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Rooms and Suites at Passalacqua Hotel

From 1,799 USD
Villa Lake View Room

Villa Lake View Room ( 538ft2 )

The Villa Lake View Room is a spacious accommodation that takes full advantage of its breathtaking surroundings. It boasts large windows that offer splendid vistas

From 2,038 USD
Casa al Lago Lake View Room

Casa al Lago Lake View Room ( 323ft2 )

The Casa al Lago Lake View Room, situated in a lush garden, offers breathtaking vistas of Lake Como. With an average size of 30 sqm

From 2,998 USD
Palazz Courtyard View Room

Palazz Courtyard View Room ( 398ft2 )

The Palazz Courtyard View Room is a warm and elegant sanctuary. Rich, inviting tones and exquisite damask motifs decorate every corner. The cozy retreat has

From 3,237 USD
Palazz Courtyard View Grand Room

Palazz Courtyard View Grand Room ( 538ft2 )

In the Palazz Courtyard View Grand Room, one can't help but be swept away by the alluring embrace of luxury. The room envelops guests in

From 3,357 USD
 Villa Suite Agnese

Villa Suite Agnese ( 969ft2 )

The Villa Suite Agnese has a timeless elegance and blends with the beautiful borgo seen from its windows. As one steps into this exquisite suite,

From 3,357 USD
Villa Lake View Grand Junior Suite

Villa Lake View Grand Junior Suite ( 915ft2 )

The Villa Lake View Grand Junior Suite is spacious and well-lit. It features high ceilings and large windows that offer picturesque views of the park

From 3,597 USD
 Casa al Lago Lake View Junior Suite

Casa al Lago Lake View Junior Suite ( 646ft2 )

Casa al Lago Lake View Junior Suite offers a spacious, open-plan design comprising a bedroom and living area. It leads to a patio that presents

From 3,597 USD
Villa Village View Room

Villa Village View Room ( 431ft2 )

Nestled within the main building, the Villa Village View Room offers enchanting vistas of the charming borgo of Moltrasio. The room has a perfect mix

From 3,597 USD
 Casa al Lago Grand Lake View Room

Casa al Lago Grand Lake View Room ( 431ft2 )

The Casa al Lago Grand Lake View Room has a big bedroom with a beautiful view of the garden. This haven provides the option of

From 5,396 USD
 Villa Lake View Junior Suite

Villa Lake View Junior Suite ( 753ft2 )

The Junior Suite in the Villa Lake View is nestled by the lake and has decor that matches the lake's moods. The space is about

From 5,515 USD
Villa Lake View Suite Norma

Villa Lake View Suite Norma ( 1292ft2 )

The large bedroom and connected living area are filled with sunlight, capturing the beauty of the outdoors and the sparkling lake. Its key attributes encompass

From 7,194 USD
Villa Lake View Suite Bellini

Villa Lake View Suite Bellini ( 2691ft2 )

Villa Lake View Suite Bellini, the largest of its kind on Lake Como, unveils a series of lavishly adorned chambers. In Sala della Musica, composer

Passalacqua Hotel

Passalacqua Hotel is about celebrating a timeless, authentically Italian way of life. Aiming to revive the lost art of Villeggiatura, that age-old practice of shedding the literal and figurative corsets of everyday life in the city for the natural beauty and simpler pleasures at a country manor, a mountain chalet, or, indeed, a lakeside estate like this.

Great pride is put in exceeding guests' expectations, offering all the creature comforts, outdoor amusements, and Epicurean treats you might imagine, along with a few whimsies and wonders that even the most seasoned traveler might not. It's all about bringing Meraviglia back – that sense of awe that makes a journey unforgettable. So come to Passalacqua and experience memories in the making.

Story of Passalacqua Hotel

Every corner of Passalacqua Hotel has a tale to tell. For example, the illustrious Odescalchi family of Como was the first to build a villa on this site.

Of the Counts of Lucini-Passalacqua, whose star architects and artisans made this summer residence the envy of all who saw it. Then there are the many luminaries who graced the villa as guests: composer Vincenzo Bellini. The villa and the surrounding village so enchanted him that he composed many of his most famous works in the Sala della Musica. And countless others whose names we will never know made their mark here: generations of gardeners with grand visions and green thumbs or the skillful engineers who built the impressive network of underground tunnels.

The Nature

Nature has been kind to us on Lake Como: a glacier turned into a lake as deep as it is cold, mountains furry with foliage stretching to the sky, and a microclimate in which olive trees and palms, citrus, and camellias thrive. Passalacqua offers myriad opportunities to connect with nature – and in doing so, to reconnect with yourself – whether it's asanas under the magnolias, a ripe kiwi picked straight off the vine, or a peaceful moment by a burbling fountain. All the while, Lake Como looms as a constant presence, sometimes just a glimpse through the trees, at others a sweeping panorama glittering like a thousand diamonds in the sun. God is in the details, as Van Der Rohe says, but what makes this place, so divine is how all the pieces come together: this symbiosis of nature, water, and people makes Passalacqua Hotel a true celebration of life and lake.

Rooms & Suites

Palazz - The eight rooms in the Palazz envelop guests in a cozy cocoon of jewel-toned walls, celebrating its past with imposing 200-year-old oak beams and lamps of the most acceptable Venetian silk overhead.

Villa - The Villa has twelve great rooms and suites that pair the soaring ceilings, ornate stuccos, and artisanal floors of the building's 18th-century heyday with every modern comfort you can conceive.

Casa al Lago - The Casa al Lago, nestled in a lush green oasis, has the lake literally at its feet. For families and small groups, the four rooms, each with its private garden overlooking the lake, may also be booked for exclusive use.


The quintessential Italian meal is as much about cuisine as it is about Convivialità. Here, dining is a ritual to be celebrated and shared in the making and the partaking. Keeping the villa's long history as a private residence alive, Passalacqua Hotel aspires to be a 'home away from a home approach to dining that invites guests to choose when, where and what you eat. The team is on hand to make your dining dreams come true: a candlelit dinner among the rosebushes, a picnic with the waves lapping at your feet, or a pasta-making session before your family-style feast. There is always something happening in the kitchens; guests are encouraged to stop by and lend a hand or order what tickles their tastebuds, on or off the menu.

Mangia e Bevi - In true Italian style, following the rhythms and rhymes of nature when it comes to food. That means only the freshest seasonal ingredients and the bounty of the own garden are featured at every meal: tomatoes and kiwis straight off the vine, zero-kilometer meat and produce, jams made with the plums, oranges, and quinces. Passalacqua strives to make its guests feel at home, and the same is valid for Chef and his team – there is always someone in the kitchen eager to discuss the day's menu or provide an impromptu cooking experience. And whether it is a simple Caprese salad prepared tableside or Giovenca beef braised in Barolo, the passion for food shines through in every bite.

La Dolce Vita

In the classic Villeggiatura, time slows to an anachronistic pace. You find yourself gradually moving from doing to simply being. This sweet idleness known as dolce far niente is a quintessentially Italian practice, something the rest of the world eyes with envy. At Passalacqua Hotel, it is less about being lazy than about living in the moment, entirely free from the pressure of schedules and expectations. Take a dip in the pool or book a boat ride, play tennis or a round of bocce, but in your own time. Arrange for treatment at the spa, a yoga session under the magnolias, or an excursion further afield if you can tear yourself away from the view. Join the other guests for a movie night under the stars or opt instead for a solitary walk in the woods. At Passalacqua Hotel, experiences are there for the taking whenever the mood strikes.

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Why we love this hotel

  • Passalacqua Hotel is a historic private home. It was transformed into an exquisite hotel on the shores of Lake Como.
  • The 24 suites are set within the main historic villa. The Pus Palaz ancient stables and Casa al Lago are located right on the lake.
  • The hotel is immersed in a terraced garden with private hideaways and fountains.
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  • Fitness Center
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  • Spa
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Hotel Style
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  • Romantic
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