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La Bouitte

La Bouitte is a unique place in which opposites fit together and where one can enjoy incredible experiences. It allows one to enjoy the biggest ski area in the world, as well as visiting one of the most beautiful countrysides of the Vanoise (the various peaks, passes, and natural sites in the valley add up to 18 stars in the Green Michelin Guide!). In a cocoon evoking the eternal Savoy, La Bouitte is, above all, out of this world and out of this time.

This ancestral authenticity, the return to Savoyard origins, is a never-ending source of inspiration, which has not stopped René and Maxime from being at the forefront of culinary modernism. The Chefs never stop renewing their work by refining their childhood memories. They compose a cuisine dedicated to nature, a hymn to the “terroir” of the Vallée and the surrounding lakes and mountains. “The House and the dishes served are a teasing cuisine, full of finesse, which pays a faithful tribute to their Savoyard culinary heritage.”

But even more, the “Meilleurs” along with their 50 employees and their guests, coming from 65 countries, form a huge family, united by empathy and an incredibly rare loyalty. A proximity, a touching sincerity, makes La Bouitte – as Gilles Pudlowski so rightly wrote – a “House of hearts.” Around vibrant food-wine marriages, between the quest for excellence and simplicity, the “Meilleurs” are excited by a common philosophy: the delight of passing on and sharing, giving Savoyard dishes a singular interpretation, and, particularly,, making the universal emerge. Hotel guests, even more than visiting guests, completely forget their day to day life and live, intensely, a moment of levitation, a return to what is essential in life.

A “Relais & Château” hotel since 1st July 2016, La Bouitte has offered, since Christmas 2016, much-improved hotel services to be more coherent and in harmony with the restaurant. The hotel has 5 stars from Summer 2017. Particular care has been paid to well-being, such as with the overflowing balnéo baths, set on beds of pebbles. Certain bedrooms combine yesteryear heritage with purer, more modern design. Each of the 15 bedrooms (including 7 suites) has a unique soul, charm, and identity. Offering a sheltered and cozy setting, they embody the Savoy's yesteryear houses' spirit with sculptured wood's omnipresence, the warmth of fabrics, and furniture and decorative elements, some of which date back to the 17th century. Over the years, the acquisitions and the orders were given to artisans, artists, and sculptors. La Bouitte has collected an unrivaled cultural and artistic heritage. Absolute comfort, a change of scenery and return to one's roots, upmarket, in a continual quest for sense and beauty, authenticity yet with, here and there, a few lines more pure and design, care in even small details along with modern technology sum up the Meilleur’s family hotel.

The Spa at La Bouitte is not like any other. It is the natural continuation of the soul of the House, of the natural patrimony and cultural environment, and even that of the culinary signature of the Chefs René and Maxime Meilleur. From the cosmetic brand “Meilleur Nature” to the exclusive treatments created especially for them, well-being takes on an unknown dimension in this dream chalet. The initial Spa was created in 2005, of smallish size but one which already set itself apart from others by its unusual treatments turned towards the benefits of nature and products from Saint-Marcel (honey, hay, mountain plants …).

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Rooms and Suites at La Bouitte

From 913 USD

Chalet De Sophie ( 484ft2 )

A marvellously cosy atmosphere in the Sophie suite, nestled in the roof with excellent ceiling height and a superb exposed frame. The wonderful view l...

From 1,218 USD

Luxury Suite ( 613ft2 - 742ft2 )

Enter the luxury suite and enjoy the experience of the charm of old Savoie homes, with all the comfort and modern facilities of a 5-star hotel. As a c...

From 468 USD

Junior Suite ( 55m2 )

Totally renovated, the Junior Suite Anaïs is a place where life is good, with its pellet stove radiating a gentle warmth. The decoration of a mountain...

From 431 USD

Superior Room ( 215ft2 - 279ft2 )

The headboard in the superior room is a half rosace in wood, with a small heart suspended at the end of a checked ribbon. Welcome to this warm and com...

From 365 USD

Comfort Room ( 215ft2 - 247ft2 )

Open the windows of your room and breathe in the pure and invigorating air of the mountains. And if the Alpine winter frost is too cold, enjoy the cos...

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