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Rooms and Suites at Amanjiwo

Garden Suite

Garden Suite ( 2615ft2 )

Each 243m2 (2615 sq.ft) Garden Suite offers a private walled garden with picturesque views of the Menoreh Hills and terraced rice paddies. Menoreh Hil...

Borobudur Suite

Borobudur Suite ( 2615ft2 )

Each 243m2 (2615 sq.ft) Borobudur Suite offers a private walled garden with picturesque views of Borobudur and the surrounding valley. Borobudur and v...

Garden Pool Suite

Garden Pool Suite ( 2615ft2 )

The 243m2 (2615 sq.ft) Garden Pool Suites offer the same privacy, comfort and views as the Garden Suites, with the addition of a private pool.Menoreh...

Borobudur Pool Suite

Borobudur Pool Suite ( 2615ft2 )

The 243m2 (2615 sq.ft) Borobudur Pool Suites offer the same privacy, comfort and expansive views as the Borobudur Suites, with the addition of a priva...

Dalem Jiwo Suite

Dalem Jiwo Suite ( 12917ft2 )

Set amidst the rice paddies with its own private entrance, the Dalem Jiwo Suite offers two bedroom pavilions and 1200m2 (12917 sq. ft) of living space...


Amanjiwo, which translates as "peaceful soul," has a marvelous atmosphere that reflects the best of what Central Java has to offer. The resort is set in a geological theatre featuring limestone Menorah Hills at its back and the Kedu Plain right in front. In addition, the well-renowned volcanoes named Sumbing, Merbabu, Sundoro, and Merapi surround it from all sides. 


The resort's elevated location on a hill provides breath-taking views of the surrounding rice fields, densely wooded valley, and the massive volcanic cones. As a cherry on the cake, Amanjiwo's entry gateway and some of its suites have clear views of Borobudur. 

Amanjiwo, built by Ed Tuttle and located in rural Central Java, is surrounded by emerald-green rice plains. It is also close to the tops of the Menorah Hills and is within sight of the sacred stupas of Borobudur, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This temple-like sanctuary with a soaring domed roof, colonnades, and walls made of natural blush-beige paras stone, is directly inspired by the Buddhist monument. Moreover, days of sightseeing at serene Borobudur, buzzing Yogyakarta, and vibrant villages interlace with bursts of leisure at Amanjiwo's spa, the 40 m (130 ft) pool, and the magnificent open-air cafe. 

Rooms and Suites

Influenced by the 9th-century Buddhist monastery of Borobudur, the 36 rooms and suites feature four-pillar king-size beds on elevated terrazzo foundations. There are also expansive garden verandas, private swimming pools, and comfortable seating pavilions. 

The freestanding Borobudur pool suites exude in two crescents from the central dome. Moreover, high ceilings, Terrazzo floors, and domed roofs are standard in all suites. Private pools are also available in 15 of the suites. 

The suites also have a large terrace with two loungers and a roofed bale for outdoor relaxation. Within, a four-pillar bed in the middle of a raised terrazzo platform takes center stage. Besides, sungkai-wood panels, coconut wood, and rattan furniture, traditional batik pillows, and Javanese traditional glass paintings adorn the halls. Additionally, the restroom includes twin vanities (with enough closet space), a toilet, a tub, a sliding glass door, and an outdoor sunken tub. 

Limestone Horizon Pool

An impressive swimming pool (40-meter-long) is in the rice paddies underneath the resort. Giant banyan trees surround it. Besides, it is adorned with Javanese tiles in a ravishing green color. Additionally, wooden sun loungers enclose the limestone horizon pool. It is ideal for unwinding after visiting Borobudur.

A small café next to the pool is open for breakfast, light lunches, and beverages. There, you can also have treats from an elevated, colonnaded deck. Furthermore, you can see Mount Merapi, Indonesia's most active volcano, from the platform or the lake. It has exploded regularly since 1548. 

Moreover, when the viewpoints start opening over the Kedu Plain at dawn and dusk or after a refreshing shower, the view is incredibly stunning. 

Dining Experience 

The food at the resort is excellent, as one would expect from an Aman hotel. The main restaurant, in Amanjiwo's central pavilion, serves Indonesian and Western cuisines. It also serves up a regular evolving degustation menu in an open-aired environment with amazing views of Borobudur and its neighboring volcanoes. 

During dinners, local girls perform traditional Javanese dance to the tune of gamelan players. This provides the kind of entertainment that can relieve people of their stress and anxieties. As previously mentioned, there is a second, more petite cafe near the pool area. However, it is only open until late afternoon. Breakfast is a sophisticated à la carte affair at either the central kitchen or the poolside cafe. 

Boutique Shop 

A large boutique shop is near the resort's main gate room. It offers a variety of Javanese paintings, textile materials, craftwork, and vintage items. Moreover, Gamelan instruments, shadow puppets, ritual baskets, and jewelry are examples of traditional objects. 

Additionally, a collection of Loro Blonyo figures is available. These are decorated statues seen in most Indonesian homes and depict the goddess Dewi Sri and her male partner Raden Sadono. 

Spa and Gym

Amanjiwo luxury hotel advocates for a healthy lifestyle. Treadmills, cross trainers, and other exercise devices and personal training are available in the resort's Gym Suite. There is also a tennis court shielded by Menorah Hills and a thatched-roof bale for snacks and drinks.

Additionally, yoga is on the pool deck. The Spa, complete with an outdoor calming bale, offers treatments inspired by Javanese healing and beauty practices passed down over generations. Moreover, the 40-meter swimming pool, accompanied by loungers and parasols, provides a calming and relaxing time for respite among the banyan trees and rice paddies. 


Next to the hotel's entrance gate, the library is an expansive, light-filled room with a beautiful Moorish-style decoration. It has two extra-large daybeds for lounging and reading. The floor-to-ceiling cabinets also have books about Borobudur's heritage, as well as CDs and games. 

The library is also a venue for guest speakers in the evening. It hosts knowledgeable seminars on subjects varying from century Buddhist temple restoration to Javanese art gallery and literature.

Activities and Adventures

Buddhist monuments, volcanic mountains, historic sites, and buzzing cultural communities are nearby. As a result, the possibilities for adventures around Amanjiwo are limitless. In addition, visits to Borobudur and Prambanan offer an adventure-filled activity to those who have wanderlust. 

The neighboring Menorah Hills also give a fun 2.5-hour hike that you can pair with a ride to Suroloyo to see the sunset. Alternatively, the more daring can help the Amanjiwo guide in their attempt to climb Mount Merapi's summit at sunrise. 

Furthermore, Yogyakarta, an hour's drive from Amanjiwo, is Java's economic heritage and home to the Sultan's Palace, a royal complex akin to the Catholic Church. 


Amanjiwo is at the heart of Java, the second largest island in the Indonesian archipelago. It is between the islands of Sumatra and Bali, with the Java Sea to the north and the Indian Ocean to the south. The beautiful landscape around Amanjiwo is volcanic and awfully stunning. Also, the region is Indonesia's cultural heartland, with ancient temples and villages scattered throughout. The resort is a self-contained world of extravagant luxury. It embodies all that its mother brand, Aman, strives for tranquility, exclusivity, and destination satisfaction.

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Why we love this hotel

  • Named ‘Peaceful Soul’ for the serenity of its setting in Central Java’s cultural heartland, Amanjiwo overlooks the Unesco World Heritage Site of Borobudur.

  • Inspired by the 9th-century Buddhist sanctuary of Borobudur, Amanjiwo’s Suites feature four-pillar king-size beds on raised terrazzo platforms.

  • The world’s largest Buddhist monument lies just minutes from Amanjiwo, yet the magnificent Borobudur is only one of the region’s many attractions.

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