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Rooms and Suites at iI Sereno Lago di Como

From 1,450 USD
Piccoletta Suite

Piccoletta Suite ( 450ft2 )

The Piccoletta Suite is a wheelchair-accessible room featuring a luxurious king-size bed and large windows offering breathtaking views of Lake Como. It provides a cozy

From 1,678 USD
Lario Suite

Lario Suite ( 400ft2 )

The Lario Suite is a cozy and accessible room with a stunning view of Lake Como. It features a comfortable king size bed and large

From 2,073 USD
Alcova Suite

Alcova Suite ( 750ft2 - 920ft2 )

The Alcova Suite is a spacious and cozy room designed for ultimate comfort. It features a large king size bed and an alcove area with

From 2,349 USD
Lake Garden View Suite

Lake Garden View Suite ( 860ft2 )

The Lake Garden View Suite offers a serene and picturesque experience. With a king-size bed, this suite presents a stunning view of the full lake.

From 2,673 USD
Grand Lago Suite

Grand Lago Suite ( 645ft2 )

Grand Lago SuiteThe Grand Suite Lago is sleek and serene, providing spectacular panoramic views of the placid lake. These waterfront suites offer a spacious furnished

From 3,428 USD
Corner Suite

Corner Suite ( 900ft2 )

The Corner Suites at Il Sereno provide stunning views, as their name suggests. With floor-to-ceiling windows, guests can enjoy panoramic sights of serene waters and

From 4,567 USD
Darsena Suite

Darsena Suite ( 1400ft2 )

The Darsena Suite is a luxurious suite offering breathtaking views of the lake. It features two bathrooms, a dining room, a multimedia room, a spacious

From 5,334 USD
2 Bedroom Family Grand Lago Suite

2 Bedroom Family Grand Lago Suite ( 1292ft2 )

Discover the 2 Bedroom Family Grand Lago Suite at II Sereno, an oasis of comfort and style for families. With two connected suites, inter-leading doors,

From 7,445 USD
Sereno Penthouse Suite

Sereno Penthouse Suite ( 2000ft2 )

The Sereno Penthouse Suite is a remarkably spacious and luxurious accommodation located on the top floor of the hotel. It boasts a magnificent outdoor terrace

From 7,445 USD
Darsena Lago Suite

Darsena Lago Suite ( 1330ft2 )

The Darsena Lago Suite is a grand and unique room named after the impressive stone docks on the lake below. It was built on the

From 7,804 USD
Signature Penthouse Suite

Signature Penthouse Suite ( 1500ft2 )

The Signature Penthouse Suite is a luxurious and elegant space, designed by renowned Patricia Urquiola. It draws inspiration from the glamour of post-war Italy, the

iI Sereno Lago di Como

If you're looking for a luxury hotel, iI Sereno Lago di Como is a star among the many surrounding the famous Lake Como. This hotel was presented with the title "Most Anticipated New Luxury Hotel Opening in 2016" by Luxury Travel Advisor magazine. Moreover, even a glance at the pictures of this stunning hotel with its lake views will have you understand why.

This contemporary hotel is like no other in the area. It is the height of luxury thanks to how few can stay here anytime. Although, at the same time, it doesn't feel like the classical hotels elsewhere on the lake; contemporary design fans will love it. Moreover, one might seriously consider buying the furniture on offer.


Set on a stretch of the Eastern Shore of Lake Como, you will be treated to genuinely stunning views upon arriving at this legendary location. Lake Como is the third largest lake in Italy. Furthermore, it has drawn the rich and powerful to its shores for thousands of years. Walking in the area will show you why it maintains its popularity even as human culture changes wildly around it.

iI Sereno Lago di Como is located next to the charming village of Torno. This is an excellent spot to go to enjoy sightseeing. Be sure to bring a camera to enjoy this picturesque village. Besides, the city of Como is only a 10-minute drive away. It is also less than an hour's drive away from Milan. Here you will enjoy the many sights and the airport, where you will likely start and end your trip.

The hotel features a private dock so that you can easily enjoy sightseeing on the lake. This is all thanks to the private boats belonging to the resort. Besides, while the hotel is so small you won't have much to do, you have plenty of options for day trips to keep you entertained.

Be sure to ask the staff for advice. Additionally, you can take one of the boats at the private dock to destinations around the lake and beyond to make the most of your vacation.

The Hotel

Designed by Patricia Urquiola, the design of this star of the Sereno hotels is sure to impress. The Milan-based architect and designer moved away from the neoclassical style favored by other hotels to create a modern feeling that blends beautifully into the beautiful setting. Moreover, natural and local materials like travertine help incorporate the hand-selected decor with nature's views seen through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The ethos of understated elegance doesn't detract from the stunning setting of this small and intimate hotel. This hotel consists only of suites, with only 30 on the property. The elegance of the public areas is carried into the spacious suites. Each is designed to offer as many views of the stunning scenery as possible.

This member of the Sereno hotels is in keeping with the promise that there is no substitute for beautiful views and plenty of space for each guest. So enjoy the many features, from the location's natural beauty to the spa set under century-old stone arches. The sister property Le Sereno can be found in St. Barthelemy, St. Barths.

There are also custom boats built by expert craftspeople who have been paying for the family trade for centuries. The spa is small but packs plenty of features and treatments, along with a sauna and private outdoor relaxation area.

Fun and Relaxation

The 60-foot-long freshwater infinity pool stretching over the lake is one of the most defining features of the hotel, and it is sure to become one of your favorite hotel swimming pools. Besides, the sun deck is the perfect place to relax and enjoy, soaking up the rays of the Italian sun.

iI Sereno Lago di Como is small, but it has plenty to do with wine tasting, available classes, and rentals to exile the lake. Additionally, there are plenty of things for children to do, making this a family-friendly hotel sure to impress you. It will also create many happy memories for you and your children to look back on fondly.

The gardens were carefully designed to blend into the area and keep with the feeling of the lake. As a result, each art piece melds with the environment and offers beauty without detaining from stunning scenery.

The Rooms

Only 30 suites are available to guests. These suites range from 40 square meters to over 200 square meters in the Penthouse. Each is designed to capture the natural light and give fantastic lake views.

The rooms have furniture hand-selected to complement the lake setting. Each will leave you in a relaxing environment, thanks to the luxury and space it offers. The il Sereno hotels all provide ample space, so you know you will have plenty of room to relax after a long trip. The airy spaces also have floor-to-ceiling windows to give a serene sense of peace. Wi-fi is available throughout the hotel.


Because the hotel is small, there is only one restaurant. However, it is a Michelin-starred restaurant, so you can enjoy fine dining without leaving the property. In addition, it offers local meals made from ingredients found nearby, so you truly get a taste of this small corner of Italy with every bite.

The design of the restaurant follows the spirit of the rest of the hotel. It encompasses natural materials and a contemporary style that differentiates it from everything else. However, other options are a short trip away if you don't want to take all your meals to the same restaurant.


iI Sereno Lago di Como is set apart from many others by the beautiful modern style that anchors the design firmly in the present day rather than calling back to times past like the common styles of the Neoclassical area and Renaissance. So long as you enjoy this style, you'll love this exclusive destination on the shores of Lake Como.

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Why we love this hotel

  • This luxury lakefront hotel is on the south shore of Lake Como, in the small village of Torno. Como is 8 km away and can be reached by car or boat.
  • The lakefront infinity pool with underwater music is the place to relax during the day. It never gets crowded and feels like your home at Lake Como.
  • Chef Raffaele Lenzi led the Michelin Star restaurant, Berton al Lago. Expect Italian dishes with a very modern twist.
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  • Fitness Center
  • Pool
  • Spa
Hotel Style
  • Wellness
  • Romantic

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