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Rooms and Suites at Castello Di Reschio

From 1,132 USD
Guest Room

Guest Room ( 323ft2 )

This Guest Room is located within the castle, spanning the ground and second floor. The bedrooms feature specially designed furniture, such as a four-poster Campaign

From 1,430 USD
Grand Room

Grand Room ( 538ft2 )

The Grand Rooms, located at the heart of the castle, offer spaciousness and elegance. They are thoughtfully designed to encourage guests to unwind and appreciate

From 1,666 USD
Castello Suite

Castello Suite ( 646ft2 - 753ft2 )

The Castello Suites reside in the castle on three floors. They feature custom-made furniture like the luxurious Campaign Bed, the Drinks Bar, the marble and

From 1,666 USD
San Michele Suite

San Michele Suite ( 592ft2 )

The San Michele Suites are situated in a prominent location near the San Michele church and the neighboring castle. These suites offer picturesque views from

From 2,692 USD
Grand Suite

Grand Suite ( 915ft2 )

The Grand Suite, located within the castle, spans three floors. It features unique, custom-designed furniture such as the luxurious four-poster Campaign Bed, the elegant Drinks

Castello Di Reschio

Stay at the Castello Di Reschio. Your opportunity to be in a magnificent house, where design, style and comfort are second to none. A thousand-year-old castle meticulously restored and stylishly reimagined into a dazzling hotel. An organic approach to design, creating beautiful rooms filled with comfort and wit, while artfully and subtly referencing the fascinating characters who once lived here. An ancient estate, a millennium-old castle, a forward-thinking family - and the singular aim of protecting and restoring an extraordinary corner of unspoilt Umbria. This is Reschio.

The Castle

The Castello, dating back to 1050, is a historical gem brimming with interest and intrigue. Now, after years of careful restoration, it has been transformed into a singularly unique hotel filled with wit, whimsy and effortless style.


Nature comes first at Reschio, and always will. This is Italy as it should be, Italy as it once was, with rolling, golden hills, shady olive groves and dense oak forests, with flower meadows and an irresistible sense of wilderness. A place to let your hair down and breathe deep. This pristine corner of Umbria has been nurtured and protected by the family for years, and at the heart of it all is Donna Nencia, who lives and breathes Reschio. The result? A 1,500-hectare estate like no other.

The Courtyard

Within the walls of the castle are two interlinked courtyards – one now encased in glass and starting a new life as the Palm Court. The other is a wonderful grassy lawn circled by impressive mature umbrella pines and cypresses. It is blessed with perfect acoustics and the home to concerts, recitals and pop-up events

The Boot Room

Where better to kick off Wellington, riding or walking boots, leave jackets, coats and hats than a voluminous Boot Room and head off, knowing that when you see this paraphernalia again, it will be so much cleaner.

The Palm Court

The wrought-iron columns and glass ceiling create an exotic fin-de-siècle space, with an air of Agatha Christie mystery (but without the murder). On arriving at the Castello, it is a perfect first port of call. A place to take in an invigorating negroni, while also absorbing the majesty of the castle's walls from within. Pluck a book from the library and sit back with another icy glass of something delicious. The grand piano is tuned and ready for those that play jazz or classical arias, while portraits of the Conte di Reschio and the Contessa have pride of place to observe the activities of their guests in the heart of the castle. When the sun sets, the warming glow from within entices you into the magic.

Palm Court Bar

A cool respite from the summer heat or a blazing fire in the winter chill; the Palm Court Bar is a place to relax while luggage is whisked to your Castello suite. It is the hub of the hotel, somewhere to linger over an espresso and plan daily excursions or to sip a cocktail and gossip.

The Library

The perfect place to steal away and read a book, or even write one while sitting at the jewellery makers' table. The castle cat, forever stalks the book shelves. The gamekeeper found and identified that this wild cat (who had its met demise in a road accident) was an extremely rare specimen, he is registered by the authorities as a national treasure

The Old Kitchen

The castle's former kitchen is now a relaxing place to meet friends for a preprandial drink or even to have a light supper in one of the window seats gazing out at the stunning views. The original hearth is still the focal point, especially when an autumn fire is blazing

The Rooms

The rooms and suites contained within these ancient castle walls are imbued with personality and panache, thanks to the organic approach to contemporary design coupled with a discerning nod to the intriguing characters who once called this home. If you are travelling with children, please contact us directly to enable us to suggest the best options for your family.

Eat & Drink

From sourcing wild delicacies from the grounds, to harvesting the finest ingredients from the organic garden and local area, the restaurants offer simple but sensational seasonal fare. At Reschio, ingredients are taken very seriously; foraging for seasonal flavours on the Estate and growing much of what chef serves in both restaurants. Discover more about the Ristorante Al Castello and the less formal, Ristorante Alle Scuderie, where each have spectacular views across the Reschio hills and the design details within ensure guests enjoy lingering in the old-world Italian glamour.

Ristorante Alle Scuderie - Step into the cool shade of Alle Scuderie and take a seat amongst the lofty fern-trees, head out onto the broad terrace or perch at the long, marble Bar Centrale. With its soaring ceilings, hand-crafted furniture and wide-reaching views, it exudes an air of old-world Italian glamour. The organic kitchen garden does most of the hard work here, which combined with the freshest local produce, creates simple menus with elegant touches. Bar Centrale is just the place to pause for a pre-dinner cocktail or post-dinner drink.

Ristorante Al Castello - The western ramparts echo with history, after all this fortified castle was built a 1000 years ago to defend the southern territories from the rampaging north. The restaurant enjoys amazing tranquil views with stunning sunsets and fig trees gloriously perfume the terrace in summer. Everything has been designed and custom made by B.B. for Reschio with a magnificent dresser as the centre piece. Here castle-dwellers are tempted each morning by a splendid buffet breakfast. Traditional Italian specialities are served each evening, using ingredients sourced from the estate or nearby. Other spaces, such as a semi-secluded dining table for eight or the Old Castle Kitchen, where guests can linger over liqueurs and coffee, with a blazing fire in the winter. It is a restaurant for every season.

The Swimming Pool

Sunk like a glimmering optical illusion into the verdant lawns is the incredible outdoor pool. Located just outside the castle walls – and mirroring the historic, time-worn ramparts – the water gently overflows the stone rim of the pool to the grass at its edge, while tall umbrella pines provide balmy shade. Showers and changing rooms are available beneath the deck of the adjacent Il Torrino, and another pool-side deck offers a perfect front-row seat to the water. Leafy niches between the trees and around the gardens, meanwhile, offer more secluded spaces for families or couples

Il Torrino

The former watchtower continues to play a vital role providing castle-dwellers with poolside sustenance. Il Torrino is an airy pool bar where everything from a quick espresso or cappuccino, freshly-made juices or cocktails, tempting gelati or made-to-order panini are served to those on its chic outdoor deck beneath imposing umbrella pines or tucked away in leafy niches offering secluded spaces to hide away.


Graceful, intelligent, resilient and strong: these are what define Reschio's purebred Spanish horses. The magnificent stables are the brainchild of the founder, Count Antonio Bolza, who was inspired as a boy by the famous Lipizzaner horses of Vienna. He founded his stud in 1999, and now Reschio is home to some of the world's most skilled dressage horses. Come along for a hack through the wilderness, or take in one of the dressage performances – trust us, you'll be amazed.

The Bathhouse

Centered on an ethereal subterranean pool, The Bathhouse is located beneath the castle in what was once the wine cellars, offering a nurturing, restorative retreat. The castle's ancient wine cellars, below the Palm Court, have been transformed into the otherworldly Bathhouse, a steamy, dreamy retreat. Worn stone steps lead down to a tranquil sanctuary of therapeutic interconnecting spaces, offering holistic, nurturing treatments to soothe both body and soul.

The Philosophy - Deeply inspired by the Roman baths of old, having partnered with a medical specialist to create a unique combination of personalised treatments carried out in the extraordinary surrounds of the ancient cellars. Every treatment – from massages and facials to traditional bathing rituals – is utterly bespoke, focusing on your specific physical needs. The result: emerge feeling relaxed, re-energised and with a new spring to your step

The Roman Bath - The star of the show is the large, ethereal salt-water pool, lit by high-up windows allowing atmospheric shafts of sunlight to slant into the space. Sink into the water and float across through a vaulted stone arch, to wallow in the connected circular base of the three-storey tower. Sit on the marble benches in the warm water and gaze up at the walls, flooded with natural light from up high and from a window beneath the water level – or release the tropical rain shower, which cascades dramatically from the ceiling

The Hammam and the Sauna - Located in one of the ancient, vaulted stone cellars, this spacious steam room is big enough for up to six people. Octagonal in shape, natural light pours in atmospherically from a central lightwell. Next to The Hammam in another of the beautiful, vaulted cellars, is the traditional sauna. Crafted from Mediterranean oak, the fragrant Swedish style sauna has space for six people

The Treatment Room - Relax in this warm and comforting space beneath lofty stone ceilings, and enjoy one of the bespoke treatments, carried out by the caring hands of the expert therapists. Massages and many treatments can also be arranged in the privacy of your own room

The Private Room - Step into the original red wine cellar and be transported into a private, cosseting space to enjoy with family or groups of friends. Set beneath soaring ceilings, this large room includes a crackling fireplace, two "conversation" baths, two massage beds, a soft and welcoming daybed and a well-equipped tea kitchen and juice bar. Off to one side is a private changing room and a steam shower, while down a couple of worn, stone steps in an ancient cave carved out of the solid rock, transformed into a tepidarium – a warm space inspired by the ancient Romans, and the perfect place to relax, stretch and limber up before a tailor-made treatment.


If these walls could talk… they'd probably tell thrilling tales of the 13th-century owner Marques del Monte, or about the Archbishop of Todi, whose coat of arms from 1610 still hangs above the entrance. Or perhaps about Count and Countess Antonio Bolza who arrived in 1984 and planted the seed for the idea of transforming and regenerating the 1,500-hectare estate. Or even the most recent residents, Benedikt and Nencia Bolza, who lived here until recently with their five children, racing around the ruins having a very jolly time (even if the ceilings did occasionally collapse).

From the Etruscans to the origins of the Castle. What these hills have seen over the years goodness only knows, but we're sure of the roots, thanks to an ancient figurine found on Reschio's upper slopes which suggests this area was once under Etruscan rule. The name Reschio itself is thought to derive from Resculum, a Latin name for fortification, and construction on the present castle began around the year 900.

From The Marchesi del Monte Santa Maria to Reschio, Imperial Fief. The first deeds were granted to the family of the Marchesi del Monte Santa Maria by Charlemagne, and in 1355 Reschio came under the direct influence of the Holy Roman Empire, creating an independent fiefdom, an island surrounded by the warring factions of Umbria and Tuscany.

The Bishop of Todi, Angelo Cesi. Much drama and intrigue followed as the estate moved between different families over the centuries, from the murderous cousin intent on wrestling control of the castle for himself, to a 16th century telling-off by the Pope for the placement of the Cesi coat of arms over the entrance of the castle.

From The Bichi Ruspoli Noble Family to the Cenciarini Family. The 17th to the early 20th century was a time of community development, under the noble family Bichi Ruspoli of Siena, who built the area's elementary school.

The Bolza Family. Over the years, the farmhouses fell into disrepair and the estate became overgrown and rewilded – and then, finally, in 1984 the Bolzas arrived, an aristocratic Austro-Hungarian family of Italian origin, whose energetic drive and endless passion is to protect and revitalise this extraordinary estate.

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  • The monthly musings are the very best of Reschio, from musicians, afternoon tea to dining and the graceful, intelligent and resilient horses.
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