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Rooms and Suites at Grand Hotel Portovenere

From 461 USD
Classic Room

Classic Room ( 215ft2 )

The Double Classic rooms offer peace and quiet, overlooking the internal courtyard. The furniture is practical and welcoming. Throughout the hotel, guests can admire four

From 676 USD
Executive Sea View Room

Executive Sea View Room ( 269ft2 )

The Executive Sea View Room provides a unique space with a sitting area and a full marble bathroom. Some rooms feature a small terrace or

From 788 USD
Botanicus Studio

Botanicus Studio ( 431ft2 )

Botanicus Studio is a spacious room that features a king-size bed and an en-suite bathroom. There's also a separate sitting area with a courtesy bathroom.

From 949 USD
Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room ( 323ft2 )

Deluxe Rooms are located within a historic building, boasting brightness and space. They offer picturesque views of either Palmaria Island or the castle and surrounding

From 1,004 USD
Scriptorium Studio

Scriptorium Studio ( 538ft2 )

The Scriptorium Studio has two distinct areas. In the living space, there's a sofa bed and a writing desk reminiscent of the historic convent's scriptorium,

From 1,249 USD
Cloister Terrace Junior Suite

Cloister Terrace Junior Suite ( 538ft2 )

The Cloister Terrace Junior Suite features a panoramic terrace under ancient convent arches. It showcases Portovenere's beauty and history. From the terrace's cross vaults, one

From 1,984 USD
Dei Poeti Suite

Dei Poeti Suite ( 592ft2 )

The Dei Poeti Suite, overlooking a captivating Gulf, takes its name from the poets and painters who fell under its spell. The uniqueness of this

From 2,638 USD
Del Castello Suite

Del Castello Suite ( 484ft2 )

The Del Castello Suite is a luxurious accommodation named after Doria Castle, overseeing Portovenere village. It features a bedroom, living area, and two bathrooms, providing

Grand Hotel Portovenere

At the Grand Hotel Portovenere, luxury meets breathtaking Mediterranean views. The hotel sits along the Italian Riviera. It offers a haven for discerning travelers.

Moreover, this property is a must-visit with its prime location overlooking Portovenere Bay. Join us as we highlight the amenities, dining experiences, and more. Find out what makes this hotel a destination for those seeking an Italian getaway.


Grand Hotel Portovenere is located in the Cinque Terre region of Italy. It connects the Cinque Terre with the Gulf of the Poets. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Moreover, it's easy to reach nearby attractions by car, train, plane, or boat. Grand Hotel Portovenere overlooks the sea, Palmaria Island, and the Gulf of Poets from the highest point of this area.

After careful renovations, an XVI-century monastery was converted into a boutique hotel. They paid particular attention to preserving the architectural details and elegance. This is the only five-star hotel in Cinque Terre. It has 48 rooms with views of the city.

There are only a few rooms that have a great view. They all reflect the pastel colors of the landscape surrounding them. Besides, Palmaria Restaurant offers a blend of modernity and tradition in its dishes. The regional recipes are reinterpreted with a modern twist.

In addition, the best place to be day and night is on the terrace. It has a nice view of the city, castle, and sea. The hotel also has a bar that overlooks the sea. Plus, there is a spa with a hammam and gym. There is also parking and breakfast available.


This relaxed hotel sits along the borders of Liguria and Tuscany. It is only six minutes from the Parco Regionale Di Porto Venere and the St. Peter Church. Moreover, it is 25km from dell'Amore, the street connecting two villages.

This property is also right next to the famous Cinque Terre ferry docks. Train stations connect the villages. This makes it easy to travel from one village to another. The hotel can arrange a transfer to La Spezia Train Station, or you can drive. The hotel also provides parking in Portovenere. This allows you to enjoy a relaxing vacation while exploring the Italian Riviera.


There are 48 guest rooms. Enjoy the relaxing decor and breathtaking views. The rooms also reflect the highest level of attention to detail. The simplicity of this building also creates a relaxed atmosphere. This pays homage to its history while providing modern comforts and a mixture of classic and contemporary styles.

Moreover, modern, relaxing colors reflect light and refer to the natural surroundings. The rooms also have terraces and balconies. Plus, French windows overlook the bay or the village. Wi-fi is available throughout the hotel.


Portovenere offers a tradition of excellence. It also has excellent views overlooking the sea. You can enjoy the restaurant and bar, where you can let your senses run wild. Relax in a tranquil atmosphere and take pleasure in the scenery.

Palmaria Restaurant

This restaurant is located on a veranda that overlooks Portovenere. The wood floor in nautical style will make you feel like you are inside a modern sailing ship about to set sail. It is reminiscent of the old technique of caulking. Master caulkers of the Gulf of Poets waterproof the hulls. A local upholsterer makes cushions. They are yellow, green, and pink, just like the color of houses.

Venus Lounge & Wine Bar

The Venus Lounge & wine bar is situated under the vaulted brick ceilings. The historical building once housed the San Francesco Convent. It is a great place to relax and enjoy a beverage at any time of the day. In the summer, the terrace also offers a great place to relax and enjoy a cocktail while admiring the island. Venus Bar offers a drinks menu that is enhanced by a snack menu. This is perfect for those who want to enjoy quick, light meals. You can also take a break here with the sea view in the afternoon.

Tastings & Cooking Lessons

Sala Moby-Dick (20 guests) and Sala Magnolia (10 people) are elegant. Guests can use these for small meetings, business dinners, or tastings. In the Moby-Dick Room, you can also unleash your passion by taking a culinary course led by Palmaria Restaurant's executive chef.

Art & Music

The terrace offers regular music, art, and wine tastings. You can experience the connection between wine, culture, and cuisine in the bar and restaurant! This hotel is an arts hub that attracts local and emerging artists from all over. You will also notice that the hotel retains many original features.

You cannot miss the installation of the seabed by Stefano Pilato, a Tuscan artist. The artist creates his works using recycled objects and materials he finds at the beaches. The underpass connects pedestrians with Portovenere's historic center. It is now an outdoor art gallery. The exhibition features sculptures and paintings by artists from different local territories.

You will also see paintings and photos by various famous artists in the public areas of the Grand Hotel. Francesco Vaccarone, a versatile painter and sculptor from La Spezia, and Carlo Giovannoni are two examples.

The hotel also has an extensive collection of work by Claudio Barontini. He is a famous Tuscan Photographer. His beautiful photos are on display in the common areas and specific rooms. Art installations have a common theme. That's the inspirational gulf of poets' landscape and history. Artists view it with different techniques and materials.


This hotel is located in the village of Portovenere on the Italian Riviera. It promises an extraordinary vacation experience. Grand Hotel Portovenere is nestled between the famous Cinque Terre. It's also in the inspirational Gulf of Poets in eastern Liguria. It offers a unique blend of history, elegance, and lovely views.

With its rich heritage dating back to the 1600s, this refined property combines old-world charm with modern amenities. Whether you're seeking a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a peaceful retreat, this is the perfect destination. Book your stay today and explore Cinque Terre and the inspirational Gulf of Poets in Eastern Liguria!

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Why we love this hotel

  • Portovenere is adjacent to the Cinque Terre. It offers similar charm and coastal views but with fewer tourists.
  • The hotel is situated at the most scenic spot in the picturesque village of Portovenere. It offers stunning views of the Ligurian Sea and Palmaria Island.
  • The Palmaria Restaurant combines nautical elegance with local charm. Enjoy dining that mirrors the feeling of sailing into the horizon.
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