Suite

RedLevel Emperor Nero Master Suite ( 861ft2 )

Welcome to the RedLevel Emperor Nero Master Suite, a luxurious retreat nestled in the heart of Villa Agrippina. This magnificent 80 m2 suite offers a

From 4,485 USD
Redlevel Villa Agrippina Pool Suite

Redlevel Villa Agrippina Pool Suite ( 2153ft2 )

Indulge in the Redlevel Villa Agrippina Pool Suite, a luxurious retreat set amidst a lush garden. This unique suite offers 200 sqm of private outdoor

Villa Agrippina Gran Melia

The timeless heritage of the roman deities, Villa Agrippina A Gran Meliá Hotel Rome. The expansive villa, built by Agrippina Major, evokes the luxurious lifestyle of the ancient Roman resort located between the Janiculum Hill and the Vatican which extended into the area where the Basilica of St. Peter now stands. 2000 years later. Villa Agrippina a Gran Melia Hotel, stands on the same historic site.

Villa Agrippina Gran Meliá

Steeped in history and atmosphere, Villa Agrippina Gran Melia has so many stories to tell. Its outstanding location is unrivalled. In a radius of only a few kilometres, the percentage of architectural genius per square metre reaches disproportionate levels. Visit the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, and the Basilica of Saint Peter. From paintings by Raffaello and Leonardo da Vinci, to Greek and Roman statues; Michelangelo's frescos in the Sistine Chapel and the masterpieces housed in the Basilica of Saint Peter, the biggest church in the world. Among the many artifacts and mosaics, the "Piety" of Michelangelo and the beautifully sculpted Bernini altar, reflect the magnificence of Rome.

Surrounded by Splendour

The stunning features of Villa Agrippina Gran Melia will make the perfect excuse to keep coming back to Rome. The tranquillity of the design of the flower garden, wandering along paths with plants favoured by the ancient Romans, such as bay laurel, myrtle, rosemary, strawberry tree and lentisk, are just some of the precious ingredients used to give a burst of flavour to the Roman and Italian recipes from the kitchen. The sinuous outdoor pool in the shade of Rome's iconic stone pines, the pure and relaxing atmosphere of the SPA My Blend by Clarins and the simple architectural design are some of the features of Villa Agrippina's distinctive identity.

Experience RedLevel

At Villa Agrippina Gran Melia, the hotel staff go above and beyond to make every guest feel special. The RedLevel experience has been created to further enhance this feeling, offering tailor-made customer experiences with unique and thoughtful features to make your stay exceptional.

Rooms & Suites

The elegant and exquisite design of the rooms at Villa Agrippina Gran Meliá (formerly Gran Meliá Rome) makes it the leading luxury hotel in Rome. All the rooms and the suites offer exclusive services, guaranteeing an extraordinary and comfortable stay for all the guests. Each smallest detail is taken care of with utmost attention to ensure that guests, experience a truly extraordinary stay in Rome.

Restaurants & Bars

Rome has been known since antiquity for its grand feasts and banquets, and at Villa Agrippina a Gran Meliá Hotel, simple and innovative yet traditional cuisine reigns supreme. All dining options focus on sustainable and locally sourced products.

Ossimoro has created a menu which harks back to classical dishes and plays on his reputation for serving his own version of the most celebrated Roman and Italian dishes, all of them adapted and updated to satisfy the refined tastes of modern travellers. The dining room can also be hired for private events. Dress code - smart casual. Ossimoro opens depending on the season and opening hours may vary.

Amaro - Set in what was formerly a church, Amaro is the cocktail and lounge bar that marches to its own soulful beat. From post-meeting drinks to pre-dinner cocktails, the elegant surroundings of Amaro offer tasty light dishes and tempting drinks served alongside a smooth soundtrack. Amaro is open depending on the season, every day from noon until midnight

Gala Pool Bar & Restaurant - An excellent outlet with all-time classic dishes and options for lighter meals, fresh ingredients, a detox option and a dedicated pool service.As languid Rome summer evenings stretch before us, Gala Pool Bar & Restaurant is an oasis in the heart of the city designed for alfresco dining.The elegant yet relaxed atmosphere at Gala offers an inviting space to enjoy drinks before a romantic dinner or finger food on the teak sundeck among fragrant lemon, olive and strawberry trees or by the pool.

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Why we love this hotel

  • Villa Agrippina Gran Melia Hotel. Stands in an almost identical position as part of the residence of the "Empress" Agrippina Major.
  • The Hotel will take you on a journey of its grounds, the Ager Vaticanus and Horti of Agrippina. Wedged between the Tiber river and Trastevere.
  • The main attractions in Rome are within walking distance. Villa Agrippina Gran Melia is the closest hotel to the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel.
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Hotel Style
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