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Rooms and Suites at Hotel Madame Reve

From 461 USD
Garden View Superior Room

Garden View Superior Room ( 291ft2 )

The Garden View Superior Room is a city sanctuary where nature and architecture dance harmoniously. Occupying a snug 27 sqm, the room unveils a tableau

From 483 USD
Garden View Deluxe Balcony Room

Garden View Deluxe Balcony Room ( 291ft2 )

The Garden View Deluxe Balcony Room is located in central Paris. It provides a peaceful retreat for guests away from the busy city. The balcony

From 483 USD
Garden View Executive Room

Garden View Executive Room ( 344ft2 )

The Garden View Executive Room is a luxurious space measuring 32 sqm. It is beautifully designed and provides excellent comfort. In every corner, you can

From 515 USD
Paris View Atelier Deluxe Room

Paris View Atelier Deluxe Room ( 355ft2 )

The Paris View Atelier Deluxe Room is truly unique. It ranges between 30 to 35 sqm. Its architecture mirrors a Parisian atelier. The room promises

From 547 USD
Executive Terrace Room

Executive Terrace Room ( 323ft2 )

The Executive Terrace Room stands out distinctly. Nestled within the hotel, it stretches across a spacious 30 sqm. Every corner gleams, bathed in abundant natural

From 558 USD
Atelier Deluxe View Room

Atelier Deluxe View Room ( 312ft2 )

The Atelier Deluxe View Room unveils an enchanting dance of design and comfort. Stretching over 29 sqm, it carries the soul of a Parisian atelier,

From 579 USD
Paris View Executive Terrace Room

Paris View Executive Terrace Room ( 323ft2 )

The Paris View Executive Terrace Room, is exquisite. It spans a generous 30 sqm. This room's balcony is a standout feature. From it, Paris unfolds

From 579 USD
Paris View Deluxe Terrace Room

Paris View Deluxe Terrace Room ( 291ft2 )

The Paris View Deluxe Terrace Room is captivating. It's sized between 25 to 27 sqm. The room's balcony is its jewel. From it, Paris emerges

From 644 USD
Deluxe Terrace View Room

Deluxe Terrace View Room ( 280ft2 )

The Deluxe Terrace View Room stands distinctively. It occupies 26 sqm of space. This room's balcony is its centerpiece. From there, historical landmarks come into

From 686 USD
Executive View Terrace Room

Executive View Terrace Room ( 334ft2 )

The Executive View Terrace Room stands atop the city. It spans 31 sqm. Its location offers a unique cityscape. The city's pulse is right below.

From 719 USD
Eiffel Tower Atelier Deluxe Room

Eiffel Tower Atelier Deluxe Room ( 366ft2 )

Within the beating heart of Paris lies the Eiffel Tower Atelier Deluxe Room, a sanctuary of luxury and timeless elegance. Encompassing a generous 34 sqm,

From 751 USD
Eiffel Tower Executive Terrace Room

Eiffel Tower Executive Terrace Room ( 323ft2 )

The Eiffel Tower Executive Terrace Room stands with elegance. It's spread across 30 sqm. This room's highlight is undeniable. It offers a view like no

From 804 USD
Atelier Junior Suite

Atelier Junior Suite ( 388ft2 )

The Atelier Junior Suite paints a vivid picture of style and grace. The space is 36 sqm and designed like an artistic atelier, combining function

From 858 USD
Paris View Atelier Junior Suite

Paris View Atelier Junior Suite ( 388ft2 )

The Paris View Atelier Junior Suite is a symphony of elegance and heritage. Spread gracefully across 36 sqm, it pays homage to the artistic spirit

From 965 USD
Atelier Junior View Suite

Atelier Junior View Suite ( 388ft2 )

The Atelier Junior View Suite is a tapestry of Parisian elegance. Occupying a generous 36 sqm, it is infused with the charm of a traditional

From 997 USD
Garden View Junior Terrace Suite

Garden View Junior Terrace Suite ( 409ft2 )

The Garden View Junior Terrace Suite stands as a testament to French elegance. This cozy space is 38 sqm and filled with natural light, creating

From 1,126 USD
Family Terrace Junior Suite

Family Terrace Junior Suite ( 495ft2 )

The Family Terrace Junior Suite, nestled within the city's pulse, is more than just a space; it's a haven of togetherness. This suite is bright

From 1,255 USD
Parisian Atelier Suite

Parisian Atelier Suite ( 495ft2 )

The Parisian Atelier Suite is a journey. From the moment guests enter, Paris envelops them. This 46 sqm suite draws its essence from a Parisian

From 1,269 USD
Eifel Tower Deluxe Atelier Junior Suite

Eifel Tower Deluxe Atelier Junior Suite ( 431ft2 )

The Eiffel Tower Deluxe Atelier Junior Suite is sheer elegance. Spanning 40 sqm, its design pays homage to the classic Parisian artist's loft. One glance

From 1,376 USD
Garden View Terrace Suite

Garden View Terrace Suite ( 635ft2 )

The Garden View Terrace Suite is a haven of peace amidst urban vibrancy. Nestled in the city's vibrant core, it's cradled by nature's embrace, presenting

From 1,727 USD
Nest Suite

Nest Suite ( 570ft2 )

The Nest Suite is a revelation. Spanning a luxurious 53 sqm, it is a testament to Parisian elegance. Every window frames Paris like a masterpiece.

From 1,952 USD
Madame Rêve Terrace Suite

Madame Rêve Terrace Suite ( 592ft2 )

The Madame Rêve Terrace Suite is an ode to Parisian allure. Spanning 55 sqm, it beckons guests into the city's rich history. One can witness

From 2,274 USD
Grande Terrace Suite

Grande Terrace Suite ( 840ft2 )

The Grande Terrace Suite is a symphony of French opulence. Occupying a vast 78 sqm, it welcomes sunlight generously, illuminating its elegant corners. From here,

Hotel Madame Reve

Situated in the heart of a bustling city, Hotel Madame Reve offers a luxurious experience to its guests. You will be captivated by the ambiance that permeates every corner of this hotel. This hotel strives to provide relaxation and comfort for its esteemed guests. Read on to discover why it has become a top choice for travelers seeking a memorable stay.


The Hôtel Madame Rêve is a symbol of elegance and luxury. It is nestled among the charming streets of Paris with views of the Saint Eustache curch. The hidden jewel offers a unique experience to travelers looking for an unforgettable stay in the City of Lights. It provides a magical escape with its impeccable service and mesmerizing atmosphere.

When guests enter Hotel Madame Reve, they are greeted with modern design and Parisian flair. The interior design of the hotel is a blend of French classics with modern elements, creating an atmosphere of elegance and beauty. The hotel's interior is also a fusion of classic French aesthetics and modern touches. This creates a unique atmosphere that transports guests to a world filled with beauty and sophistication.

The Hotel Madame Reve also provides a variety of luxury accommodations. Each space, whether you choose a cozy room for two or a large suite with a view of the city, offers maximum comfort and relaxation. You can also expect plush bedding and elegant furniture. There are also modern amenities to meet your needs. Every guest will feel like a king or queen during their stay, thanks to the attention paid to every detail of the design.


The Hotel Madame Reve is in the center of Paris. It is the ideal base to explore the cultural and iconic treasures that make up the city. The Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Champs-Elysees are all easily accessible. Plus there are also lively shopping and eating scenes. Moreover, its central location allows guests to make the most out of their stay in Paris. They can also immerse themselves in its rich history.

Service and Facilities

The exceptional service at Hotel Madame Reve makes it stand out. Hotel staff go above and beyond to ensure guests enjoy a wonderful and memorable experience. Moreover, the attentive, professional, courteous staff will cater to all your needs. From the warm greeting when you arrive to the helpful advice and support throughout your visit. The Hotel Madame Reve also stands out from other hotels. That's because of their dedication to ensuring a smooth and pleasant stay.

In the lobby on the ground floor, you'll find a sophisticated concierge desk. It has a gilt-framed mirror, beautiful frescoes from 1888, and opulent mosaic floors. The attention to detail is also evident in every aspect of the hotel. From the dance bar and treadmills that run through lavender fields on the Provencal side. Besides, a vertical sky garden where sun loungers sit between flowerpots with a QR drink menu in arm's reach. Another welcome addition is the eco-friendly wooden keys for your room.

82 Rooms

There are 82 guest rooms and suites. Some hotels have a striking color scheme, luxurious furniture, and high-tech gadgets. Madame Reve offers all that and more. The building has slanted glass windows and switches for different lighting. It also has comfortable furniture. Additionally, the newly built third floor has 63 rooms and 19 suites. Moreover, each offers views of the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame.

Dark brown leather becomes tan, mahogany panels turn into walnut, and if there is sunshine, the whole room will glow with gold. Under the bed is a carpet that looks like a telegram. On the walls, you might also see some of the 800 mail art pieces the hotel has. Besides, the 1,000-square-meter rooftop terrace with a sky garden is one of its biggest attractions. Enjoy a cocktail on a sunny yellow bed amongst cherry trees or get sweeping 360-degree panoramic views.


Le Plume is a great place to have breakfast. The morning sun beams down on the marble tables, turning the wood walls into honey. Order your favorites like eggs Benedict or avocado on toast. You can also have simple bread and pastries along with scrambled eggs.

Le Plume also becomes a stylish hangout in the evenings. It serves French-Japanese Fusion. Moreover, there's no set crowd here. From couples on date nights to small groups of friends out for a girls' night. The roasted duck and the grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce are both delicious. Besides, the '2000,' created by pastry chef Pierre Herme, is a caramelized pastry sponge with hazelnut mousseline. It will please any sweet tooth.


The wellness center on the top floor is a very DIY affair. There's also a large fitness center with a sauna, gym, and boxing bag. Enjoy a cup of hot cucumber or tea before you are taken to one of the two treatment rooms. There, they will perform skin and body treatments such as a sugar scrub or salt scrub or the "Madame Reve Modeling Massage."


Bourse's new district is less than a 10-minute walk from The Pinault Collection and the department store La Samaritaine. It also has the Louvre within walking distance. Moreover, you can still reach places you want to avoid walking by using the nearby metro. This includes Les Halles Opera, Palais-Royal Louvre, and Opera. You can also get the best pastries in town at The French Bastards if you don't want to eat breakfast in your hotel.

You can only get as central as this. Besides, you can only sneeze in Paris if you run into 1,000 years of history and culture. You can find everything you need on the pedestrian street rue Montorgueil. There, you can get a chocolate box from A la Mere de Famille or a special pastry at Fou de Patisserie.


This hotel provides a magical experience that will impress even the pickiest travelers. From the moment you step inside, you are greeted with an air of elegance. With its tastefully designed rooms, world-class amenities, and service, Hotel Madame Reve ensures a great stay. Book your visit today.

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Why we love this hotel

  • This hotel is in the trendy 1st arrondissement. It's close to the Bourse de Commerce, art galleries, Les Halles cafes, Palais Royal, and the Louvre.
  • Relax in a sky garden: lie on sun loungers near blooming flowers, and enjoy drinks.
  • Experience the unique blend of French and Japanese cuisine at La Plume. Enjoy dishes like tempura and teriyaki while listening to DJ beats.
  • 82
  • Fitness Center
  • Spa
Hotel Style
  • Wellness
  • City Vibe
  • Romantic
Wheelchair Accessible, Connecting Rooms

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