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Rooms and Suites at Ca' Sagredo Hotel

From 352 USD
Sagredo Double

Sagredo Double ( 269ft2 - 323ft2 )

Elegant double or twin rooms with romantic views over rooftops or interior courtyard. Individually decorated in classic Venetian style.

From 469 USD
Sagredo Venetian Junior Suite

Sagredo Venetian Junior Suite ( 377ft2 - 484ft2 )

The Sagredo Venetian Junior Suites make it easy to enjoy an effortless stay in the city. Each of the Junior Suite is individually decorated with perio...

From 528 USD
Grand Canal Double Room

Grand Canal Double Room ( 323ft2 - 377ft2 )

Whether you are looking for something extra special during your stay or seeking extra luxury while on holiday; the beautiful Grand Canal rooms with br...

From 645 USD
Sagredo Venetian Suite

Sagredo Venetian Suite ( 484ft2 - 592ft2 )

These beautifully designed suites feature expansive views of Venice skyline or the fascinating square “Campo Santa Sofia”. They provide a calming retr...

From 704 USD
Grand Canal Junior Suite

Grand Canal Junior Suite ( 377ft2 - 484ft2 )

There is no better way to begin a Venice morning than by watching sunrise over the Grand Canal from the comfort of a luxurious room. These Junior Suit...

From 880 USD
Heritage Suite

Heritage Suite ( 538ft2 - 753ft2 )

Magnificent suites with delightful views are the very heart of the Sagredo Family. These suites comprise Sebastiano Ricci Suite, Art Suite and Stuccoe...

From 1,114 USD
Grand Canal Suite

Grand Canal Suite ( 592ft2 - 1184ft2 )

The suites have been designed with an emphasis on history and luxury. The floor-to-ceiling windows showcase breathtaking views over the Grand Canal. T...

Ca' Sagredo Hotel

At the center of Venice's busy activity, Ca Sagredo Hotel is a splendid 15th-century palazzo with breathtaking views of the Grand Canal. This grand historical landmark's outstanding and meticulous architecture has contributed to a beautiful luxury hotel that retains uncompromising elegance and beauty.

Tirali's splendid marble staircase leads the way up to the beautifully frescoed music room. This is in an opulent 19th-century atmosphere. Thanks to a sculpture of musicians created by the Baroque artist Pietro Longhi and a set of fluted, intricately ornamented 18th-century music desks.

Work of Art and Facilities

There is a considerable sense of dignity to the environment. It owes to the priceless works of art and antiques from the 17th and 18th centuries by Italian masters Tintoretto and Andrea Urbani to crystal chandeliers, extravagant furnishings expensive antique items. Many of the hotel's luxurious suites and rooms are beautifully appointed, with many boasting breath-taking views of the Grand Canal.

L'Alcova Restaurant sits on the top floor of a new building along the Grand Canal. It provides a beautiful view of the canal as you dine. The next step is to cross the canal and walk to the Rialto Market. It is only five minutes away from the Rialto Bridge. Ca' Sagredo also provides many different facilities. These include a spacious palazzo, a museum, a premium hotel, and so much more.


The glorious elegance of the resort will take your breath away and bring tears of joy to your eyes. But, while you will need to pinch yourself when you pull up alongside the Grand Canal, you will have to do it again when you walk inside. Moreover, the Palace, which has been proclaimed a National Monument, retains the preserved splendor of an ancient nobleman's residence left untouched by time.

Wander down a corridor with beautiful frescoes and note the luxurious, ornate ballroom and bar, which echoes with illustrious events from the past. Then, by merely soaring up the magnificent marble staircase, without fighting the sudden brush of a cherub's tender cheek, one feels as though they are truly regal.

Ca' Sagredo's views of canal life and the historical Rialto Market opposite are among the lovely storybook scenes that have been used in films and novels over the years. The Sagredo family provides 42 elegantly decorated rooms and junior suites. There is also a boutique hotel that gives Venice's life a lovely impression back in the day.

Wonderful Décors

Art lovers, beware. There are many amazing items in this set, and it's easy to lose access to the outside world. But, of course, there is, with its panoramic waterside L'Alcova restaurant overlooking the Grand Canal, where the dishes celebrate Italy on a tray. Additionally, the magic of this atmosphere has had a big influence on the Chef's style. The influence is also on the food approach; it's fresh ingredients and a "Back to Nature'' idea.

Venetian cuisine derives a unique flavor at the historic Rialto Market in Venice or restaurants across the region. This flavor comes from the Rialto Market's commitment to customized food variety each day: a "Natural Flavors Philosophy," which improves fresh dishes. You can understand his vision by sampling its excellent dishes, distinguished by deliciously rich flavors and a lovely personality.

Well-Designed Rooms

The rooms are built in Venetian architecture, in line with the 15th-century style, with ornate period pieces to offer the impression of a more opulent period. White and red furnished cushions are used in standard-sized rooms, while marble baths feature either showers or marble bathtubs.

Moreover, the rooms provide an outstanding view of the rooftops, the inner courtyard, and the Campo Santa Sofia. They also have frescoes painted on the walls by the original artists.

Most of all is the beautiful Library Suite. The building has over 10,000 books in its library, dating back to about 1720, and paintings that line its walls.

Programs and Amenities

The programs and amenities the hotel offers enrich the visitors' experience. For example, there are free trips to Murano and Burano, which give dinner as well. Cooking lessons are also arranged, in which the chef escorts visitors to the Rialto Fish Market across the river to procure their own supplies.

The gym is home to a few fitness equipment items, including a treadmill, an exercise bike, and weight lifting equipment. Additionally, the intimate fourth-floor rooftop terrace is available for private events such as merchandise launches, wedding receptions, or other small parties. Furthermore, the spectacular Sala della Musica Ballroom is often used for book readings, wedding ceremonies, or other larger gatherings.

The Advantages You Get From The Hotel Services

Flexibility. Due to the size of the hotel, staff can respond individually to its customer requirements. That means they are small enough to be fast, flexible, and big enough to meet almost all your needs.

Transparency. You will get transparent services through understandable and needs-based service specifications and an open calculation.

Quality management. There are high-performance property managers. Thanks to a manageable number of properties to be looked after and employees specially trained for quality assurance.

Accessibility. Guarantee 100 percent availability "around the clock" from property managers and your respective contact persons.

Professionalism. A high level of professionalism by cleaning staff who understand their trade and regularly participate in training measures.

Security. Motivated employees by exclusively permanent employees, mostly subject to social security contributions, thus hardly any fluctuation. In addition, you are guaranteed compliance with legal standards and guidelines.

Price-performance ratio. "Economies of Scale" is one of the advantages, which you can also gain for yourself. Thanks to the rational yet effective company structure, which can secure economies of scale for you.

Environmental aspect. Reduced, sensible use of cleaning chemicals. They do not want to burden the environment with unnecessary cleaning chemicals. The team, therefore, limits the cleaning agents to those that are necessary. They use microfiber products and guarantee environmentally friendly handling with maximum cleaning results.


The Ca' Sagredo Hotel is a home away from home and is awarded by Condé Nast. This fantastic historic building is at a remarkable location close to Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca' d'Oro and in walking distance to St. Marks Square. What are more, guests staying on the property always feel welcome! The rooms, food, staff, and atmosphere are all wonderful.

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