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Rooms and Suites at Palais Coburg

From 765 USD
City Suite

City Suite ( 581ft2 - 904ft2 )

This category is also all about spaciousness. With nine different suites ranging in size from 54 to 84 m2. Most are maisonettes with a view of the cit...

From 957 USD
Residence Suite

Residence Suite ( 764ft2 - 980ft2 )

Why just live when you can also reside? The 10 Residenz suites vary in size. Whether in the maisonette style with cathedral or garden view, as a moder...

From 1,535 USD
Palais Suite

Palais Suite ( 958ft2 - 1087ft2 )

Diversity, your name is Palais suite. This category offers the choice between an area of 89 to 101 m2, between maisonette or single-story suites, betw...

From 2,112 USD
2 Bedroom Bastei Suite

2 Bedroom Bastei Suite ( 1399ft2 - 1485ft2 )

On the lower floor these suites offer a kitchen, living room, dining room and a study room. On the upper floor it is equipped with 2 separate bedrooms...

From 2,112 USD
Bastei Suite

Bastei Suite ( 1216ft2 )

This suite is spread over 2 floors and comes with a fully-equipped kitchen, living room, a private terrace overlooking the garden and a separate toile...

From 2,786 USD
Coburg Suite

Coburg Suite ( 1378ft2 - 1776ft2 )

These suites are truly grand. The hotel's largest with an area of 128 to 165 m2, the three maisonette suites impress with spacious rooms, antique furn...

Palais Coburg

The perfect mix of luxury, style, and modern living, Palais Coburg is a luxury hotel in Vienna that offers the best vacation experience. Built by Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, the hotel has a beautiful design and offers the best service, which will make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Palais Coburg is the place where business tycoons come to find an escape. It's also where celebrities come for an easy weekend and millionaires come to find tranquility.


Located at the heart of Vienna, with public parking nearby, you can enjoy the view of St. Stephen's Cathedral and the old city from the Palais Coburg rooftop. A mix of older times, traditional architecture, and modern amenities, this place offers a premium vacation that you have never experienced before.

The traditional architecture dates back to 1844 when it was an actual colonial building. However, in 2003, Palais Coburg was transformed into a luxury hotel. The historic ambiance, along with the contemporary design and technology, gives this resort a unique feel.

Moreover, spacious suites and guest accommodations with the perfect dash of classic artwork make it stand out. For someone who doesn't want to settle for ordinary, Palais Coburg is the only place to be.

Infrastructure and Design

The overall design and infrastructure is a perfect mix of older and new times. The classic architecture with contemporary furnishing is soothing to behold. However, the artwork and extravagant chandeliers hint at old times, which you will not experience anywhere else.

To add a natural vibe, you will see the use of green oasis, garden, and flowers. Lined with stone and plate glass, the building seems like a 19-century royal piece. Additionally, to give a voice to this past, the hotel holds a great notion. This goes to say they want to preserve the past while shaping it for future use.

To elevate the living standard, the hotel doesn't have guest rooms but only suites. The perfect blend of subtle art and exceptional announcement of royalty makes this place a sight to behold. Overall, the property is grand, surrounded by lush green courtyards, magnolias, and babbling water.

Rooms and Suites

Palais Coburg Hotel believes ordinary is boring, so you will not find guests rooms; instead, there are luxury Suites only.

With 34 high-quality luxury suites that will help you hit the blue blood, you will be able to enjoy an enthralling experience. There is a huge range of suites to choose from. It starts from elegant Coburg Suites to Bastei Suites, City and Residence Suites, and extravagant Palais Suites. Moreover, the stakes are high, and the quality is even higher; this is why Palais Coburg is ready to offer the best in town.

You can have suites that range from just 54 sqm to 165 sqm. Inside these suites, you can enjoy privacy, comfort, and a completely different living experience. Moreover, each suite is dedicated to an important member of the Sachsen-Coburg and Gotha family.

Restaurants and Dining

This hotel is a member of the comprehensive, contemporary dining culture. To enjoy the finest food, Palais Coburg has some of the best restaurants that offer creative cuisines from around the world. For a gourmet food experience, you can head onto Chef Silvio Nickol's Gourmet Restaurant. This restaurant at the Palais serves delicious food with fine wine and a lot more.

For the perfect start of the day, you need a power-packed breakfast. For this reason, head on to Clementine Im Glashaus, where you can enjoy the best snacks, breakfast, and dinner as well. And if you appreciate the sweet-bitter taste of rare wine, you might be in for a treat. Palais Coburg has 'The Palais Coburg Wine Archive where you can enjoy the best and rare wine from around the globe.

Furthermore, if you don't want to enjoy expensive wine, there is an option for you. You can head on to wine cellars to view the centuries-old 60,000 bottles.


Located on the rooftop of Palais Coburg, you will find the most Zen experience of your life at the hotel's spa. The spa life at Palais Coburg is the true mix of luxury and relaxation. With the use of chemical-free and natural ingredients, you can enjoy full body massage or various therapies.

The staff is also expert and very friendly so that you will feel at home. This spa is not your ordinary spa because it contains a whirlpool along with a sauna, a steam bath, and a sun terrace, where you can enjoy bathing. The spa also includes a pool so that you can enjoy a dip in all kinds of weather after a relaxing spa day.


To help you stay fit, healthy, and active, the Palais Coburg Hotel Residenz features a state-of-the-art fitness center. However, this might not be the right fit for someone looking for a big luxury gym, but it does the job.

The fitness center comes with cardiovascular equipment that can help you stay in shape even on vacations. The fitness center is on the rooftop as well, so you can enjoy the view of central Vienna. You will also have access to a Jacuzzi, steam bath, sun terrace, and a lot more.

Additional Amenities

Palais Coburg has everything that you can expect from any luxury hotel. They offer top-class food, with a full buffet breakfast in the morning. You will also get a minibar along with an express coffee machine and full tea set up. For the warm welcome, each guest receives Champaign, fresh fruits, and some extraordinary floral arrangements. Apart from this, you can enjoy a spa, pool, Jacuzzi, fitness center, sun terrace, and steam bath.


Still honoring the service of royal families, Palais Coburg is not another brick in the wall of luxury hotels. Instead, this is the place where you can customize your vacation according to your mood. You can also enjoy fine dining or party with friends. Alternatively, find an escape in your room with some room service food while humming to your favorite songs. This is truly a place to enjoy the time of your life on a much-awaited holiday.

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