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As a PrivateUpgrades member you benefit from VIP Status, Room Upgrades, free breakfast, 100 USD Hotel credit with every booking.


Rooms and Suites at The Peninsula Paris

From 1,279 USD
Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room ( 376ft2 - 538ft2 )

Delicately furnished with luxury touches, Deluxe Rooms can accommodate up to three persons. They offer a comfortable sitting area, and are appointed w...

From 1,728 USD
Premier Room

Premier Room ( 484ft2 - 538ft2 )

Delicately furnished with luxury touches, the Premier Rooms can accommodate up to three persons. Offering true Parisian views, they feature a large wa...

From 1,832 USD
Grand Premier Room

Grand Premier Room ( 484ft2 - 538ft2 )

Delicately furnished with luxury touches, our Grand Premier Rooms are designed as true Parisian apartments with a balcony offering views across the Ci...

From 2,127 USD
Junior Suite

Junior Suite ( 538ft2 - 646ft2 )

The elegantly appointed Junior Suites benefit from a south-facing aspect, giving them incredible lighting during the day, as befits Paris' moniker as...

From 2,335 USD
Superior Suite

Superior Suite ( 755ft2 )

These charmingly appointed suites are the perfect choice to indulge in the fine things in life that accompany a stay in a suite at The Peninsula. The...

From 3,269 USD
Deluxe Suite

Deluxe Suite ( 915ft2 )

The Deluxe Suites offer a feeling of depth, with their defined spaces and panoramic views of the most recognised avenues of the French capital. These...

From 4,099 USD
Grand Premier Suite

Grand Premier Suite ( 1075ft2 )

These suites comprise a living room, an office and a bedroom, over an impressively ample space and allow guests to select one as their preferred pied-...

From 6,746 USD
Rooftop Garden Suite

Rooftop Garden Suite ( 1238ft2 - 1453ft2 )

Conceived to meet all the expectations of the traveller looking for an oasis calm in the heart of Paris, The Rooftop Garden Suite is an elegant duplex...

From 10,897 USD
2 Bedroom Historic Suite

2 Bedroom Historic Suite ( 2336ft2 )

To preserve the same spirit that prevailed in this landmark location more than a century ago, The Peninsula Paris called upon the finest craftsmen in...

From 15,567 USD
Katara Suite

Katara Suite ( 1991ft2 )

Located on the top floor of the hotel, The Katara Suite offers lavish interior facilities and expansive outdoor spaces including a 90 square metre ter...

From 18,680 USD
The Peninsula Suite

The Peninsula Suite ( 3423ft2 )

The largest suite of the hotel is an authentic Haussmannian residence. High ceilings with exquisite moldings, a fireplace, and large double-doored win...

Superior Room

Superior Room ( 322ft2 - 376ft2 )

Parisian influences meet cutting edge technology and contemporary lifestyle with Superior Rooms designed to perfection in soft grey and cream hues. Ac...

The Peninsula Paris

At 19 Avenue Kléber in the 16th arrondissement, a renowned Parisian boulevard, The Peninsula Paris stands just moments away from the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Élysées. Thus, it's ideal for exploring some of the world's most famous monuments, museums, and luxury shopping districts.

This luxury hotel houses 200 exquisite guest rooms, 86 of which are suites. Haute couture influences the design of the rooms. Both fashionable and conceptual, the hotel strikes an elegant chord. Besides, the suites are among the most spacious in Paris and highly customizable to best fit your needs and desires.

This personalization level will be at the center of your Parisian experience as it showcases typical French heritage savoir-faire.

Marked for Excellence

The Peninsula Paris marks the grandiose entrance of the Peninsula Hotels on the European scene. As it sits in the heart of Paris, it sets a high bar for excellence in design standards and luxury.

Bask in the comfort of one of the 200 cream-lacquered, gold leaf-adorned rooms. These also happen to be digitally interactive, equipped with high-speed wifi, bringing you connectivity and innovative technology.

History Rundown

The hotel's site is deeply steeped in history as the building witnessed remarkable moments for world history. In 1922, it hosted the dinner party of the century with guests raging from Proust to Picasso. During the Nazi Occupation of Paris, it served as headquarters for the German military high command.

During that time, The Peninsula's walls overheard insider's plots to overthrow Hitler, as an assassination was planned on the premises. In the years following WWII, the former Majestic Hotel functioned as the first UNESCO headquarters until 1958. Another momentous event is the signing of the Paris Peace Accords in 1973, effectively ending American Vietnam involvement.

Ever inspiring, the location can be held partially responsible for Gershwin's composition An American in Paris since he stayed here. And while not all of the guests ended up creating evoking pieces, they did create irreplaceable memories. The hotel's reviews are always raving, on par with the distinguished quality of the services.

The Peninsula Paris also brings you unforgettable dining experiences. The various on-site restaurants have different profiles to suit your particular mood. Moreover, there's authentic Cantonese cuisine in a Chinese opera-inspired setting at Lili.

There are iconic rooftop views from L'Oiseau Blanc — a feast for the eyes as well as with their bistronomique menu. To top it all off, the lavish spa is an oasis of calm in what is otherwise a vibrant city. Pamper yourself by the best Paris has to offer and book a room at The Peninsula.

Rooms and Suites

Showcasing the finest materials and craftsmanship, the rooms' design focuses on simplicity and chic elegance that is ultimately Parisian. As the accent falls on classic modernity, the lines are crisp, though not harsh, and the textures are warm and welcoming.

Not only are the guest rooms large, but the bathrooms are also extensive, providing ample bathtubs for an indulgent soak. Opulence at your fingertips is the resort's aim, and it succeeds at giving just that.


If you're looking for a restaurant with just about anything you might desire, The Peninsula has you covered. The options are copious, and while some focus on specific Parisian flair, others do offer forays into international cuisines. All of the restaurants have in common the exquisite quality of the ingredients and a contemporary vision.

L'Oiseau Blanc

L'Oiseau Blancis located on the 6th floor, offering a breathtaking view of the iconic city and its landmarks. The gorgeous summer terrace makes L'Oiseau Blanc a unique restaurant that exudes elegance and romanticism. The vista is complemented by the French food featured on the menu, featuring hand-picked, locally-sourced produce.

Following the seasonality of ingredients and their availability on the market, a new menu is there every week. The location's airy scheme is doubled by the posh aviation-themed interior commemorating pioneers Charles Nungesser and François Coli. In 1927, the pair attempted to fly across the Atlantic from nearby Le Bourget airport in their aircraft: L'Oiseau Blanc.

Lili Cantonese Restaurant

It brings an intimate yet extravagant setting reminiscent of the opera it is inspired by. If the design is an elegant fusion of both French and Chinese exuberance, the menu is authentically Cantonese. Prepared by award-winning chefs hailing from Hong Kong, the highlights feature a dim sum menu and sophisticated dishes.

For the ultimate experience, you can book the private Chef's Table with the best seats overlooking the kitchen's spectacular movement. Additionally, Lili specializes in Chinese tea, offering an abundant variety of leaves and specialties with utmost refinement.

Le Rooftop

Le Rooftop is literally a breath of fresh air, perfect for distancing yourself from the bustling city. Perched on the hotel's 6th floor, the bar lays Paris at your feet as you finish your day sipping cocktails.

Watch the sun go down over the rooftops and see the twinkling lights come on the emblematic Eiffel Tower. What could be more Parisian than this feeling?

La Terrasse Kléber

This restaurant boasts the largest terrace in the whole of Paris, projecting an impressive silhouette on the Avenue Kléber. It is the perfect smart-casual location to enjoy a carefully picked menu throughout the day — from starters to desserts.

Le Bar Kléber

An open invitation to slow down and enjoy a drink in its luxurious yet cozy atmosphere. The high-end cocktails range from the classical to the experimental, so rest assured you'll find something to suit your tastes.

Spa and Wellness

These areas mark another superlative as they are the largest luxury hotel spa in the French capital. It spans around 1800m2 of serene and refined environment where you can relax and take the edge off.

For guests to enjoy a unique spa experience, The Peninsula Paris relies on a fusion of cultures. The art of pampering à la française, doubled by Asia's ancestral health practices, makes the services distinctly original.

Simultaneously, the hotel features a state-of-the-art fitness center, making it easy for guests to keep up their routines while away. Capping it all with a swim in the amazing indoor pool will surely make you feel brand new. Please note that the pool is for hotel residents and members only.

Your Member Benefits

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Why we love this hotel

  • Perfectly situated at 19 Avenue Kléber, The Peninsula Paris sits in the heart of Paris within walking distance of some of the world’s most famous monuments.

  • Discover L’Oiseau Blanc, and set off on a gastronomic journey to discover Chef Bizet’s signature dishes, enhanced by daring combinations of flavors.

  • The Spa embraces the very best of both of its defining cultures, combining the elegance of French beauty and time-honoured Asian practices and knowledge.

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